Nasaka Tulip N1 8-Litre RO+UF+ORPH Water Purifier Review

Nasaka Tulip N1 8-Litre RO+UF+ORPH Water Purifier owned by the famous OKAYA group has come up with advanced technology that will help you to have clean and fresh water every day. It ensures to provide a hundred percent pure and safe water free from all sorts of bacteria and germs that are hazardous to our body. It also helps to boost our immunity system of the body, keeping us energized all day. It uses the revolutionary OrpH+ technology with does not remove essential minerals from the water and is among one the best inventions by Nasaka Tulip that you can have faith in.


Fully automatic system

The fully automatic system will automatically shut down when the water tank is full and also automatically starts when the water level is too low.

Multiple purifications

The multiple purification process of NASAKA helps to purify the water, removes all the impurities, and also restores essential elements in the water.

Purification capacity

The water purifier purifies almost 10 liters of water at a time, which will also help to save electricity and space.

RO+ UF+ OrpH technology

The three processes ensure that no harm will be done to the health of an individual by restoring the right minerals in the water. This technology ensures that all the particulates and macromolecules are removed from the raw water and make this water suitable for drinking. This variety of ultrafiltration and ORPH techniques helps regain the essentials variants of the water, making it potable, removing all the bacteria and viruses.

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What Do We like

Great storage

It purifies 8 liters of water at once, which is enough for a long time.

Transparent storage

It has transparent storage that provides you with a clear view of the available water in the tank.

Saves space

It saves a lot of space in the kitchen or wherever you put it. Also, the unique design adds to the overall outlook of the interior.

ABS plastic

Made from ABS food-grade material that is unbreakable. Also, this material is safer to use and free from all sorts of corrosion leading materials.

Purifies from all sources

Be it any source- dam, river, well; this purifier will provide you with clean and safe water for drinking.

What We Don’t Like

Wastes double water

Wastes double the amount of water than it purifies. The waste that is available in the water and is not completely purified is separated from the purified water, and hence, the leftover water is thrown out of the purifier.

Chargeable +4 years warranty

The product offers services which are chargeable and not free on the warranty period.


One of the best water purifier you can lay your hands on. The unique design that helps save space along with giving it a stylish look and a fully automatic system saves time and effort. The RO, UF, and ORPH technology helps to maintain the essential elements and minerals of the water that are usually lost by other purifiers in the process of purification. Also, the multiple purifications of the product can purify water from all sorts of sources, which is again one more added advantage and reason to have this purifier at home.

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