IFB Senator WXS 8kg  Washing Machine Review

If you are considering buying a new washing machine, then you should look at the IFB Senator WXS 8kg. People look for a washing machine that not only washes their clothes clean but one that also offers them the best solutions to their laundry needs.

The IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine has everything you need in a great washing machine. It has a lot of functions that make your washing very easy and comfortable. The 8kg capacity is also great if you have a large family. The motor speed which is up to 1400rpm can handle a lot of washing every day.


Air Bubble Wash

The air bubble wash produces a lot of bubbles that go into your fabric to remove dirt. It allows your detergent to penetrate deep into your clothes to make it clean.

Aqua Energie

The aqua energie feature is designed to protect your clothes so they can last longer. It softens the hard water used in washing your clothes.

Crescent Moon Drum

The crescent moon drum is designed to protect your clothes while washing them and also to remove stains from your clothes.

Cradle Wash

This feature allows you to wash your special clothes which you normally don’t wear very often. It washes them gentle because most times they are usually not always so dirty and it will not damage these special clothes. The cradle wash cleans your clothes by rubbing it gently against the surface of the drum.

Child Lock

When you start your washing machine and then you have kids running around. There is a likely chance one of them could go to the washing machine. This feature protects your settings from being tampered with.

3D Wash System

The 3D wash system allows your clothes to soak properly to make it very clean.

Ball Valve Technology

The ball valve will save your detergent by flushing out only the water but leaving behind the detergent for you to use.

High Low Voltage Protection

The washing machine will automatically pause in case the voltage is unstable and will only resume washing when the power returns to normal.

Auto Balance System

The washing machine will notice when clothes are not balanced in the machine and will immediately change their position to restore a stable wash.

Time Delay

The washing machine can be set to delay at a later time when you are ready to wash your clothes. This can be anytime between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

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What Do We like


It offers 8kg capacity which is more than enough to wash clothes in one go for a medium-sized family.

Wash Programs

The washing machine has a variety of wash programs you can choose from. It allows you to wash any type of cloth including delicate fabrics. It also has a lot of useful features that make it very comfortable to use.

Strong Motor

The motor speed which is at 1400rpm is very strong and can handle large washing jobs every day.

Saves Water And Detergent

You will save a lot of water and detergent when using this washing machine. The ball valve system helps you manage your detergent.

Laundry Add

This feature will let you include some forgotten clothes to the close already in the washing machine.

What We Don’t Like


This machine is not silent and will make a lot of noise in your home like regular washing machines.


After considering everything about the IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine, we will recommend this product. The IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine will protect your clothes and give you quality wash. If you have a large family, it would be a great addition to your home. The washing machine is great and there have been no complaints about it from users.

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