Best Televisions between 24 Inches to 31 inches

The television market is taking a new turn every year, and undoubtedly not only it is a challenge for the manufacturers, but also for the users to buy a television. Since the market has so many options, even an experienced buyer can get perplexed due to the array of options.

Irrespective of the brands, people these days are unable to stick to one brand because of the options available by the other renowned brands. So, in the era where options are uncountable, and choices are severe, you require expert guidance to walk on the right path. 

Today we will talk about the televisions that are available in the market. Today’s unique point of discussion would be about the televisions with a screen size of 24 to 31 inches. As usual, you will always be offered with a multitude of choices, even when you have sorted the screen size.

This is undeniably a great size that suits most of the room size, but even then this is not everything that you need while choosing. 

Purchasing a TV is still a hard endeavor as because you need to understand the many terms associated with the televisions. Sorting out the screen size is an advantage but not the end of task as because you have to understand that the prime focus still revolves around the picture quality of the TVs. 

Fortunately, irrespective of the screen size, the manufacturers have been developing new-age technologies to enhance the picture quality and gain maximum client satisfaction. 

Apart from the features, aesthetics are again another prime thing to focus. We don’t buy television just for the sake of watching daily serials or movies. We want televisions that not only is known for its exceptional picture and sound quality but also the looks. Having a fine sleek television at your home is always a complement to the interior décor regardless of the size. 

So to help you in making the right choice, today we will go through the guidelines that are required for buying a TV of 24 to 31 inches size. 

Before moving forward, you need to understand that not all of your expectations will be fulfilled. Reason being the limitation in size, but the basic needs will be sufficed with the advanced features integrated into the TV. 

So let’s find out in details about the TVs available between 24 to 21 inches screen size. 

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Features to Expect at This Screen Size:

HD Ready Resolution

Post the screen size; the picture quality is the next big thing that you should focus on. Even when keeping the screen size so less, the manufacturers have provided HD ready resolution. This again means enhanced color, contrast, and clarity of the video and images. 

When it comes to the picture quality, you definitely would never settle for less, which is justified. With more pixel density on a smaller screen, you can watch the lifelike images with getting every color details, every blacks, and whites in a better way. With 1366 x 768p in the screen, you don’t have to compromise with the image quality any further. 


There is nothing new about the fact that LED TVs are mostly in demand in the market. Unlike LCD, which is almost similar to LED but has a lot of drawbacks, the new age LED TVs are a lot better in comparison to it. Not only the picture quality is amazing but also the LED technology has helped the manufacturers to improve the TVs in terms of their looks. 

Well, there are various terms related to LED like OLED and QLED, but at this range, you will be limited to getting the LED TVs. Don’t feel bad as the LED TVs are the market leader right now no matter how better technologies might evolve. This is the one technology that offers a range of TVs at a different price range and screen sizes. 

Maximum of 2HDMI & 2USB

The next big things about the televisions available these days are these devices offer more than just what TVs used to offer. No longer are you just limited to setting up your set-top box as there are several port options available on the TV. With the 2HDMI and 2USB ports availability now you can connect your peripheral devices. 

Moreover, with the enhancement in the picture quality, you can also play games on your TV with connecting your gaming console. If you are restricting yourself because of the unavailability of ports, then with the port availability of 2HDMI and 2 USB now you can easily play games on TV as well. 

178 Degrees of Wide Viewing Angle

Unlike the previous days, where side view was hampered due to bad viewing angle, these televisions will offer the best of quality from any angle. The televisions have been designed keeping the problems with TV and hence with 178 degrees of viewing angle; you can now enjoy watching TV from any and every angle. 

Minimum of 60Hz Refresh Rate

Even when you are least bothered about these features, paying attention to it can help you in making the right investment. At this size, you can get televisions that have 100Hz, which means you can stay sure about the clarity and quality. 

Most of the televisions will provide 60Hz of refresh rate, which is great for the viewers, but if you are looking for gaming, then 100Hz would be great. You won’t be finding any blurred images irrespective of the fast movement. 

6- 10 Watts Sound Output

Manufacturers are making tremendous advancement in televisions, and one of the best enhancement has been made in sound quality. Most of the televisions are powered with 6w sound output, but some renowned brands have integrated with 10W sound output, which means you can enjoy watching movies at home like theatre. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for high-end sound quality from the television, it will not be sufficed. Because of the sleek designs, it has become limited for the manufacturers to integrate high-end systems. If you require better sound quality, consider connecting a sound system with your televisions. 

HRDD Picture Quality

This is the advanced technology that offers an exceptional viewing experience that makes sure of offering a great picture quality. You can stay assured of acquiring lifelike images. With the HRDD technology, one can find the scenes are highly optimized. Starting from a normal image, you will not be able to find any difference and find everything the way they are. 

HRDD is the tag that ensures delivering the best quality image that ensures the brightest whites and the darkest blacks without comprising on the quality. They appear deeper crystal clear colors. 

Available with INR 15000

The best part of choosing the televisions of this size is that they are available at a very pocket-friendly price. At only 10000 to 15000, you can achieve so many features that can make sure to proffer the best cinematic experience. 

A Brief Comparison:

FeaturesTVs from 24” to 31.”TVs Above 31”
ResolutionHD ReadyFull HD, 4K UHD and much more
HDMI2 (maximum)More than 2
USB2 (maximum)More than 2
Smart TVNoYes
Viewing Angle178178
WarrantyOne year1 or 2 years depending on the manufacturer
Sound Output6 – 10WMore than 10W
Panel TechnologyLEDLED, OLED
Refresh Rate60 – 100Hz60 to 120 to 240Hz
Wi-Fi EnabledNoYes

Buying Guide for Televisions of 24 – 31 Inches

Check the Size

As you have already decided that the size should be 24 to 31 inches, you should go on further and check the size of the screen. You also need to remember that the manufacturers measure the screen size from one corner to another. So make sure that the screen size fits properly. 

However, when your choice of screen is 24-31 inches, you can stay assured about the installation as this is the size that fits all types and sizes of rooms. Make sure you maintain a minimum viewing distance to obtain a great experience. 

Check the Resolution

Well, the next big thing after the TV size is the resolution of the TV. Most of the televisions at this screen size will come with the HD ready resolution. However, you will understand the depth of the colors and pictures when you find with your own eyes. Since it is not in the number but both in size and numbers. Since both are correlated, you can choose a TV that offers great picture quality. 

Check the sound quality

Even the best or the most expensive TV has poor sound quality. Well, this is the consequence of sleek design and great aesthetics. Due to less space, the manufacturers are not getting enough room for integrating the large speakers, which can offer rich a full quality sound. 

But then again, since you are investing, make sure you check the output which is mentioned in “Watts.” The great the numbers, the better the quality. Well, even then if it does not seem pleasing your ears, you always have the freedom to connect a sound system with the TV and enjoy your TV time. 

Check the HRDD label

This label will not be provided in many televisions. This label means your TV will show contents that will be better in terms of the picture quality. This ensures better clarity, better colors, more brightness, and more lifelike pictures, which is all we need. So make sure you don’t miss out on this.  

Check the Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is expressed in Hertz or Hz. This defines the number of times a picture refreshes on screen. The most common refresh rate you will be found even on high-end television is 60Hz. This is great for people who are busy watching daily series or movies, but for fast-moving pictures, especially while playing games, the pictures get jittery or blurry. 

You can opt for the 60Hz refresh rate, but if you are offered with more, what’s the harm is choosing it? You have even got the freedom to connect your laptop and enjoy a great playtime with your family. 

Check the Port Availability

Checking the number of ports is the next big requirement for viewers. Most people hardly pay any attention to it but regrets later. You should always be keen about checking the number of HDMI inputs that set has. Manufacturers have decided to offer you the freedom to connect everything you wish to which these days are available insides as well. The more the ports, the better for you. Connect a game console or a soundbar and enjoy. 

Besides, HDMI now you also get the chance to transfer your phone’s or PC’s content directly to the TC and watch images and videos on the TV screen. With the USB ports, now you can check everything you want. 

Check the Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is the brightness range of the television. With TVs having more contrast ratio means more hues and subtle shadows, which results in detailed pictures. However, manufacturers measure this unit in a wide way which differs from one to another. 

Being one of the most unreliable numbers, understanding which one to buy can become challenging. Nevertheless, you can have a look at your favorite dark pictures like GOT or Harry Potter to understand the quality. Check the sharpness, brightness, and the many other picture settings that ensure a good contrast ratio. 

Check for Smart Features

Always look for smart features while buying a television. At this screen size, you might not find many smart features, but checking is worth it. Smart features include Wi-Fi connectivity, video streaming app, and much more. Consider checking to get maximum from the investment. 

Check the Remote Control Features

Firstly, you need to make sure whether the set comes with a remote control or not, which is mostly yes because these days it is all about convenience. Next, check the keys and whether it is understandable for people of all ages or not. Some remote control has zoom features, hence checking is always great rather than regretting later. 

Check the TV technology

Yes, this should be one of the primary focuses while you check for buying televisions. Every technology has its qualities and drawbacks. Today LEDs are in high demand. These high-end HD TVs make use of the light-emitting diodes to illuminate the screens. Most of these have the lights placed on the edge of the screen. A good model will support dimming, along with will be energy efficient.  There is also full array LED TVs that have even brighter pictures. 

With so many advantages, LEDs have become the top models in the market and is always a great choice to choose this technology. 

Check the Warranty

Never miss on the warranty as you want to stay assured about the model on which you are investing. Choosing a branded model will always keep you covered as mostly they offer one year of warranty. Hence any issues witnessed during the time can be easily altered by the company without charging a single penny from the customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get a 31 Inch Screen TV within 10k?

Well, 31-inch televisions are not available at 10000, but you can get televisions up to 28 inches. Since we recommend people to rely on Amazon as they deal with the genuine sellers, it is not available on this online website. However, another website might show you some, but it is advisable not to go for the bait, or else you might regret later. 

2. Is HD Ready Resolution Worth investing?

Yes definitely. Why not? HD Ready means 1366 x 768p, which is great for this screen size. As mentioned earlier do not always fall for the higher number, it depends on the size of the screen as well. It’s not in the numbers, but it is about the pixel density. But this screen size television, HD ready quality pictures are genuinely great. 

3. Can I play games on these TVs?

Yes. If you are playing with the screen size, just go for it. You have everything you need. Whether you need the inputs or a better refresh rate for an outstanding gaming experience, you can acquire everything with these televisions. 

4. Should I buy online?

Obviously Yes. Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers who has been selling genuine units to its customers. 

5. I need to install a sound system and set-top box, how many ports do I need?

You would require 2HDMI ports which you can get from this range. In case you have one input available, you might need to compromise by altering one at a time. However, if you can increase your budget, you can go for more screen size and more inputs at the same time.

6. How many years of warranty can I get from a brand to the maximum?

The known brands provide a maximum for one year warranty. Irrespective of the price or screen size, this is the common period offered by most of the brands. 

7. What is Dot Noise Reduction?

This is the features integrated into most of the televisions. This can identify and decrease the noise in random pictures to offer crisper and clearer pictures.

8. Which is the top brand to trust on at this range?

Well, several brands are offering great TVs of these screen size at a pocket-friendly price. Your choice is your personal preference, and therefore you can select as per our needs. However, some of the most renowned brands include Panasonic Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, and Philips. 

Now you can choose as per your brand preference and other features. 

9. Can I get wall-mounted TVs?

Yes, you can.

10. I am a regular TV watcher, how much refresh rate do I need?

If you watch series and movies, 6Hz is a great choice for you, but if you are a gamer where the pictures move faster, then opting for 100Hz can be an ideal inclusion for you. This enables playing games without any blurry effect. 

11. Can I get a Smart TV in this size? 

No. Most of the high-end brands that we mostly trust into do not offer a smart TV in this size. For Smart Television, you need to go for the higher screen sizes.  


To conclude, televisions available between 24 to 31 inches are many, but all you need is to make the proper selection. When it comes to selecting a good TV, make sure you have a look at each, and every one features precisely. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to make a proper selection and enjoy the full benefit of your investment. 

So go ahead and best of luck. 

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