Nasaka Lotus S1 13-Litre RO+UV+UF+LED+ORPH Water Purifier Review

The Nasaka Lotus S 1 is a suitable choice for purification of brackish, tap, or bore-well water with a high TDS level of 2000 PPM. It undergoes a multi-stage purification process to remove suspended impurities, chlorine, organic pollutants, disease-causing bacteria, viruses, pathogens, etc. It also features an anti-oxidant cartridge that retains the essential minerals and maintains the pH level of the water.

Hence, the water obtained is 100% pure and healthy. The purified water is stored in the food-grade safe storage tank for immediate access. The purified water boosts the immunity of your family and ensures numerous other health benefits.


8 Stage Purification

The Nasaka Lotus S1 purifies brackish, tap, or borewell water through a multiple-stage purification process. The pre-filters and sediment filters remove suspended impurities from the water. The carbon filter removes organic impurities, chlorine taste, and odor. It also comes with an RO membrane that removes dissolved solids, disease-causing germs, and bacteria.

The UF membrane removes impurities of size more than 0.01 micron, while UV sterilizer kills micro-organisms and sterilizes water. It also features an antioxidant cartridge (OrpH+).

Purification Capacity- 15 Liters Per Hour

The water purifier comes with a purification capacity of 15 liters per hour. This provides a constant supply of pure and healthy drinking water for average family size.

13 Liters Storage Tank

The purified water is stored in the built-in storage tank having a capacity of 13 liters. It is made using food-grade safe and non-breakable material. This ensures the durability of the product and the immediate access of safe drinking water to your family.

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What Do We like

LED Display

The water purifier comes with an LED display. The intelligent LED indicates you for the timely replacement of the filter cartridges. The feature ensures that you are never provided with water that is impure and unhealthy. It also comes with a free pre-filter and anti-scalant.

Pure and Healthy Drinking Water

The OrpH+ antioxidant cartridge retains the essential minerals of the water during the purification process. It also balances the Orp and pH levels in the water. Hence, the water obtained ensures several health benefits. It strengthens the immune system, enhances the mental and physical growth of children, and prevent diseases.

Space-Saving Design

The water purifier has a compact design that saves space in your kitchen counter. It has an elegant and unique design that enhances the overall look of your home decor.

What We Don’t Like


This is a multi-stage water purifier. Hence, the price is a bit on the pricey side. It is not a suitable option for those with a lower budget.


This is an expensive water purifier, but it offers the best value for money. It is the best option for those looking for a multi-stage water purifier.

It ensures the water that is pure, safe, and healthy. The food-grade safe tank stores the purified water for immediate access to drinking water for you and your family. It also prevents harmful chemicals from leeching in. Plus, it has a fully automated system with auto flushing. Thus, if the price is not a restraint, this would be an ideal buy.

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Hari Priya

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