Nasaka Xtra Sure 20-Litre Non Electric Water Purifier Review

Nasaka Xtra Sure Water Purifier purifies water in six stages and has 2 sediments that give you and your family safe and hygienic water for drinking within a few minutes. It is a non-electric water purifier that purifies 20 liters of water in one go for you. It is very efficient and a product you can depend upon for safe water. Its compact design helps you to fit in any space you want.



The huge tank storage of  20 liters the purifier helps to store a large amount of water in the filter which means more water stored for all sorts of cooking and drinking purposes in one go.

Non- electrical/ Gravity based

The purification process is completely carried on the gravity-based pressure method. This will help you to save a lot of electricity.

Six level purification

The six-level purification process helps to provide safe and clean water which is free from all sorts of bacteria and harmful chemicals present in tap water. It has two filter sediments along with tourmaline balls, nanosilver impregnated activated carbon and an ss screen which helps in the process of filtration.

Abs food-grade plastic

The product is made from ABS food-grade plastic material which does not rust and is safer than any other quality material.

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What Do We like


The product is lightweight which makes it easy to hold and clean when it is needed. Anybody can easily lift it and clean it as and when required.

Saves space

The design of the purifier is such that it saves a lot of space in the kitchen or anywhere you want to place it.

Large capacity

More the capacity, the more will it serve. The purifier has a 20-liter tank storage capacity which helps to store a lot of purified water.

Purifies from all sources

Purifies water from all the sources be brackish water, tap water, municipal or well water. The 6 level purification process helps to remove all the unnecessary bacteria and harmful chemicals from the water keeping it pure and ready to drink.

What We Don’t Like

Slow purification

The upper tank of the purifier has a capacity of 1 liter and hence one has to wait for almost an hour till the water is completely filtered and then pour the other water for purification. Hence this process takes a lot of time.

Taste of water changes

At times the taste of water might change due to the non-electric UF technology that has been used for the filtration process.


A great choice for areas with a shortage of water since the Nasaka Xtra Sure Water Purifier provides 20-liter huge storage. One cannot miss the transparent and shiny body made with sparkle plastic. The product has a very stylish and unique design that goes with the home decor and is compact enough to fit any place you want to fit it.

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Aarohi Rodi

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