Lifeline L41MTDSTT8 Treadmill Review

Are you looking for a great substitute for running outside? Well, your house will not be enough to help you lose the extra calories or get a desired physique. You need something that will keep them, and only a treadmill can be a great inclusion. Since there are a lot of people who take their step back when it comes to running out, a treadmill is an excellent choice for them. Moreover, when this is the first time you are choosing to run on a treadmill and do not want to invest hugely in the very first place, an excellent manual treadmill can become a good choice.  

Lifeline L41MTDSTT8 Treadmill is a new manual treadmill especially made for the beginners. With great features apt for the beginners, this treadmill becomes a great inclusion in the fitness routine. It is always a great start with a manual machine because the belt runs with the help of your pressure and energy. Therefore, your body gets accustomed to the force required to move the belt and run at the same tie. The more you put the force and pressure, the faster the belt moves thereby helping to burn more calories.

Moreover, since this treadmill has been designed with a minimal incline which requires putting more force. Hence you can stay assured that at the convenience of your home, you can acquire the desired result. With all other valuable features that can be possible to be integrated are available with this treadmill. Within such a reasonable price range, this treadmill has everything that a beginner needs for a great workout session.

Let us now find out the many features Lifeline L41MTDSTT8 Treadmill:

Product Specifications

Even when most of the manual treadmills do not come with a lot of features, but only a few, keeping in mind regarding the needs, this treadmill has all the required features. This might not become great for the pro trainees, but can be an excellent option for the beginners.


This manual treadmill has been designed in a way not only make workout convenient for the trainees but also in a way that eases its storage. Not everyone has a huge apartment and which beings the need when you have to move the treadmill. Keeping this in mind, the treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily transferred from one room to another as per the requirements.


Storage is a huge problem for people with a small apartment. Even sometimes when they can afford to buy a treadmill, they cannot afford to keep a dedicated space for the treadmill. This is quite common among most of the users and which is why this treadmill has been designed in a foldable manner. Once you are done exercising, you can fold the treadmill and keep it in some corner of your room. This is absolutely space saving.

Electronic Meter:

Even when the treadmill runs manually without the need for electricity, it has a meter designed in it which shows everything they are doing. Starting from calories burnt to the distance covered to speed to time to your pulse rate. Not only these are required for your security purpose, but also it keeps you motivated. When you get to see the more calories getting burned every day, it inspires you to go for more.


One of the most significant advantages of this treadmill is its lightweight. This is again one of the significant factors that make it portable. Being extremely lightweight, this can improve your fitness level, reduce the belly fat, lose weight and burn calories much faster than any other motorized treadmills.

100kgs of User Weight:

Being made with a robust metal frame, this treadmill has a max user weight of 100 kgs. Hence it becomes an excellent inclusion for your family if most of the members’ weigh less than this. At such a reasonable price of below INR 20000, this is such a great purchase.

Miscellaneous Things:

The treadmill does not only have a belt that keeps you running, but also it comes with several other useful things that have a direct impact on your fitness. You will get a skipping rope, gym bag, sweat belt along with a tummy trimmer. Hence with one machine, you can take care of your over body fitness.

A brief look at the product features:

Max User Weight100kgs
Folding Yes
Digital DisplayYes, displaying calories, speed, distance, and the heart rate
Miscellaneous ThingsSkipping rope, gym bag, sweat belt along with a tummy trimmer
Prime AdvantagesGreat for losing weight, burning extra calories and getting a desirable physique
Expert InstallationNo. Can be done by the user.

What Do We Like

  • Easy to shift: The first and foremost thing we would like to say that the product is straightforward to move from one place to another. Yes anyone can do it, doesn’t require a muscular body for it. Once we were done with walking, we can easily fold the machine and shift to keep it in some corner.
  • Good for losing weight: If your prime lookout is to lose weight, but you have a limited budget, don’t look any further. This can be a great machine for you. Being manual, the belt runs only when you provide the force and therefore can help in losing ample amount of weight within less time.
  • Great Product: There is no denying that it is a great product. At such a less price tag, you cannot expect something better than this. Whenever you need, you can unfold it, or if you want to take it to your TV room, it’s lightweight gives you the freedom to do that. Hence, without moving out at the convenience of your home, you can lose weight.
  • Great Max User weight: We were pretty impressed to check the user weight capacity. Even when the treadmill is very lightweight which makes it easy to transfer from one room to another, this machine can take weight up to 100kgs. You can opt for fast walking if you are 80kgs or more and still the treadmill will not show any wear or tear.

What We Don’t Like

  • Digital Meter Does not function properly: Even when we like several things about this treadmill, we are highly disappointed to see the digital meter. The calories burnt, distance and mostly everything showed here is not accurate. It would have been better if the treadmill could able to show the accurate things rather than showing false digits.
  • Running Can be difficult: This might not become a problem for all, but especially for the first-timers, running will be a lot difficult. Primary one might feel they will fall and which is why we had to hold the handrails while walking. But hopefully, with practice, things will become more comfortable for everyone.


Lifeline L41MTDSTT8 Treadmill is an excellent manual treadmill that can become a good inclusion for the beginners. If you wish to lose weight and reduce calories, this new manual treadmill in an ideal machine. Having the capacity to take 100kgs of weight, it becomes suitable for your family.

So buy this and enjoy a fit lifestyle at the convenience of your home. Let your physique be an inspiration for others.


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