Nasaka Tulip A1 8-Litre RO Water Purifier with Orph+ Review

The Nasaka Tulip A 1 is an RO water purifier that purifies water with a four-stage purification process. It includes filters that remove the suspended impurities and other contaminants. The final stage involves the RO membrane that removes dissolved solids and micro-organisms from the water. It also features an orpH cartridge that maintains the pH level of the water.

Hence, the purified water which gets stored in the food-grade safe, durable tank is safe and healthy. The purifier comes with a total warranty of four years, making it a reliable option for you to consider. Moreover, the water ensures several health benefits for you and your family. Also, the unique and compact design will save space and enhance the overall look of your kitchen.


4 Stage Purification (RO+OrpH+)

The Nasaka Tulip A 1 purifies brackish, borewell, or tap water with a high TDS level of up to 2000 PPM. The four-stage purification process involves pre-filter with antiscalant, sediment filter, and carbon filters. These filter out suspended impurities, organic impurities, and chlorine from the water.

The RO membrane traps dissolved solids and disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. It also comes with an anti-oxidant cartridge that maintains the Orp and pH levels of the water.

10 Liter Per Hour Filtration Rate

This water purifier filters out water at a rate of 10 liters per hour. It provides an ample amount of purified and safe drinking water for you and your family.

Food-Grade Safe Storage Tank

The food-grade safe storage tank comes with a capacity of 8 liters. The unbreakable ABS plastic material ensures durability to the water purifier. It also keeps the stored purified water safe and free from germs, bacteria, and harmful chemicals.

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What Do We like

4 Years Warranty

It comes with a 12-month standard warranty on parts and an extended warranty of 3 years. Hence, it provides a total guarantee of 4 years. It saves you on expenses incurred due to defects during the warranty period.

Boosts Immunity

The orpH+ antioxidant cartridge retains essential minerals of the water during the purification process. It maintains the pH and orp levels. Hence, the water obtained is 100% pure, tasty, and healthy. It boosts immunity and ensures several health benefits, including the prevention of diseases, enhancing physical and mental growth, etc.

What We Don’t Like

Low Filtration Rate

It comes with a filtration rate of only 10 liters per hour. This is not sufficient for a large family. A large family should opt for a water purifier with a high filtration rate of more than 15 liters per hour.


The Nasaka Tulip A 1 is a budget-friendly RO water purifier option to consider going for. It comes with a 12-month warranty on parts and the RO membrane along with an extended warranty of 3 years. Hence, it is a reliable and economical choice for a small family.

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Anaida Sutherland

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