Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill Review

Cardio is an important part of our daily lives. This requires moving out every day, which becomes impossible for users. Jogging and running is a known exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only you can get a great physique, but also you can find weight reduction to a considerable extent. When you have a treadmill in the comfort of your home, you can acquire a great result. With the Cockatoo CTM-04 integrated with a 1 HP motor, this motorized treadmill gets the unique ability to help you carry on a unique training.

When it comes to acquiring a desirable physique, you need to work out regularly. With a great treadmill, you can regularly keep exercising and enjoy better health. Moreover, these days the treadmills are designed keeping in mind regarding the apartment size.

The treadmills available these days have the space-saving designs which enable you to keep the machine in a proper condition. Being able to fold completely, you no longer require a dedicated room or space. Just make sure you unfold the machine and once done with exercising fold and keep it in some corner.

The Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill not only have a space saving design which means it can easily be kept in some corner or the storage, but also it has a fantastic digital display that shows everything you are doing. With great features, it becomes a fantastic inclusion in your daily activities.

Let us check some of the significant features that make this treadmill a great choice for home users:

Product Specification

The Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill has always been known for its features. Starting from its motor, to warranty and everything is apt for the users. It tends to be a perfect choice for your home.

  • Warranty: Buying this treadmill is always a great choice because of its warranty. This amazing machine comes with three years of motor warranty, lifetime warranty for the frame and one year for the parts.  Therefore, you can easily place your bet on this machine as the manufacturer is always available at your service.
  • 43.3 x 15.3 Inches of Running Area: Keeping in mind regarding the needs of the users, the treadmill has been designed with a 43.3 x 15.3 running surface. This makes sure that the users can run or walk or jog comfortably without the risk of falling.
  • 1 HP Motor: There is always a need for having a strong motor when it comes to practicing intense workout. With the 1 HP motor integrated into this treadmill, you can jog, walk and run comfortably without the feat of any wear and tear.
  • 90kg of Maximum User Weight: Keeping the user weight at 90kg, this treadmill has become a great choice for home use. If you have a great family of many members, then this can be an apt choice because of the user weight capacity.
  • 0.8 – 10km/h Speed: Definitely when talking about a great cardio routine, walking running and jogging is a primary necessity. This means checking speed is the first thing one needs to do. Fortunately, this treadmill comes with a speed range of 10km/h which means you start exercising and level up higher every time.
  • 1.4 mm of Belt Thickness: To make exercise comfortable for you, there is always a bed for a softer bed. This ensures no joint pain in the later ages. Moreover, if the belt does not have good thickness, the chances of wear and tear are much more. A proper belt thickness is not only necessary for making sure of no joint pain but also ensures the longevity of the machine.
  • Digital Display: With a 5 inch of a display panel, users will now be able to visualize the time, speed, distance, calories and much more seamlessly. The only reason for having this integrated is not only to show the internal growth but also keep the user motivated by showing the results of their effort.
  • Heart Rate Sensors: The treadmill has been designed with a sensor on the handles where you can grab it. This will show your heart rate. As soon as the palm comes in contact with the sensors, you can find the heart rate in the display itself. This will give you an idea of whether your heart is pumping at an average rate or not.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: These treadmills are manufactured making use of the welded steel frame. The only reason for making but look and feel sturdy is to provide users with the assurance of being safe and secured. It offers unbreakable stability to the users along with the workout enthusiasts.
  • AUX/USB: To make sure that you enjoy your workout by listening to your favorite music, the treadmill has been integrated with the AUX and USB connectivity. This not means you can connect your mobile, but also your pen drive can be easily connected.
  • Wheels for Transportation: To make sure that it fits perfect on your apartment, the treadmill is being provided with wheels on its bottom. The only reason for such is to make transportation much easier. It’s great for the people who want to install a machine at their house.
  • Visible Buttons: This treadmill has been integrated with buttons. These buttons mainly are start, program setup, mode functions and stop. Only to ease the use of the users, the treadmill has been integrated with the buttons.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

WarrantyThree years –Motor, 1 Year – parts and Lifetime- Frame
Display ConsoleTime, Calorie, Speed, Fat Measurement and Distance
Running Area43.3” x 15.3.”
Motor1 HP
Max User Weight90kg
Speed0.8 to 10 Km/h
Thickness of Belt1.4mm
Display Size5 inches of LED display
ConnectivityAUX  and USB
Portable Yes and wheels
Heart Rate SensorsYes on the handrails
ButtonsYes, for program, mode, start and stop
Additional Comes with a Massager
Preset Programs12 along with easily changeable modes

What We Like

  • Product Quality: We are delighted with the product quality as the entire machine is made of steel. Just by standing on this machine, we can easily understand its superb quality. The design is exceptionally very sturdy for different types of users.
  • Great Weight Support: The machine is said to support 90kgs of maximum eight, which is very real. Someone who weighs 75kgs can also use this treadmill for mild running. The treadmill can take the shock.
  • Excellent massager: We were truly surprised to see that the additional parts that came with it have excellent performance. The massager worked quite good and is a great inclusion.
  • Easy to Install: Unlike any other high-end treadmill that needs expert installation, this treadmill is easy to install. Most of the parts are pre-assembled and therefore, anyone can easily do the left. It took us an additional 15 to 20 minutes to assemble the parts.
  • Value for Money: When you get so many features within INR 20000, it is indeed a value for money. Whether you talk about its looks or strength or speed, the treadmill has everything apt for the home users.
  • Lightweight: Keeping in mind regarding the home use, this treadmill is designed in such a way that it stays lightweight. This means once you are done exercising, you can easily transfer it to another room or some corner of your room for storage.

What we Don’t like

  • No incline: When a treadmill has been integrated with such great features, we expected a minimum incline degree. This would have added to its advantages and helped users to level up the intensity of the exercise.
  • Gradual Increase of speed: Even when this might become advantageous for the beginners, but it would be great if the treadmill could start working at a higher speed. The treadmill will start from the beginner level and level up as per your given speed.


With the many features integrated into this treadmill, this machine becomes an excellent choice for the users. Except for some drawbacks, this fitness equipment available at such a low price can become a great replacement when it comes to going out for jogging or walking. Moreover, the motor integrated into it along with sturdy frame makes it a valuable product for exercising.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a great treadmill within INR 20000, Cockatoo CTM-04 can be a great choice.


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