Treadmills for walkers

Walking on a treadmill with a standard motor serves to be a great way of enhancing health and fitness. We have provided a detailed guide to the best treadmills for walkers from brands like Durafit, Afton, and Lifeline.

Not everyone is passionate about being a pro athlete, as there are people who look for a treadmill for the daily walk. The good news is you can save a lot on buying a treadmill for walkers.

There is no doubt that walking is one of the most common exercises availed by people and prescribed by doctors, which is why buying a treadmill for daily walking can become a great inclusion to stay fit and healthy.

As the market is full of varieties of walkers’ treadmills, finding one that serves great for your purpose tends to be a harder choice. No matter which brand or model you choose to check, you will see everyone claiming to be the apt choice for you.

This is why for an amateur, choosing one just for walking becomes harder as they are misguided most of the times. Therefore if you want to choose without hitting hard on your bank balance, you need to have a proper idea on the treadmills.

You firstly need to understand that treadmills are available for all-purpose whether it is> the treadmill for serious running or intense workout or just for walking, Every type has its specifications, which calls the need for having in-depth understanding on walkers’ treadmill.

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So What Is the Difference Between Treadmills for Walkers and treadmill for Runners?

As discussed before, treadmills are both available for walkers and runners. This fitness equipment is built to ensure healthy living and a better life. There are a lot of differences between treadmills for running and walking, and one of the most common is its motor. Walkers do not require high-end motor as only a standard motor will do. Opting for the higher motor will require more investment and more space.

Moreover, some of the other differences are in its other features like belt size. You do not need to look for a huge sized belt as while walking the strides will be much lesser and the space requirement gets limited as well. Therefore, check for treadmills that are equipped with great features for walking but with a standard belt quality.

For regular walking, no need for high-end cushioning underneath your feet. While running since your steps are much harder compared to walking, proper cushioning keeps its soft landing of your feet every time.

But while walking, you will not put your steps hard on the deck and hence standard cushioning will proffer similar results. Even then proper cushioning tends to be ideal for any exercises. Also, make sure you wear the right pair of shoes.

The significant difference between the runners and walkers’ treadmill is the price tag associated with it. Undoubtedly walkers’ treadmill requires all the necessary features like tracking, calories burnt, foldable treadmill and proper display, other essential features mentioned above will work successfully even when you choose a treadmill at a lower budget.

Things to Consider While Buying a Treadmill for Walking

Research reveals that people have got better results from treadmill walking compared to the other available fitness equipment in the market. This has increased its demand along with its varieties.

In such a gigantic crowd of different types of treadmills available for walkers, buying one that can fulfill your specific purpose tends to be a hard choice. So here we have a brought a buying guide for the walkers to make the right decision and acquire the best return from the investment.

Decide your budget

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the price of the treadmill. You should always know that the market has no end to prices and therefore, primarily setting your budget is mandatory.

Before finding a treadmill for walking, check the average budget of the treadmills and then according to your required specifications you can choose one that is efficient, have great reviews and most importantly is within the budget. Check out treadmill between inr 35000 to inr 50000 if it suits your budget

Check for a powerful motor

When you are buying the best-motorized treadmill, the prime focusing aspect is its motor. Only when the motor has the power, it can move the belt appropriately thereby helping you to train your body muscles.

These treadmills have a robust motor integrated within,  keeping in mind about the needs and requirements of people that aids in accomplishing your body needs and requirements.

Check about its weight capacity:

You need to know about the maximum weight capacity of the treadmill. If you are overweight and you buy equipment that does not have the strength to take the weight, it will result in damage or improper motor functioning.

If you want to get a full return on the investment and lose weight with the help of a treadmill, make sure you read correctly about the maximum weight capacity. See to that you choose one whose max capacity is more than your weight.

Make sure of a robust framework:

There is no doubt that the body of most of the treadmills is highly robust. While manufacture, it is kept in mind. But then again to stay on the safer side, make sure that the body is highly reliable.

Definitely, the specification will conclude that they have high strength, but it is always recommended to opt for customer reviews to check its framework.

Check its warranty:

You should always know that even the best of the treadmill brands can malfunction, which is unexpected. To get replaced, you need to make sure that the product is under warranty. Even warranty is said to be a state for the equipment.

While most of the brands offer a warranty of more than two years for the motor and framework, some even offer more than that. Other parts might come with 6months to 1year of warranty. Make sure you check this at your priority to never regret buying one, as the manufacturer replaces parts under warranty without any additional charges.

Check whether it is portable or not?

For a smaller apartment or no dedicated gym room, there is often a need for people to move their equipment for making more space. In such a circumstance, when you don’t have wheels integrated into the treadmills, it can result in harassment or not able to make enough space for your visitor.

To stay away from such scenarios, it is always better to opt for foldable treadmills with wheels. A portable treadmill proves to be beneficial for home installation.

Check its Heart Rate Tracker

Since our heart tends to pump more blood while performing intense exercises, there is always a need for keeping a track on its rate.

During the times, you observe a higher pumping rate; it is advised to stop and take rest immediately. This gives you security and helps you to know how healthy your heart is.

Check whether it’s foldable:

There is no doubt that the new-age treadmills are not only advanced but also is a bit bigger in comparison to the manual and Traditional treadmills.

Opting for a foldable treadmill tend to be an excellent choice for the people who want to install in their small apartment. These foldable treadmills have similar specifications with an additional quality of being able to fold and store easily.

Check the deck cushioning:

Even when this is undervalued, cushioning is the primary thing that keeps your joint strain away. Most of the high-end treadmills come with a great cushioning system. The major reason for integrating a good cushioning system is to provide a cushioned surface underneath.

As walking on hard surface results in damaging the joints, hips, and knees, a proper cushioning system can be a great inclusion. Appropriate cushioning along with an excellent tack length is an additional advantage for the walkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which burn more calories: Walking or Running?

Well, undeniably running burns more calories own bodies tend to work more during running. However, if you have joint issues or breathing trouble and which is why walking is the only way for you, you can always opt for walking on inclines.

Make sure that the inclines are high enough to get similar results with walking. Walking uphill is generally categorized as an intense workout as it has a positive impact on your hips, glutes, back, and core.

2. I have joint trouble: Will walking on treadmill becomes a problem?

No. moreover, this depends a lot on your use of a treadmill. When you have knee issues, and you opt for running on a treadmill, you definitely will observe an adverse condition.

This is the reason why it is advised by the doctors to walk on a treadmill to prevent any kind of joint pain while enjoy losing weight or burning calories. Also, make sure you wear the right shoes and adjust the speed to an attainable limit.

3. Which is better for walking – Manual or Motorised Treadmills?

Both have their own advantages, but motorized treadmills tend to have better results both for walkers and runners. One of the most common problems faced by the users of manual treadmills is the speed. It does not remain the same as one has to run on the belt on their own.

This tends to lose more energy on the manual treadmills; the workout time lowers to a large extent. Whereas, since in motorized treadmill, a powerful motor controls the speed and belt movement, you tend to walk more and acquire better results.

4. What is the max speed required in a treadmill for walkers?

It depends a lot on your average walking speed. If your walking speed is lesser, it is great if you choose a standard treadmill with an average speed limit, but if your speed limit is more, then go for more variations. Make sure you check the speed limit before placing your order. Well, the ideal speed is  4 – 5 mph.

5. What is the standard speed for treadmill walking?

It is considered that 3 MPH is the ideal speed for most of the people who want to acquire great results from walking. Walk for 15 minutes every day at 3 MPH; you can start observing visible results within a few weeks. Moreover, speed walking is also availed by most of the people as it tends to offer similar results in less time.

6. Will the treadmill fit in my house?

Fortunately, yes. These modern equipment are designed in a way to make your life easier while help you stay fit and healthy without going out. Not only these treadmills are easy to fit in your small apartment but also with the advanced technology implemented for designing helps it to get folded and store even under your bed or in a corner. Irrespective of motorized or manual, both are available in foldable forms.

7. How the incline helps while walking?

Inclines are designed to help people stay healthy as we all know that walking uphill strengthens the lower body muscles, which is highly required both for men and women. Moreover, when you add speed to it, the results acquired is highly satisfactory.

To make it even more fulfilling for the users, these days both auto and the manual incline is available. But then again, it is highly suggested to opt for manual incline for the walkers. This will keep it under your control, help you stay fit and strengthen the lower muscles.

8. Why do I need In-Built Workout Programs?

Inbuilt workout programs tend to be a great choice for people who want to get great results but are not adept on the right exercise. Not a problem anymore, as these advanced treadmills have sorted out this issue.

With more than enough inbuilt programs primarily meant for a satisfactory result from your workout session, these treadmills will help you train your body while keeping on your walking. You can either opt for manual training or follow the treadmills’ guidelines, which are again designed by the top trainers of the health industry.

9. Why are handrails so essential in a treadmill?

The primary need of handrails is to protect the trainees from falling from the track. These handrails are provided sideways to give you the power to hold in case of any health issue. With proper grip and proper alignment, these security features add perfectly with the security needs.

10. How much cushioning plays a prime role while walking?

Even when we pay the least attention to it, cushioning is a vital factor to consider for every user. Proper cushioning prevents joint pains as it ensures a lesser impact on the joints due to exercise.

When compared to road running, cushion treadmill reduces impact by 15 – 40%. Some of the advanced treadmills come with various cushioning to acquire firm support. This becomes highly beneficial for senior people with weaker joints.

11. How much wide running surface do I need?

Most of the walkers’ treadmills are designed with an apt running surface. Since different people have different heights along with their strides, there is often a need for creating the track length and width in a way that it can accumulate people of different lengths. This is required to avoid any type of injuries during walking. Since people often opt for fast walking, a good track surface is a necessity.


With the many features available in a treadmill, these days’ people can easily accomplish their fitness goal. The treadmills available for walkers in the market can help you get better results than walking outside.

With wider track length, robust body, powerful motor and some of the high-end features, walking and acquiring great results have never been this easy. So make sure you choose efficiently to get the best results.


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