Nasaka Tulip N2 8-Litre RO+UF+ORPH Water Purifier Review

The Nasaka Tulip N 2 is capable of purifying water with a TDS level of up to 2000 PPM. It undergoes a multiple-stage purification process for removal of suspended impurities, micro-organisms, dissolved solids, etc. The pre-filter with an antiscalant prevents the water from scaling and removes inorganic fouling.

The OrpH+ cartridge retains the essential minerals and maintains the pH level of the water. Hence, the water is pure and healthy. It is free from foul odor and chlorine. Moreover, the food-grade safe storage tank keeps the stored water safe for drinking purposes.


7 Stage Purification Process

This is a RO+UF water purifier that purifies water through a 7 stage purification process. It comes with pre-filters and sediment filters that remove dust and other suspended impurities from the water. The pre-carbon filter removes organic impurities, chlorine, and foul odor.

The RO membrane removes dissolved solids, bacteria, and germs while the UF membrane filters out impurities having a size of more than 0.01 microns. It also features an anti-oxidant cartridge (orpH+) that retains essential minerals of the water.

Purification Capacity- 10 Liters Per Hour

It purifies water at the rate of 10 liters per hour. This is suitable for providing a sufficient amount of pure and healthy drinking water for a small family.

8 Liter Storage Tank

The water purifier comes with a storage tank made using food-grade safe and non-breakable plastic material. The purified water is stored in this 8-liter built-in tank for immediate access to drinking water. The water remains safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Anti-Scalant (Polyphosphate Balls)

Polyphosphate balls are used during the first stage of purification. They remove inorganic fouling and prevent scaling. Hence, the water obtained is odor-free and soft with enhanced taste. It also comes with a free pre-filter with antiscalant worth INR 1190.

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What Do We like


The Nasaka Tulip N 2 comes with a unique design that enhances the aesthetics of your modern home decor. It saves counter space with its compact size. Also, you can mount it on the wall through an easy installation process provided by the technicians.

Balanced pH

It comes with an anti-oxidant cartridge (OrpH+). This cartridge retains the essential minerals of the water. It also maintains the pH and Orp levels. Hence, the water obtained after purification is safe and healthy. The water, when consumed, boosts your immune system and enhances your overall health.

Up To 90% TDS Reduction

It is capable of purifying water from different sources including tap, bore-well, brackish with TDS level of up to 2000 PPM. The RO+UF purification technology combined with filters and OrpH+ ensures removal of up to 90% TDS.

What We Don’t Like

Low Purification Capacity

The purification capacity of the water purifier is low. It only filters 10 liters of water per hour. This makes it suitable for a small family. It will not provide sufficient drinking water for a large family.


The Nasaka Tulip N 2 is an excellent choice for those with a small family. It is a durable and reliable option to consider going for. Moreover, the water obtained after purification ensures several health benefits to you and your family.

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Anaida Sutherland

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