Best TV Between 48 inches – 54 inches

Have you decided to replace your old LCD TV with the new range of flat-screen giant televisions? Indeed! A very wise thought, but do you know this will require you to do a comprehensive research about the televisions? Well, even when it sounds intimidating, it’s real. 

We don’t want you to get perplexed while checking for these TVs. There are uncountable terms that you will come across. The problems tend to rise even higher when you choose to go to a physical shop, and the representatives give the utmost pressure to convince you.

If you are unknown to the different aspects, you might end up regretting later. Therefore to help you in making the right selection, we will learn a little bit about televisions. 

Well, undeniably everyone has their own opinion, but even if you check, you will find online as the most convenient way to buy.

So now when it comes to buying a television, make sure you keep any one of the features constant. Probably, the most common and understandable would be the size of the screen. Today, therefore, we will talk about the televisions that range from 48 to 54 inches. 

When you are set to buy a television, you have already decided on the area and dreaming of owning a huge flatscreen TV. Nowadays, who wants those boxes? Probably no one. 

The 48 – 54-inch screen television falls under the big screen size and requires a lot of information before buying. People mostly choose this as watching anything on giant screens become much more dramatic because of its significant, high-end pixel quality, ensuring an enjoyable experience. 

So, in your endeavor of buying a TV from 48 to 54 inch, you first need to understand that these giant screen sizes do not fit perfectly on all rooms. It is a necessity to check the size of the room, along with the resolution to decide on the size perfect for your room. 

We will discuss this in the next segment, but for now, it is recommended to ensure that your room is big enough to maintain a decent viewing distance which is required for this screen size. 

So let’s dive into it:

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Features to Expect From The Televisions of 48 to 54 Inches:

Ultra HD 4K Resolution:

When it comes to buying a television, display quality is what we look at first. You would never like to compromise with the quality of the resolution, as it is the only thing that determines the experience you will have. These 48 to 54 inches of television screens mostly are integrated with a topnotch display of Ultra HD. This will definitely fulfill your need for having a television of high-end quality picture. 

When television has Ultra HD 4K display, it means that it has the ability to reproduce huge shades of color that has more beautiful gradation, which is more than a billion. Whether it is about the dark picture or the brighter ones, these resolution televisions offer even better lifelike and accurate images for a great experience. 

60 Hz Refresh Rate:

Even when you hardly have any knowledge or will hardly pay any attention to this parameter, this is one of the essential features that come with it. Generally, 60Hz television is great for watching the films, serials and everything else, but if you are into gaming, probably more refresh rate will be better. However, this is the most common refresh rate offered by the television manufacturer, which will let you watch everything with ease. 

Also, if you will search a bit more, you might even find a better refresh rate which enables an even clearer picture without any blurred images even on the fast motion pictures. 

HDR label: 

This is also something related to the display of the television. While buying a TV, you always need to keep in mind that HDR contents offer rich colors, better quality, and more lifelike features. With these televisions being labeled with HDR, these TVs offer contents where the pictures seem more like the real world. Deep blacks, which usually seems grey with better and brighter highlights, tend to offer real life-like pictures, which is almost impossible to find in standard televisions. 

20 to 40Watt Sound output: 

Only having a quality picture is not enough to enjoy the television. However, when coupled with excellent sound quality, the living room can be easily transformed into a theatre. 

To make sure you enjoy and never regret a bit of what you have spent, the manufacturers have installed sound quality that ranges of 20 – 40W. This is actually great for a decent living space as the sound quality enables hearing even the tiniest of sounds. 

Also, you will be dumbstruck to know that some of the televisions of this range are integrated with Smart Sound system. It means it will automatically check the program you are watching like news, sports, movies, series, and depending on that it will adjust the sound for the many contents. With the two speakers integrated into the TV, you can enjoy great music. 

3HDMI and 2USB Ports:

When it comes to buying a television, we wish to have almost all the smart features that could be integrated into a video. Not only the apps play a major role in it but also the integration of port system ensures a great result. 

When you have a number of HDMI and USB ports, you can ensure connecting more number of peripherals and enjoy everything just like the way you want. Moreover, having a USB connection is a mandate to let you easily transfer your phone’s content. 

You can be happy that on these range of televisions, you will be getting almost 3HDMI ports and more than that sometimes on some televisions. Besides, 2USB ports will become such a great addition. 

Smart TV:

We all want a smart TV; it means the televisions will be more than just a television. Apart from letting you use the app and let you watch your favorite movies or serials, these televisions also help you access the internet on your TV. Moreover, you can find a huge choice for downloading apps as per your choice. You can choose from downloading music, video, or other apps that you like. 

Google Voice Search:

To make it more convenient and easier, the remote control has a mic button, which enables speaking and letting your smart TV know what you want with ease.

Therefore, just switch on and then open your favorite app, press the “Mic” button, and say to let the Smart TV search it for you. 

Build In Wi-Fi:

As we have said before that Smart TV enables you to enjoy TV shows more smartly. This won’t be complete without an Internet connection. However, it is not always possible to have internet linked through the Ethernet cable. 

With the built-in Wi-Fi, no more an Ethernet cable is what you need, but a fast internet alone will do it all. Your TV is smart enough to connect to the Wi-Fi connection on its own and let you enjoy your TV time. 


When the television is more than just television, it becomes great for everyone. One of the biggest advantages of buying this television in this range is the ability to multitask. When we say multitasking, stay assured that your television will let you watch your favorite series alongside will be able to browse the internet. 

This is a great development in TV technology as it aids in easing people’s work while keeping them entertained as well. 

18 Months of warranty:

Electronics cannot rely on as even the top brands can stop working or show functionality issues within a few days, and this is where comes the need for checking the warranty. Warranty is also the symbol of brands confidence on that particular product. To stay on the safer side, never forget to check the warranty on the TV. This will keep you headache-free as in the case of any issues; it is the sole responsibility of the brand manufacturers to take care of it. 

Fortunately, these televisions available at this range come with 18 months of warranty which is definitely great. Hence any issues occur in between this tenure will be taken care of by the brand itself. 

Micro Dimming: 

This is another great feature added in the televisions. With this feature, the TV can easily analyze the contents in the separate zones and thereby separately adjusting the darkness and brightness. 

Due to this feature, viewers can now watch television with enhanced picture quality. With great contrast and lifelike picture quality, viewing experience becomes much more enjoyable and which is the only requirement for most of the buyers. 

Wall Mounting Ability: 

Are you someone who is not willing to keep your TV on a benchtop or table? If so, you again have the freedom to mount the TV on your wall and watch peacefully. This is not only about saving the space but also enhance the look of your living room to a considerable extent. 

A Brief Comparison:

Televisions of 40 – 47 InchesTelevisions of 48 – 54 Inches
ResolutionFull HDFull HD and UHD
HDR StandardYesYes
Refresh Rate50 – 60Hz60Hz
Smart TVNot all, but some brands offer Smart TVsYes
Sound Output20W20 – 40Watt
Warranty1year18 months
Viewing Angle178 Degree178 Degree
Display TypeLEDLED

Buying Guide for Televisions Ranging from 48 – 54 Inches:

Screen Size: 

Getting the right type of TV size allows you to enjoy television in a better manner. When you are buying a huge sized television and sitting too close to it, not only you are hampering your eyesight but will observe pictures with less clarity. This again means you require moving the neck while observing television, which should never be the case. 

So, to understand the right size of the television, there is always a need for checking the two major factors like:

  • Calculating the distance of sofa from the television
  • Checking the TV resolution

Check the images to understand the distance and resolution apt for you. However, as today we are discussing televisions from 48 to 54 inches, it is recommended to keep an optimal length of 7m for Full HD resolution and 3.2m for the Ultra HD televisions. 


Display resolution is the next crucial aspect of buying televisions. We all seek to buy a tv with excellent picture quality, which brings the need for higher resolution televisions.

Opting for higher resolution ensures better clarity and sharper images. 

What is the resolution? This is actually the number of pixels on the display screen. With higher resolution, you can find more clarity in the pictures. While buying televisions, you will be finding the three major TV resolutions in the market.

4K Ultra HD:

  • This is the best resolution in the market now, which offers viewers to find even the minute details. You can check the color variations and is so far the highest resolution available in the market.  
  • TVs with a size minimum of 50 inches and more tend to offer great content with the 4K resolution.
  • 4K resolution means the number of pixels is way more than others, i.e., 3840 x 2160p. 

 Full HD:

  • This is significantly better than other HD TVs and is mostly available with screen sizes below 50 inches. 
  • With this resolution, you will find a crispier quality picture with 1920x1080p resolution.


  • If you are on a limited budget, you need to look for the smaller sizes screen. This will save you money. 
  • The HD TVs offer a resolution of 1280x780p, which is great to watch the general series available on TVs. 

Smart TV:

Smart TVs connect to the internet making use of the built-in WiFi or LAN cables. You definitely need to check the smart quotient of the TVs as it aids in accessing the on-demand movies, games, and videos making use of the online apps. 

While buying a smart TV, make sure you check the interface and OS of the TV. Also its RAM and storage. Additionally, checking for a smart remote is a need as it ensures convenience. Make sure that the remote control comes with the voice control system also if the air mouse system integrated; it will become a great addition. 

Sound System:

Checking the sound system is the next significant requirement to ensure that you have made the right investment. Apart from deciding the resolution, a perfect sound system is a necessity. So what to look for while checking the sound system? 

  • Audio output: This is generally represented in watts. It is always great to have a speaker system of 15Watts if you are buying screen televisions up to 40 inches of screen size. However, when you are going for larger screen size, make sure the television has been integrated with 20 – 25W of sound system for great entertainment. If the televisions come with built-in woofers, it is an additional advantage for you. 
  • Position of the speakers: checking the speaker position will help you in making the proper placement of the TV. Generally, you will be observing TVs with speakers placed either on the front or bottom of the televisions. Even when you won’t believe but front speakers offer great sound quality. But these days due to slimmer TVs, you will mostly find the speakers to be placed in the bottom. Therefore in such a scenario, it is better to mount the TVs on walls for optimum sound output. 
  • Sound Customization: You need to understand that not all rooms are the same, and hence, sound customization is a need to enjoy television. This is the reason why check for the sound customization option to be able to tune the sound as per your needs. 


Checking the connectivity is a need for people who are looking for a television that can be used more than just to watch movies or series. With more number of connectivity options, you can get the ability to connect as many peripheral devices as possible. 

Make sure that the TV has been incorporated with the port system, which includes USB, HDMI, VGA, and SD card port. Having so many options become very rewarding to the people as not only you can watch television, but if you are a gaming fanatic, you can connect the sound system along with gaming console and enjoy your TV time to the fullest. 

Display Type: 

Choosing the right display type is a necessity to understand the quality of the picture the TV can produce. Some of the known technologies include LED, OLED, and QLED. Even when the names might be different, these are all LED technology. The older Plasma or LCD displays are no more popular. 

If you have a limited budget, LED TVs are the best choice, and the reason is that these display type offer TV of various range. They have become popular because of being extremely sleek along with great for well-lit rooms or day time viewing. Other than this, if you are willing to pay more or the budget is not an issue, you can go for the higher versions like OLED or QLED with better picture quality. 

Refresh Rate: 

Even when we hardly pay any attention to this feature, it is important when it comes to ensuring no blurry images. The refresh rate is actually a parameter that provides smooth images with no blurred images. This is the number of times the screen refresh in one second. It is generally measured in Hertz, and the more the number, the better will be its quality. 

Mostly the television comes with 60Hz, which is excellent for watching movies or series, but in case you are a sports lover or gaming person, you need to go for more. These days some manufacturers are offering televisions with a higher refresh rate, which become great for people with more attention towards sports. 

Contrast Ratio: 

You need to keep in mind that higher contrast ratio ensures more detailed pictures. Even in the darker images, with more contrast ratio, you will get to see each and every detail. The difference can be observed if you find a TV with a low contrast ratio, as you will, the darker images not dark but grey and the details are being lost. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which are the top brands at this range?

First of all, there are different brands offering televisions at this range, but it is entirely up to you and your brand preference. If you have always been into one brand, you can definitely go for that, but some of the best brands include TCL, Mi, LG, Samsung, Sanyo, and much more. These are some of the well-known brands offering some of the exclusive features that you will love. 

2. What is the minimum amount I need to pay for buying a TV at this screen size?

Firstly, you need to understand that these are some of the high-end televisions and have been integrated with great features which bring the need for paying more than other range. Most of the high-end brands mentioned above start from 25k. If you go for the higher price point, undeniably you will be able to enjoy a range of other features available in the televisions. 

3. Can I rely on online shopping sites?

Obviously, you can. Amazon is one of the top-selling websites that offer some of the well-known television brands. You can stay about the services that provide and can trust on their products. 

4. Will I get a Smart TV?

Mostly at this screen size range, you will be getting the Smart TVs. As people, these are only ready to invest in smart TVs, therefore mostly yes. You will find so many new features available in these Smart televisions. 

5. I don’t want to watch Netflix, but connect my set-top box, can I do that in a smart TV?

Obviously, you can. The core functionality of any TV is to entertain you. If you want to connect to the set-top box, you can definitely do that, if you want to enjoy the online streaming sites, you require an active internet connection. So you can both the options open for you. 

6. I am a gaming fanatic, how many ports should I look for?

It is always recommended to go for TVs with the most number of ports. 2HDMI ports will work great for you, but if you get more, don’t lose the chances. Also, never forget to check the USB ports


Hopefully, with the information mentioned above, no more it will become a daunting task to find the ideal television of 48 -54 inches. Whatever is the scenario, it is always suggested not to go for the salesperson, but check the features on your own. This will help you understand whether you are making the right investment or not. Going for the online shopping website will proffer the best results as you can even find the rating and customer reviews, which becomes an eye-opener. 

So, best of luck on your new TV!

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