Samsung 49-Inches Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR Review

Television is one of the primary sources of entertainment for the world today. The progress of science and technology has brought about a major transformation of this electronic appliance over the years. Today we have smart TV’s that offer much better audio and picture quality along with intelligent features that enhance the TV viewing experience for its audience.

Samsung is a leading brand that has provided us with a diverse range of innovative electronic products. The Samsung 49 inch Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR is one such innovation of the brand. It is one of the latest Smart TV model (2018) that is bound to ensure the best viewing experience for your family with its big screen size of 43 inches. Samsung smart tv are always have demand in the market because of its durability and quality.

The model comes with some intelligent features that are meant to benefit its users. Moreover, the TV offers a full HD display with natural skin tone and crisp details. It also comes with a 4 channel surround that gives you the feel of being present in a live concert.

We will now look into the features of this model in detail:

Features of The Samsung 49 inch Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR (Black) (2018)

49” Screen Size

The Samsung UA49N5300AR comes with a large screen size of 49 inches or 123 cm. This is perfect for installing in the large living room of your home for family viewing. It provides you with a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.

Sleek Design

The sleek and stylish design with a slim edge makes it the perfect fit for any living room with a modern look. The stands are curved to provide stability to the TV while holding its weight of approximately 10.3 kg. The black body finish also gives it an elegant and classy look.

Full HD Display

The model comes with a 49 inch LED screen with full HDR display having a resolution of 920 x 1080 pixels. It allows you to watch your favorite content with better clarity and detailed color expression. The PurColor feature provides a colorful viewing experience by ensuring that you watch the TV Content in its natural colors. On the other hand, the Micro-dimming feature divides the screen into zones for analyzing each for deeper blacks and purer whites.

4 Channel Sound Speakers with Dolby Digital Plus Technology

The TV has a beamforming technology and a 40-watt audio output with a 4 channel surround system. So, you get the experience of being in a live concert. The TV will not require a separate sound system as the audio features itself ensures immersive Dolby Digital Plus sound quality.

60 Hertz Refresh rate

Offers a standard refresh rate of 60 Hertz. Hence, you can change 60 frames in one second easily.

2 HDMI Connectivity Ports and 1 USB Port

The TV comes with 2 HDMI ports that allow you to connect it with a set-top box, Blu Ray Players or even gaming consoles. It also comes with a USB port for you to connect the TV with USB devices or hard drives to view movies, images or videos. You can also listen to audio in mp3 format.

Smart Features

The TV can be connected to Samsung Cloud to sync pictures using the Content Sync and Share. You can also share mobile images to view it on the big screen of your TV. The SmartThings app is easy to download for controlling and setting up your TV. It acts as a remote control and a Mirror screen.


This is a high-end Television which can be available to you at a price range above INR 40,000. So, if you are not under a budget, this could be a preferred choice.

Warranty and Support

The model has a brand warranty of one year, so you don’t have to worry about spending a high sum on repairing if there are any issues observed within the warranty period. The Samsung brand also ensures a good after-sales service that allows you to contact customer care at any time in case of any assistance.

Let us take a look at the specifications:

Product Weight10.3 kg
Screen Size49 inch or 123 cm
Display TechnologyLED
ResolutionFull HD
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080 Pixels
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI & 1 USB
Connector TypeBuilt-In Wifi
Sound40-watt output with 4 channel surround Dolby Digital Plus
Smart FeaturesSmartThings App, Content Sync and Share, One Depth
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
InstallationTable Top/Wall Mount
Physical ColorBlack
Warranty1-year brand Warranty

What Do We like

  • Enhanced Cinematic Experience- The HDR display ensures viewing accurate details in bright in dark scenes. The PurColor and Micro-Dimming Pro allow you to watch the content in natural tones with shadow and crisp details. While the Ultra Clean view provides clarity with less distortion. These features along with the large screen size of the TV enhances the viewing by giving you the feel of a cinematic experience at the comfort of your home.
  • Smart Concert Experience– You don’t need to purchase separate sound systems for this TV because of it Digital Dolby Plus Technology and 40 watts 4 channel surround system. It produces the best quality immersive sound that provides you the feel of experiencing a live concert. You can also enjoy watching a sports match like watching it in a stadium.
  • Built-In Wifi- The TV comes with built-in wifi that allows you to connect with devices. You can also stream your favorite shows on Netflix, amazon prime etc. and enjoy unlimited entertainment on the big screen.
  • Supports Bluetooth Technology- You can use your TV as a Bluetooth Speaker or can connect the TV with any Bluetooth sound system using the Bluetooth 2 way audio feature. It enhances the audio.
  • Intelligence and Diversity Of content- The One depth gathers a variety of content for you on a single screen. It gives you access to different providers of content in more than 15000 titles and more than ten languages from international and Indian partners. You can view the thumbnail previews before diving in. This ensures a faster, easier and intelligent way of getting the best entertainment that is preferred by you.
  • Quick Wall Mount Installation- You can request the installation of the product by calling on the toll-free number. The technicians are sent to set up your TV within 48 hours. You can also ask for a wall mount installation as it saves space in your home.

What Don’t We like

  • Only One USB Port- This model of Samsung comes with only one USB port that does not allow you to connect the TV with more than one hard drive or USB device. Most Smart TV comes with 2 USB ports.
  • Expensive- This is a high-end Smart TV that comes in a higher price range. This might exceed the budget of certain buyers and might be a suitable buy.


The Samsung Series 5 UA49N5300AR has a large screen size of 49 inches that does not make it suitable with a home having a smaller space. The mode has its mix of positives and negatives. However, if you have a large living room and are not under a budget, this TV would be a good option for you to consider buying.

Anaida Sutherland

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