Black and Decker VM1650 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Black + Decker is a brand that is gaining popularity because of its top-notch quality products.

Black + Decker has seen several’ firsts’ over the past 100 years, introducing power tools including household appliances to an average user, thereby transforming the DIY environment, a trend that persists until this day. Besides, this vacuum cleaner comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

They invented a compact and handheld vacuum cleaner named Black + Decker VM1650 1600-Watt Vacuum Cleaner with a dust bag capacity of about 2 liters. It comes with cyclonic bagless design with compact size and one year warranty on the product.

2L Dustbowl Capacity

This vacuum cleaner has a transparent canister structure for displaying and emptying the dust collected. The power of a two litter Dustbowl allows you to vacuum for a longer time. It is simply designed for better performance with a cyclonic pocket.

Controller Suction Force

VM1650 does have a suction pressure controller that allows the suction force to be increased or decreased. This is a savior for overloading. Black & Decker understands that consumers want to maintain their homes and keep them clean and dry and always make the product user-friendly.

Easy to clean canister

This black and decker vacuum cleaner has one quick contact empty feature, which makes it easy to clean the dust canister. It’s effortless to attach and detach the canister. Black + Decker has thus come up with the best tool for cleaning your house.

Five-Meter Long Cable

This vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-meter long cord, including a multi-purpose hand brush and also upholstery brush for washing carpets, walls, curtains, including drapes. The cyclonic bagless layout provides enhanced performance.

Powerful Suction

The VM1650 vacuum does have a powerful suction. It produces 24 liters for airflow per sec. It also has a motor with low noise around 83dB. This cleaner is of a compact size that is easier to handle for simple use as well as storage.

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What Do We like

Tube Long Telescopic

The VM1650 does have a sizeable telescopic tube, which allows you could clean with much less hassle in those confined and tough to reach areas.

Crevice Tool

This vacuum cleaner comes with a versatile Crevice tool, including a furniture comb. It has never been so easier to clean the computer keyboard, lamps, Television as well as any other electronic device.

Hepa filter

This vacuum cleaner by black and decker comes with H( HEPA filter. Hepa filter helps in filtering away the pollens, dirt, dust, and other dangerous particles.

What We Don’t Like


They are a bit costly but of good quality. People like it for its excellent performance and cord rewinding function.

No indicator for full dust bag

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t give any indication about the full dust bag.


Thus, Decker+Black VM1650 does have a powerful engine of 1,600 watts. The above powerful engine generates strong suction but also helps you how at any time to clean its place.

Cyclonic intervention spins dust and dirt away from the lens to maintain mighty suction power. Thus, this vacuum cleaner is of good quality.

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