Black+Decker VH-801 800-Watt Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Gone are the days of conventional style manual cleaning, which used to be time and energy-consuming. Black+Decker is an American manufacturer of power tools, home improvement products, and accessories. The Black+Decker VH-801 makes cleaning effortless and less time-consuming.

The handheld cleaner is a perfect combination of style, convenience, and functionality. The feature-packed vacuum cleaner is light and compact, user-friendly, and gets work done efficiently in no time.

Compact Design

The vacuum cleaner has been ergonomically designed, making it very user-friendly. Its compact design does not occupy much space, and it has a large floor head that facilitates maximum floor coverage and enables thorough cleaning.

Powerful motor

The VH-801 vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 800 watt, which enables strong suction. It helps clean the house quickly and efficiently.

See-through dust collector.

The translucent canister design of VH-801 enables us to see the dust collected. The dustbowl capacity is 0.9 L, which can collect a considerable amount of dust. It can be emptied easily at once when the dust collecting bowl is full.

One-touch feature

VH-801 has a one-touch feature for quickly rewinding the 5m cord with minimal effort and emptying the dust canister easily. This makes work effortless.

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What Do We like


The vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool and furniture brush, blow nozzle, extension hose, and a shoulder strap. It helps clean computer keyboards, television, and any other electronic gadgets at every nook and corner of the house.


VH-801 weighs less than 2kg and comes with a shoulder strap. It can be easily carried around with convenience.

Strong suction

The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 800 watts, which enables strong suction power of 1430 mm of water column / 150 air watts. It helps clean even confined places quickly and efficiently.

Easy to clean

It is easy and convenient to assemble and dismantle the canister as its components are removable and washable.

What We Don’t Like

Not durable

The body of the cleaner is made of cheap quality plastic. Also, other parts of the vacuum cleaner, like the wheels and lock mechanism of the hose, are wobbly and susceptible to breakage.


The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 800 watts. It has a strong suction force of 150 air watts. Moreover, it is versatile and features a compact design, which makes it easily portable. It can be easily dismantled for cleaning. The vacuum cleaner helps maintain hygiene and cleanliness within the house and ensures all members of the family are healthy.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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