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Havells UV Plus 8-litres UF Water Purifier Review

The Havells UV + UF water purifier filters water through an advanced 5-stage purification system. The UV light kills the various germs and bacteria present in the water while the UF membrane filters out algae, cysts, organics, and inorganic impurities. It ensures crystal clear and microbiologically safe drinking water at a rate of 30 liters […]

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Nasaka BioSure S (UF+UV) 8 Ltr Storage Water Purifiers

The Nasaka BioSure S is an electric UV+UF water purifier with a large purification capacity of 60 liters per hour. It is powered by the advanced Biomag technology that retains the essential minerals from the water. It also prevents the formation of calcium crystals to protect water from scaling. This softens and improves the taste […]

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