LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 43LK5760PTA (Black) (2018 model) Review

LG has managed to make our ‘Life Good’ by introducing to us a wide range of innovative goods including smartphones, home appliances, and other electronic products. It has also gifted us some smart TV models that are created with the latest technology.

The LG 43LK5760PTA is a smart TV model that is powered by the WebOS Operating System for the smooth and convenient performance of the TV. It features a large screen of 43 inches offering a Full HD display and a wide viewing angle. This ensures an HDR picture quality for stunning visuals.

It also comes with smart features like the AI ThinQ that allows you to control the TV with your voice. The Bluetooth 2 way feature, on the other hand, ensures wireless sound for a more immersive experience.

The model is one of the most intelligent platforms to access entertainment. We explain the features, pros and cons of this LG Smart TV in details in the following sections of this article.

Features of LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV

43 Inch Full HD Display With Active HDR

This smart TV model comes with an LED screen of 43 inches along with a Full HD display. It also supports different types of HDR formats like the HLG Pro and HDR 10. You get to enjoy watching a detailed image with well-adjusted contrast and color in HDR quality. Thus, you obtain a life-like visual experience.

Sound and 2 Way Bluetooth

The model comes with 35-watt output dual woofers that function with a Dolby digital technology. This ensures a loud and clear surround sound quality. However, it also features a 2-way Bluetooth feature that enhances the sound quality by establishing a wireless connection of your Bluetooth headset or sound bar with your smart TV.

WebOS Notify

The Operating system is powered by WebOS for ensuring a smarter platform for accessing unlimited entertainment. It also comes with the WebOS Notify, a feature which helps you keep in touch with the world even while being immersed in the world of entertainment. It notifies you when you get a text message, Email or an incoming call.

You are also notified for missed calls, software updates or notifications from your different social media handles. The notifications are displayed on the top right corner of your screen.

AI ThinQ Technology

This technology allows you to control the functions of your smart TV easily using your voice. It makes accessing your desired content quickly in a less time-consuming way.

Magic Remote With Universal Control

The remote of the TV comes with AI technology that allows you to control the TV with your voice. You can operate your TV from the comfort of your couch by just pointing it and clicking. It also comes with dedicated buttons for apps that give you easy access to entertainment.

LG Content Store

The LG Content store is a one-stop store from where you can obtain all kinds of apps, games, VOD and more. This ensures easy access for all your favorite entertainment content.

Magic Zoom

This feature zooms and focuses on a certain scene. This is very useful for increasing and zooming in on a sports match so that you never miss out on any detail.

Let us now look at the specifications of this model:

Screen Size43 Inches
DisplayFull HD, LED. HDR Active, Magic Zoom
Resolution1920 x 1080 p
Refresh rate50 Hertz
Audio35 watt, Dolby Digital Technology, Dual Woofers, Bluetooth 2 way Audio
Operating SystemWebOS
Smart FeaturesMagic remote, AI ThinQ, LG Content Store, Mobile Share, and Control, WebOS Notify
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Allows Sharing and Controlling Of Your Smartphone- You can share content from your smartphone directly on to the TV screen so that you can enjoy watching them on the big screen with Full HD display. You can also control your smartphone using the remote of the LG smart TV.
  • Smart UI for Multi-tasking- The User Interface of this model allows you to easily multi-task while watching TV. You can browse the net so that you keep in touch with the world even after being immersed in the world of entertainment.
  • Cloud Photo and Video- The Cloud Photo and video app are very easy to launch. It allows you to watch images and videos on the big screen of your TV with convenience.
  • Expandable Memory Using USB Connectivity- The built-in memory can be extended once it gets exhausting. You can easily connect the TV to a USB device so that you get unlimited external memory to store all your desired content.

What We Don’t Like

  • The Voice Recognition Feature should be Improved- The AI ThinQ technology which offers a voice recognition feature should be improved. As per users, the TV does not respond to your voice easily, instead, you have to shout for it to function.
  • The HDMI and USB Ports Are Hard to reach- The ports are in a position which makes it difficult to reach if your TV is mounted on the wall. This makes it inconvenient if you want to connect the TV with a USB device or set-top box


This model comes with a mix of pros and cons. However, it is a great option to consider especially because of its smart features. The Smart TV also ensures an HDR picture quality on a large screen of 43 inches with enhanced audio using the wireless Bluetooth 2-way connection. Thus, this LG smart TV is an ideal choice for any consumer.

Anaida Sutherland

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