Whirlpool 8 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 8kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is designed with turbidity technology. This allows your wet clothes to get dry quickly within 15 minutes. It is a washing machine built with superior quality materials to make your clothes clean and fresh at every wash.

This washing machine also has large wheels that allow you to move it around to any comfortable location around your home. It also has a 5-year warranty on its wash motor and mover for users to show that it is built to last.This machine is highly efficient and is built with a high-performance motor that guarantees that you get value for your money.


Turbodry Technology

This function allows your clothes to dry quickly within minutes compared to leaving them out in the sun to dry.

High-Efficiency Motor

It’s motor speed is up to 1450rpm which means you have a high-performance machine ready to wash your clothes.

Smart Handle

The Whirlpool 8kg Semi-automatic washing machine has a handle that you can easily hold to move the machine around.

Big Wheels

Its large wheels are fitted perfectly on the machine and can move conveniently on your flooring to any place you want to have it.

Super Soak

This helps you to remove tough stains that are difficult to come off even with hand scrubbing. You will have these stains off within minutes with the super soak technology.

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What Do We like

Turbodry Technology

The plus side of this technology is that your clothes get dry within 15 minutes, saving time and effort.

Ace Wash Station

The ace wash station gives you enough room to sort out your clothes, to carry them and also to load them in the machine.

Super Soak

It takes off stubborn stains quickly and without any harm to your fabric.

Easy to Move

You can move the washing machine to any part of your home that is convenient for you with its wheels and handle.

What We Don’t Like

Inverter Technology

This washing machine does not come with an Inverter technology to run at optimum loads.

No inbuilt heater

It does not have an in-built heater to adjust the temperature of the water.


When you use this washing machine, you will get value for your money. It cleans well leaving your clothes well cleaned and dry. It also conserves your water and energy bills. It is also very easy to operate and has several wash functions you can apply to clean your clothes. If you have a large family of up to five, it would be sufficient to cater for your needs. The 8kg tub is very deep and can take up to 20 clothes. The Whirlpool 8kg Semi-automatic washing machine is a great product and we will always recommend it.

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