Corded vs cordless vacuum cleaner: which one is right for you?

Vacuuming is an unambiguous choice for maintaining cleanliness in your house, vehicles, office, and elsewhere.

It is an ideal choice for comprehensive and precise cleaning leading to the removal of allergens and effortless sanitization of the surroundings.

The vacuum cleaning market space is flooded with a plethora of vacuum cleaning options to choose from.

Both corded and a cordless vacuum cleaner have their own set of pros and cons.

To assist you in making the correct choice depending on your specific cleaning requirement, let’s compare the efficiency of corded versus cordless vacuum cleaner across various factors.

Source of power

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuum cleaners are the normal vacuums that are powered by electricity.

They come with a cord that is required to be plugged into a power switch for operating them.

As it doesn’t have any batteries, it keeps you free from the burden of frequently replacing the batteries.

Vacuuming is a time-consuming process and hence corded vacuums are the best for long hours of vacuuming without running the risk of running out of battery midway.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuums are the advanced variants that offer the convenience of cord-free vacuuming.

They are powered by batteries that have short battery life lasting up to 10-40 minutes. You need to recharge these batteries every 2- 16 hours.

It is recommended to use high voltage lithium-ion batteries that give longer life. Some advanced modes and accessories run up your batteries faster.

They are ideal for outdoor vacuuming when you don’t have any nearby power source.

Suction Power

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuums have powerful suction capacity because they utilize the high electrical mains input power.

As they are plugged in mains power, they access the required power for optimal functioning of powerful motors resulting in flawless cleaning.

Due to their stronger suction power, they are best suited for larger surfaces such as vacuuming carpets, vacuuming floor, blinds, curtains, mattresses, etc.

If you have a large home, you would require a corded vacuum cleaner for high-end and voluminous vacuuming tasks.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuums have batteries that generate suction power. As batteries are depleted over time, the suction power gradually reduces.

Using a lithium-ion battery offers long-lasting and consistent suction power for a fair amount of time.

If you want to buy a cordless vacuum or a robotic vacuum, ensure to go for one that houses a high voltage lithium battery and a powerful motor.

With these, you can obtain the same suction power as the corded vacuums for sufficient periods.


Corded vacuum cleaner

A corded vacuum cleaner provides limited movement during vacuuming. The length of the cord is around 20 feet.

You may need to unplug and re-plug it in different power points multiple times as you move to another area during vacuuming.

Moreover, you need to exercise caution that your vacuum cords don’t mess up or form knots.

You may also accidentally run over the cords using a vacuum which may lead to broken wires that may result in short circuits.

Dragging the heavy cords along with you during vacuuming also make it tiring and cumbersome.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner scores over the corded ones in terms of portability and convenience it offers.

Being cordless, these vacuums offer the flexibility of vacuuming without any limitations of space.

It offers the freedom to clean even difficult to reach spaces such as under the furniture, cabinets, interiors of the car, stairs, corners, crevices, etc.

Devoid of cords, these vacuums are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Dust collection capacity

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuum cleaners come with a canister or dusting bag for accumulating the captured dust, dirt, and other allergens.

They have higher dust collection capacity than cordless vacuums.

It requires less frequent emptying or dust bag replacement. Thus, it limits your exposure to allergens and suited for allergy sufferers.

It is also ideal for vacuuming large houses that have large areas to clean.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaners feature less dust-collection capacity than corded ones. You need to empty or clean the vacuum frequently.

Thus, it consumes more time in frequent emptying and cleaning. It also exposes you to allergens more often.

Duration of Usage

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuums can be used continuously till the electricity is available. Thus they can be put to extensive vacuuming at a stretch.

Once powered on, you can luxuriously spend your time vacuuming every nook and corner in great detail without any need for tracking time.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

They are powered by batteries that require frequent replacements. Their cleaning efficiency also reduces once the batteries start depleting.

They offer a limited period of vacuuming and suited for only smaller areas to be vacuumed.

Cleaning Efficiency

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuums come packed with more advanced tools and vacuum accessories for all-inclusive cleanliness.

They offer high cleaning efficiency, especially with HEPA filters.

Even after hours of vacuuming, you can carry on cleaning and only need to empty the canister or replace the dust bag.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuums are less efficient variants when it comes to vacuuming larger areas like carpets or curtains.

They are more suitable for cleaning specific surfaces that are difficult to reach using corded vacuums. They provide the flexibility of increased reach in confined places.

Shape, size, and weight

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuums are the larger vacuums that are bulkier in appearance. You need to consider the availability of sufficient space for storing them.

They are heavyweight vacuums that can require tiring efforts to move them while vacuuming.

Moreover, their larger size also makes it tedious to carry around during vacuuming or travel.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuums are the compact and light-weight vacuums that are easy to carry from one place to another.

You can also lift them easily with your hands to vacuum high lying surfaces like ceiling fans or curtains.

As they are less bulky than corded vacuums, they are convenient to store at home or in your car while traveling.

Ease of maneuverability

Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuums are the bulky appliance that requires you to attach its various parts.

You need to drag it to the desired location using its handle, plug it in power point and take precautions like checking canister or dust bags before starting to vacuum.

They require careful maneuverability to avoid messing with the electrical cords connecting with power point.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

They are lightweight vacuums that provide quick cleanup, convenient movement, and maneuverability.

They can be easily unpacked and put to use. You can enjoy the freedom of carefree vacuuming without worrying about the length of the cords.


Corded vacuum cleaner

The corded vacuum cleaners are the cheaper vacuuming appliances that provide high-quality cleaning alternatives at affordable costs.

With proper maintenance and care, they can serve you for many years.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaners are expensive variants. They employ advanced technology and costly components that make them pricey vacuum cleaners.

Pros and Cons of corded and cordless vacuum cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaner

A corded vacuum cleaner is the commonly found vacuum cleaner that features a typical 20 feet (approx) power cord for connecting the main appliance to the power outlet.


  • Robust suction power that derives power directly from mains electricity
  • Features powerful motor that provides long periods of heavy-duty vacuuming
  • Vacuuming without any time limitation as no risk of running out of batteries
  • Impressive dust collection capacity that avoids the need for frequent canister emptying or bag replacement
  • Cost-effective vacuuming option that feels light on your pocket


  • Presence of cord compromises the freedom of movement
  • Requires frequent unplugging and plugging while moving from one place to another
  • Heavier body and bulkier appearance makes it difficult to maneuver
  • Big size poses challenges in storing them conveniently

Cordless vacuum cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner is the advanced vacuuming appliance that does not feature a power cord. Instead, it is powered by batteries.


  • Offers immense portability that allows you to vacuum anytime and anywhere without needing any power outlet
  • Freedom of movement while vacuuming without worrying about the cords getting entangled or overstretched
  • Compact and lighter design that is easily maneuverable by anyone
  • With lithium-ion batteries, it delivers the efficiency comparable with a corded vacuum


  • Vacuuming time is limited by battery life
  • Cleaning efficiency reduces as the batteries start depleting
  • Less dust collection capacity
  • Features advanced technology that makes it expensive than corded vacuums


If you are in a fix of choosing between corded or cordless vacuums, consider the above-mentioned factors in light of your cleaning requirements.

The size of your house is also an important determining factor in choosing between corded and cordless vacuums.

A corded vacuum is suited for a bigger house and the cordless vacuum is ideal for a smaller house.

As both variants provide efficient cleaning results, you may opt to purchase corded ones for heavy-duty cleaning and cordless ones for lighter cleaning tasks.

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