Powermax Fitness TDM-125S Review

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, nothing like owning a treadmill at your home becomes an excellent choice for the users. Walking and running has a great importance on your health and therefore whether you are an adult or a senior person, a treadmill is always a better option.

With this machine, no matter you will have to face the obstacles due to a climatic hazard. Since walking is a necessity and you cannot afford to quit even for a single day, choosing a treadmill that has the efficacy to offer satisfactory results can provide the best results.

Powermax Fitness TDM-125S in the family of Powermax is another powerful treadmill that offers the apt solution to acquire great gym workout staying in the convenience of your office and home. With a sturdy 2.0 HP motor, you can acquire smooth ride along with high-end display makes sure to keep a track of the speed, distance, heartbeat, fat and much more. The fantastic features related to the performance incorporate into the treadmill makes sure of a great workout session.

When you have no time for the gymnasium, this high-quality top performing foldable treadmill can provide gym workout right at your home. For a great everyday workout, this Powermax Fitness TDM-125S is ideal equipment. Right size, great quality, space-saving designs ensure easy installation in your apartment without the need for a dedicated room.

We have definitely observed that the treadmill has been designed with some of the great features that ensure a great workout. Being a high-end model available above INR 45000, you can expect a wide range of features. Let us find out some of the significant features.

Product Specifications

When it comes to getting into your desired shape or maintaining a fit and healthy body, there is always a need for exercising every single day. Unlike running outside can be skipped in case of weather changes, with a good treadmill no longer you need to skip your routine. This particular machine has the enormous ability to aid in carrying out a continuous workout session without hampering the quality.

With the many features, Powermax Fitness TDM-125S becomes a great initiative. Let’s check out the various salient features of this machine.

Amazing Run Function:

With the “Smart Run Function” feature integrated into the system, you can seamlessly record the activity. This becomes an excellent choice for tracking your movements. You can also opt for replaying the activity and then do the same thing next time. This is a fantastic program that can be operated with a single button.

Large LCD Display:

The treadmill comes with a large 5.5” of blue LCD Display. With such a huge screen offering great space for displaying, you can view the body functionality with ease. You can quickly check the calories, distance, pulse, time, incline and speed. With a larger display, you can easily view while exercising without the need for stopping and checking.

12 Pre-Set Programs:

This treadmill has been incorporated with 12 pre-defined workouts that provide with a range of challenges for the users. This becomes valuable for the people who want to put up new challenges and accomplish their fitness goals. Moreover, making use of the FAT function, you can now easily calculate the BMI and keep full track of the body condition. With the many target based modes, now you can set the calories, distance and time efficiently.

USB/AUX Connection:

The treadmill is equipped with the AUX to listen to music from the MP3 player or iPhone. Since we all have a specific slot of music that we keep for various moods. If music motivates you, then this is an ideal choice for you. All you need is to connect with a USB with the loaded pen drive and then listen to your favorite songs.

Heart Rate Sensors:

The treadmill comes with a sensor on its grip. When you get a proper grip of the handle, you can easily monitor the heart rate. Hence, while you are exercising and you are placing the palm, you can keep a complete track of your heart rate.

Max User Weight Capability:

Keeping in mind the need for making the treadmill apt for multiple users, the treadmill is constructed sturdily. It has the max capacity of 115kg. This treadmill recommends you to keep 25kgs buffer when it comes to running. Hence make sure your weight is 90kg or less as it becomes apt for the treadmill. This is recommended especially when you choose to run.

Great Shock Absorption:

The treadmill comes with a fantastic shock absorption system due to the incorporation of “ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System”. It becomes great for a soft landing, unparallel support and fewer chances of slipping. Moreover, with the Dual Spring Absorption system, it reduces stress on the hips, ankles, and knees. You can immediately adjust belt speed to match the natural movement easily.

Auto Lubrication:

When it comes to a manual treadmill, you generally need to oil the machine at a certain interval, which is a hectic task. With the auto-lubrication feature in the treadmill, it results in making your maintenance simpler, cleaner and much easier. Just by pressing a button, the treadmill starts auto lubricating itself. Proper lubrication ensures smooth movement and zero fiction while using the treadmill. This will improve the running belt and motor condition.

Anti-Slip Running Belt:

With the 1.8mm polyester satin running belt built to absorb shock and slip, you can stay assured of healthy exercise regime without the fear of skidding and falling. You can now run without any doubt and remain assured about the durability.

Multifunctional Features:

The treadmill is genuinely worth the price not only because of the many features but also due to loaded with multifunctional features. It comes with a powerful hip, stomach and thigh massager, sit-up brackets and twisters. It becomes a great inclusion to burn calories at the convenience of your home and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Auto Stop Functionality:

The auto stop functionality ensures the security of the users and which is why it becomes a great addition. Simply by attaching the clip with the clothes, the machine will stop as soon as it detects any risk. This amazing feature minimizes the chances of injury to more extent.

49.6” x 16.9’ of Running Area:

The treadmill has a full running surface of 49.3”x16.9”. When you have a spacious running area, you can run without the fear of falling which happens due to less space. Keeping the issues in mind, such a wide running space has been designed for a perfect fitness session.

A brief look at the product features:

Motor2.0 HP
Incline Degree3 level of manual incline
Speed0.8 – 16.0 km/h
Running Surface49.6 x 16.5inches
Max User-Weight115kg
Shock AbsorptionDual spring with “ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System.”
Running Belt1.8mm polyester satin running belt
Display 5.5 Bright Blue Display
RollersSteel crowned, precision machines ensure smooth running
Display FunctionsSpeed, Time, Distance, Heart rate and calories
Preset Programs12 pre-set programs and three target modes
USB/AUX ConnectivityYes
Heart rateYes, on the handlebars
Mobile and Tablet HolderYes
Auto LubricationYes
Multifunction FeaturesDumbbell, Twister, Massager, and Sit-up

What Do We Like

  • Space Saving: This is simply a great treadmill that comes with a space saving design. It comes less space and hence is apt for people who do not have any dedicated room for installing the gym equipment. You can easily install it in one corner of your room.
  • Easy To Use: Unlike the other high-end treadmills that come with a complicated mechanism, this treadmill, on the other hand, has kept it easy for everyone. The easy interface has made it easy to operate for a wide type of users.
  • No Need for Expert Installation: The best part about this treadmill is that you don’t have to install it. Being preinstalled, all you need is to unbox, install and start exercising.
  • Less Storage Space: Unbelievably even when the machine has all the high-end features and great running space, it takes limited space after being folded. Even just by installing in some corner is enough. It will not eat your space.

What We Don’t Like

  • 1kg Dumbells: While these dumbbells might find a use for the beginners, it is not that great for the pro runners or trainees.
  • Expected Better Music System: Even when it is an additional feature and is not much correlated with your health, people still expect high-quality system at this price point. We did not like how it sounds and feel like it could be much better than this.


With very fewer drawbacks, the Powermax Fitness TDM-125S has become the new need for people. It has some of the great features that people seek for at this price point. This 2.0 HP motor is great for the runners as no longer you need to move out. The space-saving design is specially made for making it apt for home use and cutting usage of more space.

If you have a budget of INR 45000, the Powermax Fitness TDM-125S treadmill can be a great inclusion for your home.


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