Black and Decker NV1200 AV Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Black and Decker NV1200 AV Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile and handheld vacuum cleaner, specially designed for cleaning cars. It has a powerful 12VDC adapter that fits into a car battery or an electronic cigarette lighter socket.

It also has a double filtration system, suited for long life and longer performance. Being very compact and small in size, it can be easily stored anywhere as it occupies a tiny space.


Compact Car Cleaner

With a 1200 AV power, it is a potent vacuum cleaner and comes with suction pressure of 385mm/water.

Light Weight

As the Black+ Decker NV1200 AV is made up of plastic, it is very light in weight, weighing about 848 grams, and being a handheld device, it is easy to carry from place to place. As well as it can be stored anywhere, let it be in the hood or the gloves compartment.


With an airflow of 1122 litr\min, the NV1200 AV vacuum cleaner has a well enough suction power of 385 mm/water.


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What Do We like


The Black+Decker NV1200 AV vacuum cleaner has a 5-meter long cord that makes it easy to reach all the areas across the car.


With a weight of just 800 grams, the Black+Decker NV1200 AV has a stylish grip and handle that makes it easy to carry. Thus the car can be cleaned easily at home or on the road regardless of the state.


The NV1200 is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a transparent front and comes in red and grey color. It looks very stylish and makes cleaning more fun.

What We Don’t Like

Inadequate Accessories

The NV1200 AV comes with just two extra attachments. As a result, cleaning the corners and around the switches become very difficult. To clean the car thoroughly, one has to buy additional accessories, which can be very costly.

No Wet usage

The Black+Decker NV1200 AV Auto vacuum cleaner can be used only to clean dry wastes. As a result, water spills, liquid wastes, wet seats can’t be cleaned with it. 


The Black+Decker NV1200 AV Auto vacuum cleaner is a perfect, all-rounder vacuum cleaner. It is handheld, easily portable, and very light in weight. It has a suction function, powerful enough for a car.

With its long 5 meter cord, it performs as a thorough cleaning device. It comes with a dual filtration system.

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