Best TV Between 40 inches – 47 inches

What is the first thought to come into your mind while buying a television? Isn’t it something like a widescreen tv with fantastic picture quality that would transform the living room into a theater?. 

Probably, this is the collective imagination of everyone who is on the verge of buying a television. Undeniably this is achievable, but most people tend to make mistakes in the lengthy selection process before buying. No matter how intimidating it might sound now, by the end of this guide, it will become much easier for you to buy one. 

The thumb rule of buying any such high-end devices requires knowing. You need to know what you are exactly looking for and to keep anyone parameter constant. 

Just like today, we will check-in details about the televisions that are available between 40 to 47 inches of screen size. This is not a small size that will fit all the rooms, and hence you need to have knowledge of your room size and the best fitting screen for your room.

Both the viewing angle and room size is directly proportional to the screen size. 

Keeping a constant in your mind aids in sorting out other important parameters that come with a television. You might be thinking that you have known everything, but have faith when the expert says that a TV has more features than your imagination. 

Apart from the size, other major parameters include the display features, which again have numerous categories, the connectivity options, the sound quality, and various other miscellaneous functions. Having complete knowledge will help you not getting bluffed but make the right investment. 

If you are someone who loves watching the high definition animation films, you must comprehend the frustration of watching such great movies in some low-quality display television. It is always advised not only to feel as the significant components lie inside. 

With the online website offering branded television, no more, you will sway with the salesperson’s words but can yourself judge by going through the features. 

As knowledge is the key, even when you have the screen size set, we will go through a detailed guide about the televisions between 40 to 47 inches of screen size. Let us have a look at the many features. 

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Features to Expect At This Screen Size Range


There is no doubt that with high resolution, watching animation movies become much more enjoyable. Fortunately, these high-end models mostly consist of full HD resolution. With 1080p, now you can enjoy superb visual experience irrespective of the movies you are watching. 

With a large display and more pixels, now you can enjoy vibrant images, deeper colors and get much more detailed pictures. Your needs for enjoying the movies and acquiring a cinematic experience at your house can be fulfilled with these high definition displays. 

Active HDR

HDR or the High Dynamic Range is the new label that decides the display feature of any television. It ensures excellent picture quality.

It is always recommended by the experts to buy television only with the HDR standard as most of the contents these days are the HDR contents. When combined with HDR quality, it offers lifelike colors, more contrasts, and even the delicate details. 

You can feel the difference between the picture quality with televisions having HDR standards and those which do not. 

If you are a movie bug, you can stay assured that your needs will be fulfilled with such fantastic picture quality. 

Smart TV

When it comes to buying a television, we know the first thing you imagine is an intelligent television. This is a general need for everyone, irrespective of being a movie bug or not. These TVs are way different than the traditional boxes, which were just meant for watching daily series and movies. 

When the television is said to be a smart TV, you can stay assured not only to watch movies, but you can connect your TV to the internet and install the streaming apps. 

Yes, you read it right. Being internet-enabled TV, now you can easily connect with the WiFi, download any apps from the store as per your needs, watch movies anytime you want, and can also surf the internet on your big screen.

This concludes that TVs these days are more than just televisions they are multifunctional. 

Up to 3HDMI and 2USB Ports

As mentioned above, TVs are more than just a TV these days; they are a box of entertainment and joy. TVs are more than just watching videos and listening to music, with 3HDMI and 2USB ports, now you can connect your televisions to the many devices that you have. 

Whether you want to watch general content, the set-top box is a must, which can be achieved by the HDMI ports. Other than these, if you love games, you can easily connect your gaming consoles and your sound system at the same time. 

Also, with the USB ports, you can quickly transfer the great content from your personal computer to the TV with ease and watch the videos or pictures. With more number of ports, you get the freedom to connect more devices, and therefore this need can be fulfilled with the TVs at this screen range. 

60Hz Refresh Rate

If this is the first time you are buying the television, there is a need to know the refresh rate. While buying a tv, if you get to hear about Hertz, then it denotes the refresh rate. 

If you are new to this term, then you should know more about the refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number of times the picture gets refreshed. The more refresh rate, the better will be the fast-moving pictures. 

Generally, the standard of most of the televisions is 60HZ, which is suitable for watching movies and series. Still, when you want to watch the fast-moving videos, with more refresh rates, you will not observe any blur images. With more refresh rate, the images will be clear, whether it is a typical moving picture or a fast one. 

Mostly at this range, you can get 60Hz of refresh rate. In case you get more refresh rate, go for it. 

Up to 20 Watts Sound Output

There is no doubt that the picture quality is excellent, but only when coupled with good sound output, you can enjoy the movie. To help you enjoy both sound and picture at the same time, the televisions at this range are installed with 20Watt sound output.

However, don’t expect you will get sound like your sound system to provide. With a 20watt sound system, you can enjoy a decent experience. 

Hopefully, in the coming days, this will be taken care of by the manufacturers. Due to the small and sleek size, it becomes challenging for great input speakers. But then again, a 20W sound is excellent for your living space. 

Dual Woofer

You can also expect enhanced sound quality due to the availability of dual woofer sound system in the televisions. No matter whether you are watching a horror film or playing games, the experience is much better on TV with a dual woofer sound system. 

178 Degree of Viewing Angle

When you are buying a television for your family, that means there will be several people to watch the television at the same time. Without a wide viewing angle, everyone cannot acquire a similar experience. As mostly the cases with previous models were, people sitting on the sides were not able to watch TV like the person sitting in the middle.

However, this has been taken care of by the manufacturers.

These days the televisions are designed in a way that no one has to compromise while watching TV. With 178 degrees of viewing angle, you can stay assured that people sitting towards the edge will watch the pictures similarly, just like the person in the middle. 

Sleep timer

Often after going home, the first thing we do is to watch television. This is a typical living pattern for most of the office goers. Watching television after returning from a hectic day is tiring, and we tend to sleep while watching the movies or serials or news. 

A sleep timer is a great inclusion as people can watch television and fall asleep without worrying that the television is on. After a specific time, the television will switch off on its own, and therefore don’t worry, just enjoy having such a gigantic piece. 

Wall Mounted

Unlike the traditional designs of placing the TV on top of a table or stand, how about buying a wall-mounted television. If you are thinking about whether at this screen size, you can find wall-mounted televisions or not, then the answer is yes, you can wall-mount televisions. 

These are sleek with amazing designs that can be mounted on the walls. Hence it won’t take any extra space for placing it. 

Slim and Stylish

Designs matter a lot, especially in today’s date when the interior of the house is commendable. Having a good high-end television is a must. No more, we look for the boxes but are in search of flat, sleek, and shiny features that will complement the interior of the room.

You can be happy, as at this range you will be able to find such televisions that are extremely sleek and stylish. 

Up to 1 year of warranty

Warranty of something that we all look for while buying a television just to stay assured that you have made the right investment. As electronics are extremely delicate and even some of the top brands might show issues at the initial stages. 

Only when you have the warranty, you can claim for exchanging the parts and replace with a new one. One year of warranty is a common offering by most of the manufacturers, but some also offer more than that.

It is always great to check the warranty just to stay on the safer side. 


Till now, we have known that laptops or computers allow us to multitask at the same time. Now when you are buying a television at this screen size, you can expect to obtain a multitasking television. This, in order words, means you can watch TV and surf the internet at the same time. 

LED Televisions

LED is in use for a long time now, and by now, you must be knowing that these are the leaders in the market. Due to the top-notch picture quality, great features at such a reasonable price, LEDs have taken the entire market.

With every day, the manufacturers are making a huge improvement and aiming to offer enhanced quality at affordable prices. 

Even when LED works similar to the LCD TVs, which make use of the light-emitting diodes on the backlight, they tend to have better local dimming and contrast ratio, thereby offering great picture quality.

Even when it offers so many features, the price tag is extremely affordable and which is the only reason for having such a huge demand in the market.  

A Brief Comparison

Televisions of 30 – 39 InchesTelevisions of 40 – 47 Inches
ResolutionHd Ready 1366 x 768pFull HD 1920x1080p
HDR StandardNoYes
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz
Smart TVNoYes
Sound Output16Watt20Watt
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Viewing Angle178 Degree178 Degree
Display TypeLEDLED
Price PointStarts from 9k onwardsStarts from 20k onwards

Buying Guide: 

Screen Size is a Must Check

As you have already decided on the size, you don’t have to look further, but you need to make sure that TVs of 40 – 47 inches screen sizes are fit for your room or not. Only when you choose the size properly, you can enjoy a theatre-like experience.

Always keep in mind that when the size of the screen seems more than the room size, you tend to find issues with its clarity, just like sitting too close to the big screen in a theatre. This will never provide you with a great experience. Therefore, you need to check the viewing distance and resolution along with the size of the screen.  

Viewing Distance (Ft)ResolutionScreen Size (Inches)
3 – 6HD Ready24
4 – 8HD Ready32
5 – 10Full HD40-43
6 – 12Full HD49
8 – 13Full HD or 4K55
8 – 15 and more4K65 and more

Check the display type of the TV

Once you have known the right screen size for your room, you need to check the display type of television. This will narrow down your choice while buying. You will find a range of technologies which include LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs and also the Plasma. 

LCD TVs are no more available in the market and so as the plasma TVs. Since you are opting for high-end television, it is always a smart choice to opt for the OLED TVs or LED TVs. 

LED: These are the LCD TVs that make use of LED on the backlight. However, when it comes to picture quality, LEDs are a lot better than in terms of contrast ratio, local dimming features, and also in terms of the price tag. 

OLED: OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode makes use of the colored LED lights for image creation, which ensures saving power. This technology offers some of the high-quality pictures and much brighter than others. The contrast ratio and cinematic visuals are way much better than other TVs. The only drawback is these TVs come with a huge price tag which everyone cannot afford. 

Have a look at the contrast ratio

Even when we take these features very lightly, it is a must before buying any television. While buying a television, you need to know that different companies determine the contrast ratio differently. 

This is the difference between the whitest whites and the darkest blacks, which a TV is capable of producing. With a low contrast ratio, the blacks may seem great and lack the vibrancy. Therefore check the numbers like 2000: 1 or 5000:1 to understand. 

The bigger the numerical, the better will be its contrast ratio hence the picture quality. 

Don’t forget checking the refresh rate

This is an integral part of television, which shows the display quality. This is associated with the pictures that are in motion. When your TV has a more refresh rate, it means even with pictures with high motion, you will not find any blurred images. It will look smooth throughout. 

This is the number of time the pictures get refreshed in every second, which means more refresh rate is always better. This is always denoted in the unit of Hertz, and hence looking for more refresh rates can proffer the best results. 

Don’t forget checking the input options

Nowadays we are all looking for televisions which are more than just a television. This means you need to check the input feature. Some of the televisions offer a lot of ports, while others do not.

It is always great to have some HDMI and USB ports to connect to more devices at the same time. When you have more ports, you can enjoy your sound system, gaming console, and other devices at the same time, including the USB. 

Check for the HDR standard

When you are buying a television, checking the HDR standard is always a great thing for people. HDR ensures producing lifelike images with better color, brightness, and even offering a great cinematic experience. So when buying televisions with this level, not only viewers can stay assured that they get more color but also better picture quality. 

With HDR content and HDR standard television, investing is always great. 

Check for the Smart Feature

Nowadays buying a television means you are looking for something Smart TV. Therefore while searching for a television, you need to make sure that you check whether it has the WiFi capability. This will make sure that whether the TV can stream the video apps.

However, you can also opt for checking the processor to ensure its Smart feature. 

Check the remote control

When you are buying television remote plays a major role. Now, most of the televisions offer magic remote, which means that it has some of the high-end features. You can find some remote offer magic zoom features, which means even on the live pictures, you can just press the zoom key and enlarge the images. This becomes valuable for sports lovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best brand at this range?

While there are so many names available in the market offering these high-end televisions with some of the best in class features, you can choose as per your preference. Still, some of the best-rated brands available at this screen range are LG, Sony Bravia, Panasonic, Sony, Onida, and much more.

While these are some of the top brands known for its features that got the best ratings in the market, but you can choose as per your preferences. 

2. What is the minimum price of the televisions of this screen size?

You should always know that while buying televisions, don’t keep a tight budget. As when you are looking for top brands with the top features, you need to spend extra bucks just to get the best. However, this does not mean you have to keep a huge amount as you can acquire a good brand with decent features from 20k onwards.

When you opt for more pricey ones, make sure you check all the features that come with the television. 

3. Should I buy it from Amazon?

Definitely Yes. Amazon is one of the leading trusted online shopping sites that offer some of the top-rated televisions. 

4. What is the deal with curved TVs?

Well, the recent invention of curved TVs has made a buzz in the market. The reality is undoubtedly they look good, but it is always recommended to opt for the flat-screen televisions as he curved screen limits the viewing angle.

This is a serious drawback, and other features are similar to any other high-end flat-screen televisions. 

5. If I buy a Smart TV, is it mandatory to have an active Internet connection?

Smart TV does not mean that you always have to keep the internet connection active, as it serves great as normal television. However, due to the availability of Smart features, you can always keep an active internet connection and enjoy most of the amazing features that these smart TVs have to offer. 


Hopefully, by the end, you are clear about the new-age television. Since you have a fixed screen size, there might be some limitations with the features as higher screen sizes offer more features. Nevertheless, you can always get the best from these screen sizes as well.

Just make sure you read this article to gain an insight into the features and cross-check while buying to make a worthy investment. 


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