Bosch Front Loading 8kg WAT2846WIN Review

The Bosch 8kg washing machine comes with a large drum that is well suited for families of up to five members. The washing machine can handle any type of fabric including your delicate clothes. It does not consume a lot of water and will save your energy bills. Another interesting feature of this premium washing machine is its quiet sound.

The washing machine is designed with a special water filter that can be connected to any type of tap. The washing machine has an Anti-Vibration feature that allows it to remain stable when it is washing your clothes, unlike most washing machines.


Child Lock

The child lock function is designed to protect your washing machine from any tampering especially when you have kids running around your home.

LED Display

You can easily view your wash settings and other program functions on the digital display of this washing machine. The LED display allows you to monitor the washing machine.

Stainless Steel Tub

The washing machine is designed with a stainless steel tub that does not rust. It also keeps away germs and bacteria from your clothes.

Waterproof Touch Panel

The control panel of the washing machine is protected with a waterproof material so that the water on your hands and the one coming from the washing machine doesn’t affect it.

Anti-Vibration Design

This feature makes you use the washing machine without hearing any noise or feeling a lot of vibrations like most washing machines. The low noise level will great, especially when you are using the washing machine at night.


This technology has a lot of sensors that easily detect when you are loading the washing machine. It would quickly adjust the level of water to the right quantity when you are not washing a lot of clothes.

Allergen Wash Program

This is also known as AllergenPlus and is responsible for giving you cleaner and healthier clothes. It removes allergens that are responsible for making you and your family ill from your clothes.

Time Delay

The time delay settings allow you to select any convenient time between 1 to 24 hours to start washing your clothes especially when you are not ready to do so immediately.

EcoSilence Drive Motor

The motor of the washing machine is friction-free and will not easily heat up. The motor will last longer and wash your clothes clean.

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What Do We like

Quiet Washing Machine

The motor of this Bosch washing machine is silent and you will hardly hear any sound coming from it when in use.

Low Water Pressure

You can wash your clothes conveniently even when the water pressure is low. The washing machine is already programmed to handle washing under low-pressure water.

Quick Wash

The quick wash feature allows you to wash your clothes from 15 to 30 minutes instead of the full time it would normally take. Fast washing does not reduce the quality of the wash

What We Don’t Like

In-Built Water Heater

This washing machine does not come with an in-built water heater for was washing your clothes.


This washing machine is good and we will recommend that you buy it. It washes your clothes fast and you can have clean clothes within 60 minutes. It has a lot of incredible features. You also get healthy and clean clothes with its AllergyPlus program.

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