Lifeline Manual Treadmill Machine Review

Here we provide the detailed features, pros and cons of the Lifeline Manual Treadmill.

If you are a beginner and looking for beginners’ equipment for running and walking, you obviously need to look for treadmills that have the efficacy to serve the best for your purpose. The new Lifeline Manual Treadmill can guide you in the process of accomplishing your fitness goals.

As we are aware that running or walking on treadmills is more like the aerobic exercises which help in burning the calories. The more you stay dedicated about doing regular exercise, the more it helps in losing your body weight – especially when you are combining a healthy diet with exercise.

People these days due to busy schedule fails to go out and perform their daily exercise due to numerous reason and treadmill in such a scenario tends to be a great inclusion in your health routine. It offers the similar stress on your body that is required to burn the unnecessary calories without harming your joints. Given to its uncountable advantages, the treadmill these days has become a standard inclusion in the home.

When you are stuck in your limited budget, no worries, as you still have some great options for you. However, the features provided within these ranges are mostly apt for beginners. Just like the Lifeline Manual Treadmill that has the features required to train the beginners and acquire their dream physique.  

This is completely designed for home use and has been provided with all the necessary features that make it apt for home use. Making it compact and foldable makes storage easier than the traditional ones.

So let us see what this treadmill has in account for you:

Product Features

As it is a manual treadmill, and you might be thinking that the treadmill will not be having much of functionalities, then you are wrong. You will be amazed to check what this treadmill has to offer you at this price tag.


Keeping in mind the constraints of users when it comes to limited space, the treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily folded. This means when you are done exercising, you can fold the treadmill and keep it in some corner of the room. This has actually cut the need for keeping a dedicated space or room for exercising and can easily accommodate within limited space.


The treadmill is perfect for your home use not only because of space-saving design but also these are portable. Wheels are incorporated in the machine and hence, you can easily carry it from one place to another. If you want to workout in your music room, you can easily take this treadmill to the room and enjoy a great workout session.

Electronic Meter:

Even when the machine in non-motorized, some of the most critical features are being provided by the manufacturers. With the inclusion of electronic meter, you can easily measure the distance, speed, time, calories burnt and pulse. Hence even at such a low price tag, you can enjoy most of the features that are required while exercising.

Dual Adjustable Inclines:

Keeping in mind about that need for users, the treadmill has been provided with adjustable inclines. Since constantly running at the same time can be tiring for trainees. So, in order to help you enjoy variations in your exercise, there are dually adjustable inclines. You can adjust the inclines and enjoy uphill exercising to train your body.

Solid Frame:

The treadmill consists of a strong body designed with metal rods. These robust and thick metal rods have the ability to take heavyweight while exercising. Being made with metal, you can stay assured of its extreme ability and durability.

Miscellaneous elements:

This manual treadmill available at such a reasonable price comes with various other things with it. It comes with a tummy trimmer, skipping rope, and sweat belt and gym bag. You can easily exercise while skipping on this treadmill and the results you can obtain will be beyond imagination.

Let us have a look at the product specifications in details:

PortableYes, due to the presence of wheels
Electric MeterYes, displaying calories, time, distance, pulse and speed
InclinesYes, dually adjustable inclines
Major AdvantagesBelly reduction, weight reduction, burn calories, lose weight and ensure fit body
Miscellaneous ContentsGym Bag, Skipping rope, tummy trimmer and seat belt
Expert InstallationNo, but one can easily install with the installation manual and the video link
MainframeSturdy mainframe with robust and thick metal rods

What Do We Like

  • Easy to Install: The best part about this treadmill is that the manual that comes with it has details on how to install it. It can be easily fitted if you follow the manual. Also, there is a YouTube link about the installation technique, which makes it even easier to install.
  • Extremely Lightweight: The treadmill is fit for home use because of its being extremely lightweight. Even when being made with metal rods and having the ability to endure different weights, we were surprised to check how light the machine is. More the wheels present adds to its portability.
  • Very Compact: The best part about this treadmill is that this does not require much space in your room. It is very compact and can be easily kept in one corner of the room. Therefore, no more space limitation will stop you from exercising dedicatedly.  
  • Great for losing weight and calorie burning: If your primary lookout is to lose weight at your home convenience, then this is a great inclusion. You can easily start with this in the initial days as this proves to be great equipment when it comes to losing weight, burning excess calories, become fit and healthy. Being manual, since you need to put the pressure with your feet, this machine becomes a great partner for you.

What We Don’t Like

  • Unable To Read Pulse: As mentioned in the features by the manufacturers that this treadmill will be able to measure the pulse and distance, it shows problems. Even when the product works well, it does not show accurate pulse and distance covered.
  • Belt quality is not up to the mark: The belt quality included in the treadmill is definitely up to the mark. We expected a better quality belt as it is the central part of the treadmill. However, it is very unfortunate to check such a low belt quality.


The Lifeline Manual treadmill is definitely a great treadmill but for the beginners. Don’t expect to train the pro-athletes, as the treadmill is not equipped with such features. However, if this is the first time you are starting to train your body and muscles, this can be a great investment.

The only reason because of it being manual, your body will train to use its energy and provide pressure required to move the belt. The more you use this treadmill, the faster you get results. It can be an excellent inclusion for your home use when it comes to losing excess weight and calories.


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