IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg  Washing Machine Review

This 8kg washing machine comes with a lot of wash programs and interesting features. It is an amazing washing machine to have in your home especially if you have clothes made from a variety of fabrics. The motor speed is at a maximum of  1500rpm and is very efficient.

The Senator Aqua SX 8kg washing machine is built for your convenience especially when you get to enjoy its many functions like the 3D wash, aqua energie and many more. You will have your clothes clean in no time. The machine is built with quality materials and is designed to save your energy bills.

15 Wash Programs

The massive 15 wash programs give you a variety of options to choose from when washing clothes. It allows you to wash all types of fabrics without worry. You can have your silk, wool, cotton, laces, satin and many more washed without it getting damaged. The wash programs are also adjustable. You will have many options to choose from like easy iron, rinse, etc.

LCD Display

Everything you are doing on the washing machine can be monitored on the display screen. You can also check the progress of the washing machine by looking at the display screen.

Program Repeat

This is another important setting on the machine that allows you to repeat a particular wash program. You will not need to tamper with any settings when you use the customized wash program. It saves time on a regular basis.

Air Bubble Wash

This unique feature is about to penetrate your fabrics to get rid of any stubborn stain.

Aqua Energie

The aqua energie dissolves your detergent so it mixes properly with your clothes for a cleaner and brighter look.

Ball Valve Technology

This technology program separates the water from the detergent so it doesn’t waste but instead uses it to wash your clothes better

Crescent Moon Drum

The crescent moon shape of the drum top allows you more access to the drum and also protects your clothes by forming a gentle water cushion.

3D Wash System

The 3D wash system involves soaking your clothes to remove deep stains hiding in between your fabrics.

High Low Voltage Protection

The washing machine will automatically go into safe mode by pausing itself when your voltage is fluctuating. It would only come back on when the light stabilizes.

Laundry Add

When you notice that a piece of cloth is missing from your laundry, you can always add them to the clothes already been washed.

Auto Balance System

This sensor quickly detects when you’re clothes are not evenly distributed in the machine to wash properly and it also corrects it.

Time Delay

You can delay the washing machine to start at anytime convenient for you. You can choose your washing to begin anytime between 60 minutes to 24 hours.

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What Do We like

15 Wash Programs

It gives you a lot of choices when you are washing different types of fabrics. You will be able to wash all your clothes and none of them will get damaged by the washing machine.

Water And Power Efficient

The washing machine will save your water usage and also conserve energy in your home.

Child Lock

This feature allows you to lock your settings so it would not be tampered with when you are not around the washing machine

What We Don’t Like

It has no major con.


The Senator Aqua SX 8kg washing machine is ideal for a family of up to 8 because of its large tub. It is also an excellent choice because of its many wash programs. You will be able to wash your delicate silk fabrics and all types of fabrics. It is also affordable and the price is much better compared to other products within its range.

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