Televisions Between INR 30000 – INR 50000

How about watching your favorite TV series and movies on your Ultra HD television? Watching the life-like pictures just by sitting on your couch accompanied by an amazing sound system is all that we seek for. But this requires making the right choice of television. Since there are various fancy features in today’s television, something that tickles your expectations is the one for you.

Whether it’s 2019 or 10 years from now, just like the previous days, TV shopping is always a very hard and tricky endeavor. With the end number of options present in the market, it has become a need for the people to seek the best advice from the experienced to be able to effectively sort the wheat from the chaff.

So to aid in making the right choice of TV within INR 30000 to 50000, we will go through a detailed guide.

Today, the market has plentiful choices with different names like 4K or Ultra HD. With better resolution, the brands are promising to provide with more detailed picture compared to the previous TVs.

When you have a budget of 30000 to 50000, you can stay assured about getting hold of some of the top class television brands integrated with high quality features.

More life-like picture, more dynamic images, better contrast ratio, and amazing sound quality are some of the features are bestowed by the top brands. Not only this, but you will also be noticing different TV technologies in the market. All you need is to choose the televisions as per your needs.

Once you are aware of the type of TV you are looking for, your next focus should be finding the right picture quality, right size along with other key features.

Also ensure that the new TV has many connections that are a necessity along with offering better picture quality. So, therefore, to help you make the right decision, let’s dive into the details of the TV features.

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Not every time, you can achieve something that you desire. Especially when you have budget restrictions, you need to keep your expectations lesser than your desires. However, if you are thinking of buying a television from 30000 to 50000, you can expect various features. This includes.

4K UHD Resolution

When you are buying a TV at INR 30000 to 50000, you can expect to get a TV with 4K resolution. 4K or the Ultra High Definition is now a big thing in the streaming content and broadcast as it offers more detailed and brighter pictures. 

()4K televisions() mean 3840 x 2160p or 4096 x 2160p which means 4 times of the pixel resolution or twice of line resolution. 4K resolution is generally great for the large-sized televisions.

This offers detailed pictures than the 1080p televisions. Moreover, 4K has no limitations on the size as it can effectively offer great content irrespective of the size of the screen. 

Above 60 Hz Refresh Rate

When it comes to picture quality, the refresh rate is one of those parameters that again plays a major role. The refresh rate is the frequency on which the TV screen keeps changing. You need to pay attention to the refresh rate of the TV as it impacts on the fast moving contents like video games and sports. 

Generally, when you have a budget of above 30000, you can expect to get the refresh rate from 60Hz to above. Older models had much lesser and as a result, would fade the fast moving videos. However, 60Hz is great and if you get above that which is 120Hz, 240Hz and 360Hz, it is a great choice.

4K Active HDR

This is the latest feature added to the new age televisions. HDR or High Dynamic Ratio when combines with 4K resolution, the videos will breathe life. It provides more contrast ratio, deeper black and dynamic images.

With a broader range of colors bestowed in television technology, you can enjoy even the deepest of blacks and the brightest of whites. With 4k active HDR televisions, images seem more realistic and are achievable in the higher ranged televisions.

Smart TV

We all look for Smart TVs whenever we look for TVs to purchase. Even when most of the televisions available in the market are provided with some of the Smart features, when you go for higher ranged televisions, you can stay assured about acquiring the best Smart features from the brand itself.

Smart TVs are a great inclusion for your house as it will permit you to access the streaming videos. While it’s great to be able to access the streaming video apps, you need to worry about the updates. Furthermore, these days TVs also allow you to access the social media apps and hence making a multipurpose TV. 

3 HDMI and 2 USB and above

Even when this is a factor that is not related to the picture quality, it is one of the biggest criteria of the TV. HDMI is the combination of digital port and cables required for different analog A/V cords. Successfully being able to transmit sound and pictures, HDMI cables are playing a major role since the early 2000s.

Since the top brands are aware of the need for ports, they have been providing a couple of ports. At this price point, most of the TV comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB, which is always great. Not necessarily these will be placed at the rear of the TV, but in some TVs, they have been designed in sides. 

20 Watts Sound Output

With a good picture, we are all looking for great sound quality as well. Usually, we all will be filled with happiness, if the sound of the TV is great enough to fill the room, has clear treble, deep bass along with rich middle range. 

Watt is the parameter used for measuring electrical power. The amplifier’s sound is generally measured in watts.

With 20 Watts of output, you can stay assured that your room will be filled with sound. Well, this might not be like those high end speakers, but great enough to ensure helping you get a great experience.

43 to 55 inches Screen

When it comes to choosing a TV, the first and foremost lookout as a buyer is the screen size. We probably would love to change our living room into a theatre and nothing like a big screen will be the best choice for it. At this price point, you can stay assured of getting big screen television from 43 to 55 inches screen.

This is inevitably a giant screen television, which is why you require paying attention to the size of your room before placing an order. However, the size of the screen is enough to surpass your expectation.

LED Technology

These days, LEDs are mostly present in the market. Not only is this technology constantly upgrading and becoming a fascination for all, but also, this is one technology that is available in a range of prices. Even when there are other television technologies available in the market at this price, opting for LED seems to be a convenient choice due to its quality and range. 


No more we want a television that looks like an Idiot Box. No worries, as nowadays the televisions are not available in such forms. Moreover, such a high price, you can stay assured about getting a highly sleek television that can easily fit in your living room. Once you install it, you can stay assured of acquiring a top perming flat TV for your home.

Voice Operated

This is a new invention in the world of television. Not only has your television become Smart to become your personal computer when you need it, but also now your TV can understand your language. With the voice operation feature, you can just say your command and your TV is smart enough to understand what you mean. 

Magic Remote with Live Zoom

Unlike previous days when you could easily zoom a picture, now you can zoom a video with the Live Zoom key available on the Magic Remote.

Isn’t it great to zoom a video and find something that you want to see in detail? Especially when you are a cricket lover and when it calls for the third umpire, this zoom will become a helpful thing to understand.

Buying Guide

Now when you have decided to buy a television within 30k to 50k, your next thing should be checking a smart buying guide. If you are someone buying a television for the first time, you need to seek for expert reviews. So to help you in deciding, let us check a smart buying guide for you.

Check the size of the screen

The size of the screen depends a lot on how close your TV is placed to where you sit. When you can find the individual pixels present on the screen, it denotes that you are sitting near your TV.

Therefore, the thumb rule to sit at a distance which is three times bigger than the screen’s height for the HDTV and 1.5 times of the height of the screen for the 4K UHD. 

Resolution also has a big relation with the size of the screen. To help you with proper information, check this guide:

TV Size1080p TV Distance4K TV Distance
40 inches6.7 feet3.3 feet
42 inches7 feet3.5 feet
48 inches8 feet4 feet
50 inches8.3 feet4.2 feet
54 inches9 feet4.5 feet
60 inches10 feet5 feet
65 inches10.8 feet5.4 feet
72 inches12 feet6 feet

Note: Always remember that the size of the TV is measured diagonally which is from one corner to another, not from side to side. 

Check for LEDs

Let’s be pretty clear that no doubt that in the recent market, both LEDs and OLEDs are in demand in the market. OLED is undoubtedly a great technology offering optimum picture quality, but so as the LEDs. Opting for the 4K LED TVs to ensure mesmerizing viewing experience and integration of Smart features adds to its advantages.

Not only the picture quality of the 4K LEDs are top-notch, but also they cost much lesser in comparison to the former one. 

If you are perplexed whether to buy an OLED TV or a LED TV, here is a brief comparison for you.

Picture qualityGreat pictureGreat picture quality
BrightnessWorks in all lighting conditionsWorks in all lighting conditions
ContrastDeepest black but in the lower range, shadow details might sufferTruly black
Black levelsDeeper blacksNails the black levels
Viewing AnglesGreat viewing angleWide viewing angle

Check the Screen Resolution

Resolution is the pixel count which is the main factor of the picture. These are described in horizontal rows and vertical columns.

Opting for more pixels means you will be endowed with detailed and sharper pictures. This is the reason why it is always advised to opt for high quality resolution.

For several years, 1920 x 1080, also known as full HD, has worked in the market and is one of the most common TV resolutions throughout the globe. But since the manufacturers are rapidly moving towards advancement, the latest resolution that has been making a buzz in the market is the 4K or the UHD.

At this price point, you will get several 4K models and are advised to opt for it as they offer four times better quality than the HD TVs. The major advantage of the 4K models is even the tiniest of objects can be observed in a more detailed manner. In simple words, images are life-like and richer than the HDTV. 

Check for the HDR labels

HDR is an amazing latest features added into the 4K UHD sets. This means high dynamic range and therefore, can offer increased contrast levels, more colors, and improved brightness. These features set other models apart from the 4K UHD TVs.

With HDR content and having an HDR compatible TV, you can enjoy lifelike features.

Check for faster refresh rate

The refresh rate of a TV is generally counted or measured in Hertz. This defines the number of times a picture on your TV is getting refreshed.

Mostly you will find a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is the standard rate. However, not every time a 60Hz refresh rate of a television is great as in fast moving pictures, the images might get blurred. So to make sure that the viewers enjoy a great quality picture, the manufacturers are working behind doubling up the refresh rate and higher. 

This is the reason why it is always advised to check the quality and reviews by the users before buying one. Also, if you are a gamer, then 60Hz is no way a great choice for you. You need to look for higher numbers. 

Check for more HDMI ports and connection

When you want a television that would function like more than just a TV, you need ports. Multiple ports are a necessity to include the many external devices with TVs. More ports mean you get more chances of connecting more devices like your set top box, your sound system, your gaming console and much more. 

Also, never forget checking for the USB connection. As mentioned earlier, these are more than just a TV. With more USB connection, you can connect your pen drives or mobile to transfer your content easily to the TV in no time.

Check for the Smart Features

No matter even when the brand has mentioned or captioned with a Smart TV for a particular model, you need to recheck it on yourself. Not only TVs need to have a built-in Wi-Fi connection, but they also should allow many internet-based services.

()Make sure that the OS integrated into it is smart enough to encompass your expectations. Not only streaming apps but also friendly user-interface and able to access the social apps are some of the newly added features.

In simple words, your Smart TV needs to be Smart enough to mimic like your personal computer at times.

Check for the Contrast Ratio

This is the parameter that checks the brightness range of the display. When a TV has a more contrast ratio, it means it will display more subtle hues and shadows in a detailed manner. The parameter varies a lot from one manufacturer to another. 

Make sure that the TV can display a shadow in a much detailed manner. Don’t fall for what the manufacturer or the salesperson says, just compare with other brands.

Check the sound bar

The picture quality is inevitable but combined with a good sound setting. TV becomes a great choice. Since sound is the second most important attribute after pictures when it comes to TV features, good sound quality is a necessity. This will ensure providing a cinematic experience. 

The manufacturers these days are making an effort to put more speakers to get maximum satisfaction from the clients. The fact is that not even the highest-rated TV will be able to suffice the needs of a movie bug, connecting speakers is a viable option. 

Therefore it is always recommended to opt for TVs with more number of speakers.

Check the Warranty

It is said the buying electronics and its longevity depends on your luck. It might happen that someone is using a TV for years but have not witnessed single damage, while others can observe issues within a few months.

No matter how great a brand is, there is always a chance of getting damaged. This is the reason why it is recommended to check for a warranty. The more the warranty period is, the more you can breathe life without stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best TV brand in this range?

Well, this is a tricky question as there are numerous brands available in the market, and each has its own set of specifications.

Some of the most popular TV brands at this price point include LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and TCL. However, it does not refer that only these are the brands that you should prefer, you can go through the specifications and make your choice.

2. What is the minimum number of ports necessary for a TV?

This depends on your needs. If you have too many peripheral devices and is a regular gamer, you obviously should look for more options. A minimum of 3HDMI and 2USB ports is necessary for you. 

With more number of HDMI and USB ports, you can connect and play at ease. However, if you are someone who just enjoys watching TV and movies, a maximum of two ports will be great to suffice your needs.

3. Is bigger always better?

While buying a television, you probably have come across the most common, saying that ‘Bigger is better.’ This generally refers to the screen size. Well, this is true only when you have a big living space.

When you have a small room, and you opt for a 55-inch screen television, it is a bad decision. This is the reason why it is advised that even when you can afford a big screen television, don’t always go for it. It is always said to first check the size of the room and, depending on your room size, decide on the screen size. This will offer a better viewing experience.

4. Should I buy online?

Obviously yes. Several online stores offer some of the top quality televisions, and one of the most reputed brands is Amazon. Buying from Amazon is peace of mind because of their amazing delivery along with easy to return policy. 

Comparison Table:

SummaryTV’s Within INR 30000 – 50000TV’s above INR 50000
Display43 to 55 inches50 to 65 inches and above
Resolution3840 x 2160p or 4096 x 2160p4K UHD
Technology4K LED4K LED and OLED
Smart TvYesYes
Sound (Watts)20W20W and Above
Refresh RateUp to 60 Hz with only a few options for 120HzFrom 60Hz to 120Hz to 240Hz
Wi-Fi direct supportYesYes
Social Media IntegrationYesYes
Voice Recognition in RemoteYesYes

Note: This comparison table is created to provide you with a rough knowledge of the features that are available between 30K to 50K. However, it may vary from one brand to another. 


To conclude, we would say that you should always choose depending on your choice, but it is always a necessity to check the features in an in-depth manner.

Give a similar preference to both picture quality and the sound output. When it comes to picture, quality checks the resolution, contrast ratio, and HDR compatibility as all these features ensure top-notch quality. 

In terms of sound output, keep your expectations low as the sound quality of TVs will not suffice your high-end expectations. Never forget to check for the Smart features if you want to enjoy everything at a single point. 

Hopefully, this guide was able to make you understand the necessary thing. So, best of luck for the TV.

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