IFB TL-SGDG 7 kg AQUA Washing Machine Review

The IFB 7 kg TL-SDG  washing machine has a lot of functions and is a product that offers the latest technology in washing. It has a combination of 8 wash programs to give you perfectly clean clothes. You can also regulate the water levels using any of the 10 options available on the washing machine.  The 7kg washing machine has a Cresent shaped drum that gives you wider access to load your clothes. You can also use the top load system to carefully place your clothes in the drum.

 This front-loading machine is an effective washing machine with very useful features that are designed for your convenience.

8 Wash Programs

The washing machine is designed with 8 wash programs to care for all types of clothes. It also has temperature settings you can control to regulate the washing temperature and also 10 water level settings to choose from. The temperature settings, however, are not connected to any in-built heater but instead it has two inlet pipes that you can connect to your home’s hot water supply.

Auto Softener Dispenser

It also has a separate compartment for your fabric softener. You can add your softener to the auto softener dispenser for your clothes.

Aqua Energie

The washing machine also has an aqua energie system that helps your detergent dissolve easily and mix properly with your clothes.

Aqua Spa

The aqua spa function works together with the Triadic Pulsator technology to gently remove dirt from your clothes without harming your fabrics.

Deep Cleaning

You will be able to get tough stains out with the help of the soft scrub pads and the powerful swirl jets of water that thoroughly cleans your clothes.

Wash-drum Light

The light helps you see clearly what goes on inside the drum while your clothes are being washed. You will be able to see if any small cloth is missing from your clothes in the tub.

Tub Dry Function

The tub dry function is very important as it helps to care for your machine after use. It takes away any residue or particles that may be in the tub after removing your clothes. It also flushes out any detergent residue from your clothes.

Smart Weight Sensor

This in-built sensor quickly detects when you are loading the drum with clothes and indicates when it has reached its capacity. It also automatically fills the drum with water and determines how much detergent you should add to the clothes.

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What Do We like

Two Inlet Pipes

The washing machine has two inlet pipes that allow you to connect both your hot water and cold water supply. It allows you to regulate the water temperature to either cold, hot or warm.

Drum Light

The drum lamp allows you to see the inside of the tub. You can look to check if you forgot to include any piece of clothing to wash.

Tub Dry Function

This function allows you to maintain your washing machine by keeping it clean after use. It removes any residue that may be lying around in the drum.

What We Don’t Like

There are no major cons.


The IFB 7kg TLSDG washing machine is a must-buy for any home. It has a lot of amazing functions and the most important part is that it gets your clothes clean. It also saves you money because it conserves your water and energy usage. The washing programs are gentle on your clothes and will be worth your money.

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