Panasonic 40 Inches Full HD LED TV TH-40F201DX Review

Panasonic a leading electronic company has manufactured a number of LED TV models with innovative ideas and creative designs. These models not only provide entertainment in stunning visuals but also ensure that the specifications meet the requirement of every modern consumer. A similar LED TV is the Panasonic TH-40F201DX, a sleek and stylish black body model that was introduced in the year 2018.

This Panasonic tv 40 inch comes with a Full HD display that ensures the content you watch has a high-resolution picture quality of 1080 p. It also features 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports that enable you to conveniently connect external and USB devices to your TV at the same time for access to a wider range of entertainment.

It is also an ideal option for watching action movies as the 100 Hertz BMR and adaptive back-light dimming ensures smooth display of moving images. We now explain the features of this model in detail.

Features of Panasonic 40 Inches Full HD LED TV TH-40F201DX

40 Inch Full HD Display

This model comes with a 40 inch LED screen that ensures a Full HD image quality with a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels. The image you obtain is clear with enhanced color and brightness so that you get a stunning visual experience in a wider display.

Dot Noise Reduction Technology

The Dot Noise Reduction technology identifies the noise in the image and reduces it so that you get to enjoy watching a crisp and clear image. Thus, the content is enhanced with clarity and prevents it from looking grainy or distorted. This gives a comfortable viewing experience.

3 HDMI Ports

It comes with 3 HDMI ports with which you can connect your TV with the set-top box, BD player or gaming console using an HDMI cable. This ensures access to advanced AV entertainment in a convenient and hassle-free manner as you don’t need to constantly switch between cables. Thus, it provides uninterrupted entertainment.

2 USB Ports

The model has 2 USB port for plugging in your portable hard drive and pen drive simultaneously. Hence, allowing you to watch the stored images and more on the big screen of your TV.

Let us look into the specifications of the model:

Screen Size40 Inches
DisplayLED, Full HD, Dot Noise Reduction, Adaptive Back-light Dimming
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Refresh rate60 Hertz
BMR100 Hertz
Audio Wattage16 Watts
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty1 Year

What We Like

  • Adaptive Back-light Dimming- The Adaptive Back-light Dimming technology controls the back-light by selectively shutting off the light while rendering each frame. It ensures deeper blacks in the dark scenes and enhances the light in the bright scenes so that you get a clear image even during fast-motion scenes.
  • 100 Hertz BMR- The 100 Hertz BMR shuts off the section of back-light while analyzing individual frames so that you get a smooth flow of images during fast motion. It retains the resolution of the image so that you get to enjoy watching action movies and other fast motion scenes with the best visual experience.
  • Access to Multi-Media Content- Panasonic 40 inches led tv comes with USB ports to connect the TV with pen drives and portable hard drives. Hence, converting the TV into a multi-media player. The feature allows you to watch all your stored images, videos, movies and more on the big screen of your TV along with your family. You can also customize the content by adding effects and background music.

What We Don’t Like

  • Installation- Users have mentioned that they have experienced inconvenience for installing the TV on the wall as it did not come with wall mount brackets. Moreover, the installation service provided by Panasonic was not efficient. Thus, this problem needs to be rectified.


This LED TV from Panasonic has a good screen size of 40 inches making it an ideal option for a large family as it offers a wider viewing angle. The images displayed comes with a Full HD quality and a high resolution ensuring stunning visuals. It also comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for greater access to entertainment. Thus, this model is a suitable choice to consider.

Anaida Sutherland

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