Treadmill for runners

Here we provide a detailed guide to the best treadmills for runners of different types including manual treadmill and motorized treadmills, from brands like Powermax Fitness, Lifeline, and Cockatoo.

If you want to be a runner, you have no escape than dwelling in the fitness world. Only a great treadmill with advanced features can keep up the zeal intact and meet your unique needs.

Whether you set back with the thought of going to the gym or you find it very uncomfortable to go for running outdoors, or the weather stops you from running, with the advent of treadmills, you certainly will never face undesirable circumstances. With the range of choice of treadmills for runners, you can quickly get one for your home and stay fit and healthy every day. With Treadmill for home, it brings your fitness world at your own space without the need for facing an unwanted scenario.

Treadmills do not require huge space, and therefore just a corner will make it work. These days with a range of choice available in the online market, buying an exact one for your purpose is difficult. Most of the brands and models claim to offer the best result, but choosing the right one that will serve the best for your running purpose is hard. 

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Treadmill for Runners Buying Guide

Set your budget:

If you are a novice, you need to know that the price range varies a lot from one treadmill to another. There might be treadmills integrated with the same features but have price variation. This price range depends highly on the brand and quality. Hence, you primarily need to set your budget and then start searching for the runners’ treadmill.  No matter how great a brand is, never forget to check the review before investing.

You can get manual treadmills at a lower price than the motorized treadmills. However, they do not have the advanced features, which do not make it a necessary choice. Therefore start checking for treadmill after setting up your budget.

Treadmill Sizing:

This is a significant factor that prevents accidents when appropriately chosen. Treadmills are available in a range of sizes like 12” – 14’ length and 4”-6” in width. The reason is keeping space ensuring comfortable placement of your feet and preventing accidents.

There is a need of about a foot space on the front part of the treadmill to access the power switch easily.

It is advised to leave space behind to maintain a safe and secure environment.

When you are going for higher inclines, consider the ceiling height as well. With 12% of inclines, you need to make sure that the ceiling is above 7’10”. Otherwise, it might become a problem.

Consider buying folding treadmills:

If you do not have enough space at home, folding treadmills are a great choice. Both the quality and construction of the folding treadmills are much better than the previous day folding ones. With more number of features and vast space, these fitness equipment tend to serve the purpose without eating your space.

Treadmill Console Technology

In recent years, there have been a lot of developments in the functioning of treadmills. To keep the users motivated throughout. Not only there has been an advancement in its design but also the inclusion of touchscreen display, MP3 player, able to connect with the other favorite third-party apps, different preset programs for a better outcome and much more have made it a great inclusion to reach your fitness goals.

Cushioning system:

Cushioning is a pivotal part of the treadmill and something that keep you going throughout. With a great cushioning system, the machine can maintain with stability by supporting each footfall. This is the reason why for a superior running experience, look for a treadmill with an optimal cushioning system.

Higher Stability:

Being a runner, you need to choose a stable treadmill. Since your prime agenda is to run on the treadmill, you need to stay assured that while picking up the speed, the machine would not sway. Moreover, since you will opt for incline after a few days of a normal workout, only a stable treadmill will be able to stay firm even at higher speed and higher inclination.

Specifications to Look For While Buying a Treadmill for Runners

Robust Motor:

A powerful motor of 3.0 HP is a need for runners to make sure that the treadmill gets the ability to pick the speed fast and can seamlessly able to maintain the pace. If you want to be a pro-athlete, you need to look for a treadmill with higher HP. This will build your body strength and pick up the speed faster.

Speed Range:

Runners will gradually go for higher speed as their body gets accustomed to the same speed. Treadmills having top speed as 6MPH, is not suitable for runners. It is probably best for walking. Most of the advanced running treadmills can go up to a limit of 12MPH is great for running and meeting your goals. With variable speed limits, users can get a chance to change their speed and become a perfect runner. Hence, while selecting a treadmill and going through the features, make sure the equipment has different speed limits

Appropriate belt length:

Do you know that treadmills are available in variable tread-belts? This is a crucial factor to consider for runners for safety. The standard size is 43” which becomes apt for most of the runners, but most of the good treadmills have 58”-60” which is great for super tall runners.

Incline availability:

Without the availability of incline features, treadmills are never apt for runners. Most of the treadmills can go to a level of 10-15% inclination. This is enough for most of the runners who are looking to increase the HR without any pounding. But if you are looking for crazy inclination, then opt for an advanced version. This will do more than just running and build up your muscle strength.

Great Performance Tracking programs:

To understand your daily activities, you need a good tracking system. This is the reason why treadmill with a great display keeping a track on your body activities like pulse, calories, intensity, speed is a necessity. Opting for the advanced treadmills becomes a great choice for the runners as they get the full control of their body.

Advanced features:

Since it gets boring while doing the same thing again and again, you can search for treadmills that have a more prominent display with Google map integrated. Keep running, and the Google map will show the distance covered by you. This again provides zeal to the runners to cover more distance in the next attempt.

Which offers better results: Motorised or Manual Treadmills?

Undeniably this is one of the most common questions faced by the buyers. Especially people who are buying for the first time seem to remain perplexed with this question. But here is a genuine answer based on the real experience.

People who have used both the manual and motorized treadmills have found it very hard to run comfortably on the manual treadmills as it becomes very tough to maintain a consistent speed throughout on a manual treadmill. Motorized treadmills are always a better choice irrespective of your needs.

Difficulties faced on a manual treadmill:

It becomes tough to move the treadmill belt. This might result in unnecessary stress on the joints if you are not used to it.

Since the inclination is restricted to a very limited angle, you might feel the monotony as you need to carry the same workout routine with the same incline throughout.

Till the time you keep pushing, the belt keeps going, and once you slow down, the belt stops as well. It is not a great choice for a satisfying workout regime.

Manual treadmills result in burning fewer calories as the belt run with your body force, and when you keep supplying force, it becomes tiring for the users. Unless you are a pro athlete, getting a good result in a manual treadmill can be a tough task. Moreover, putting continuous pressure can result in a strain on the joints. It also becomes highly stressful to initiate the jogging session on these treadmills.

Motorized treadmills on the other hands keep you going as the belt keep moving at your chosen speed. This, as a result, keeps you motivated and end up burning more calories. You also can speed up if you want to level up and ensure acquiring better results. Moreover, it has the advanced features that keep showing the calories burnt and whether you are attaining your goals or not.

Frequently Asked Questions While Buying a Treadmill for Runners:

1. How accurate are the “Calories Burnt” numbers shown on the screen?

The technology is built in such a manner that it can calculate the calories burnt just as accurate as you wish to see them burning. The inbuilt features of the treadmill have the weight check ability, which keeps calculating and comparing. The more you run, the more you burn, and the results are not meant to satisfy you, but they are real outcome of your hard work and dedication.

2. Does a treadmill offer the same outcome as running outdoors?

The treadmill might feel a bit relaxing, but the result is the same as you would have attained if running outdoors. Since you have a belt continually running, you need to meet the pace which is the main reason for burning calories.

Moreover, you can opt for inclination if your body gets accustomed to running on a plain surface. Outdoor activities might have other difficulties to cut like wind resistance, but you can never attain the result that incline can proffer. All you need is to gradually level up by inclining the treadmill a little higher every time and the speed as well.

3. Should beginners run everyday on the treadmill?

A definite yes. If you want to train your body to pick up the speed without losing energy or facing breathing trouble, beginners require practicing every single day. With practice and gradually leveling up, you can observe a change in your body.

Your muscle starts building strength, your breathing gets systematic, and you can easily pick up the speed with time. Further, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro-runner, to keep up your body strength, running on a treadmill by changing the incline degree and speed is a mandate.

4. Can I train myself for a road race on a treadmill?

Yes, you definitely can train yourself on a treadmill. All it requires is a systematic running and making a few tweaks. If you are a starter, make sure to level up the incline and then opt for uphill running once to twice in a week. But because the belt offers to cushion beneath the feet, which roads will not train your body for asphalt racing.

5. Do I have to buy a new pair of shoes for the treadmill?

Well, not necessarily required. Most runners going outdoors opt for the running shoes with soft sole because of the hard ground, but since the treadmill comes with soft cushioning regular shoes will work. It is always better to buy shoes that will maintain the friction and prevent further accidents.

6. Why does a treadmill show in “mph” when the runners choose minutes per mile?

Most of the treadmills available these days offer both. The reason why mph is included is because of the beginners or users who are not familiar to minutes per mile. Consider checking the sheet if you still have an old treadmill.

Miles Per Hour    Minutes Per Mile


Availability of various treadmills with different features might have helped runners achieve their fitness goals but has made choosing a tough one. Making the right choice is the first big step to accomplishing your goals as a runner. Make sure you choose a treadmill that has some of the top features integrated to meet your needs.

As your requirement is not limited to burning calories and getting into shape, being a runner with dreams in your mind, you need to choose the advanced equipment.


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