Best 55 inches and above TV

Are you a movie bug? Are you searching for a giant screen that would instantly transform your living room into a full-fledged theater? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

When you desire to enjoy the world-class Disney movie with fantastic animation, you need to walk the extra mile. Since you love watching movies or sports, nothing less than a screen size of 55 inches will suffice your desires. But is buying a 55-inch giant screen TV that easy as it sounds? A Big No. Several factors need to be taken care of simultaneously while buying to stay away from regrets after buying.  

It might sound frightening and confusing right here, but we can assure that by the end of this guide you will become a pro in buying a good television. 

There is no denying the knowledge about the device is a necessity when it comes to buying a good one, but not everyone is a pro. This, therefore, has left many people unsatisfied even after spending thousands in buying a TV. 

You always need to know that you should keep one parameter constant while buying a TV. Since we have already considered the size, let us talk about the televisions available above 55 inches. 

Well, when you have kept the size constant, you should know that this is the most significant size and which does not fit in all rooms. The room needs to be proportionate with the size of the tv to enjoy it fully. 

When you have decided on the television size, you should know that this is not the end. Several other essential aspects make television worth buying. You might have already predicted the resolution, which is undeniably important, but there are a whole lot of different aspects to be taken care of while purchasing a television.

Not only the display feature consists of the resolution, but also there are various other that we will discuss later on and other connectivity options, remote features, sound clarity, and so much more. Self-assessment is a need in today’s date as representatives will be prone to sell their brand, but to be on a better side, check yourself and then buy. 

So to help you able to get the capability to judge on your own, today will run down through the different things that need to be taken care of while purchasing a television. So let’s dig into its many features. 

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Features to Expect At This Screen Size Range:

4K UHD Resolution:

When it comes to resolution, obviously you will be extremely very keen to choose the best to make sure of enjoying a great cinematic experience. Manufacturers have made sure of providing the top-notch experience with the high-end televisions. Fortunately, being such a huge size, these models are mostly integrated with the Ultra HD resolution. 

When you get such a huge display and integrated with more pixels, you will be able to get deeper colors, richer images along with more details. With a UHD resolution, you can enjoy a truly cinematic experience right at the convenience of your house. 

When said 4K ultra HD, it means the number of pixels is 3840x2160p. This is 4 times of the actual pixel resolution, or you can say twice as much as the line resolution of 1080p. Hence these huge screens are capable of producing amazing colors and better pictures. 

60 – 100Hz Refresh Rate:

If you think the resolution is the ultimatum of clearer images, then you are wrong. The refresh rate has a lot to do when it comes to offering clearer pictures. This is generally measured in Hertz and the as usual the bigger the numerical, the better the images. The refresh rate is the number of times the image refreshes. 

Mostly you will find a refresh rate of 60Hz which is the standard for watching movies and series, but if you are a sports bug or gamer, you require looking for extra. With 100Hz of refresh rate, you will not observe any blurred images even when it is a fast-moving picture or game. The images will always be clearer. 

So for general purpose, 60Hz is great but if you want more, go for 100Hz. 

4HDMI and 2 USB ports:

Nowadays, televisions are more than just a television they are packed with entertainment. Not only you can watch movies, videos and listen to music, but with 4HDMI and 2USB, now you will be able to connect the television with the devices that you have in your house

If you love watching normal contents a set-top box is a must, which can be easily connected with HDMI port. But in case you are a gamer and spend most of the time playing, with the several ports present, you can easily connect to the console. Since you get so many ports, you can connect as many devices as you want. 

Moreover, the USB port is an added advantage. You can transfer huge contents easily from your own computer to the television with ease and watch your favorite content. Always remember, the number of ports the more you get chances of attaching more number of peripheral devices. 


High Dynamic Range is a label that is being provided in most of the recent televisions as it decides the display quality. HDR ensure top-notch picture quality. As per the expert recommendations, it is always suggested to buy a television that has an HDR label as all the contents available nowadays are high definition picture which becomes fun watching on an HDR screen. You will easily be able to distinguish a picture between an HDR television and a non-HDR set. 

However, when it comes to buying these huge screen televisions, you can stay assured that all the televisions are assured HDR labeled. 

20W Sound Output:

As mentioned above, the picture quality is not everything as various other parameters require integrating when it comes to enjoying a great cinematic experience. 

When you buy a television that looks great, has amazing picture resolution and tremendous sound quality, voila! You have the theatre set up right at your house. Fortunately, you will be provided with top-notch sound quality, which is 20W and great enough to provide a good cinematic experience. 

Also, as these days due to flat screen, manufacturers get restricted to including huge sized speakers, do not expect to get high-end quality. However, 20W is a great sound in a living space. In case you want better, use a sound system to enjoy more. 

IPS Technology:

The televisions these days are integrated with the IPS panel which offers you wide viewing angle and high light transmittance. This panel has the LED backlight, which improves the brightness, IPS LED technology aids in achieving great picture quality. Hence when you are buying this television with efficient technology, the type of picture quality you receive is outstanding. 

Smart TV:

Will you be sufficed just to buy a television that works no more than just an entertainment box? A definite and predictable No. When you are buying such a giant screen television, you will be looking for more and something smarter. 

With the smart screen TVs now you can easily you need as these TVs are way smarter to understand your demands and fulfill them. Being said, Smart means the TV will be able to connect with the internet easily along with install the streaming apps. 

When said ability to connect to the Internet, it means the televisions are Wi-Fi enabled. Not only you will get the streaming apps on the TV, but also you can use your television as your giant laptop and surf the internet. You will also be surprised to know that you can access to social media platforms as well. 

Up to 1.5 years of warranty: 

When you are buying television and ready to pay for it, you will require some kind of guarantee before paying. Nothing like a warranty seems more satisfying for the buyers and hence looks for a device that has more years of warranty with it. 

Since electronics are very fragile, manufacturers mostly offer a good warranty. Mostly at this screen size, you will get a warranty of 1.5 years, which is great, as any issues with the unit will be taken care of by the unit. 

You can stay assured that these televisions will never lose its quality, but then again having the guarantee by the side tends to be a great choice. 

Great aesthetics:

When you are opting to buy a television, you will not be appealed to a huge box, but intrigued by something that looks sleek and shiny. If someone says that we just want a television, they want more than just a television. With a television that compliments the interior of your house, you can enjoy a great interior look. However, as you are opting to buy these high-end models, you can stay assured that not only these will be slim and stylish but also will offer the wall mounting option for you. 

Local Dimming:

LED Local dimming feature is not available in all the models, but in this television range, you can easily acquire it. Dimming features are great as it offers great contrast by producing bright or dim lights exactly where it is needed. This is one of the other valuable details to look into when it comes to displaying features. With the integration of the local dimming feature, you can enjoy every fine detail of the picture quality. 

Voice Commanding:

The remote control is provided with a range of features, including the voice commands. Undoubtedly these high-end models are smart enough to support the feature but also the remote control systems are being designed in a way to aid in improving your searchability and make it even more convenient for you. 

A Brief Comparison:

Televisions Above 55 InchesTelevisions Below 55 Inches
Resolution4K UHDHD
HDR StandardYesYes
Refresh Rate60Hz to 120Hz and more60Hz
Smart TVYesYes
Sound Output20Watt and aboveLess than 20W
Warranty1.5Year and moreOne year
Viewing Angle178 Degree178 Degree
Display TypeLED, OLED, and QLEDLED

Buying Guide for Televisions Ranging Above 55 Inches:

Screen Size: 

While choosing a television, the first thing you need to look at is the size of the TV. This will allow enjoying your television in a better manner. The reason why screen size matters are because when you buy televisions which is huge in comparison to the size of the room, it will result in discomfort in the neck as you need to move it every time. It feels when you book the first row of the theatre. Besides, when you choose a size too small, you will be unable to see the pictures because of the tiny sized in comparison to the room. 

So, when you think of placing such a huge television, not only viewing distance but also resolution matters. These are directly correlated with each other. When you have bought an HD or UHD television, you need to know that sitting too close will result in a poor viewing experience. 

Moreover, a 55-inch screen television and above with UHD television needs to maintain a minimum distance. Check the table and diagram to get comprehensive details. 

Screen SizeViewing Distance
32 Inches4 – 6 feet
40 – 42 inches5 – 8 feet
50 Inches6 – 10 feet
Above 50 Inches8 – 12 feet


Upon confirmation of the viewing distance, you can easily choose the size, but the next big thing is to check for the picture quality of the television. Having said by the picture quality, we mean the resolution. You might know that higher resolution means better images as it provides sharper images and more clarity. 

But if you still don’t know what resolution actually is, then it is the pixel quantity on display. When the resolution is higher, you enjoy more clarity because of the increased number of pixels. A few years back, the biggest resolution available was HD or Full HD, but no more that is the scenario. Even when these are still in huge demand, other resolutions are chosen by people 

4K or the Ultra HD is the newest resolution which has the highest numbers of pixels and to be precise; it is four times more the FHD resolution. Hence you will be able to find even sharper images with richer colors. 

To make it easy for you to choose:

  • It is better to go for HD TV when you are more into content from the set-top box
  • Full HD is considered great in case you have an HD set-top box or make use of the streaming service like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, and much more. 
  • 4K is great if you are a gamer or if you mostly watch 4K high-resolution contents. 

Smart TV: 

Now when you are going to buy a television, you definitely would love to go for Smart TVs. When said, Smart TV, it means that you can easily connect with the internet and enjoy the content available on the streaming apps. 

You can either choose to connect with the LAN or WiFi to browse the internet and check the online contents. Checking the smart features tends to be a great choice when you are already spending thousands of dollars. 

Smart features do not only mean that it will have the market place from where you can download the apps and watching movies and play music, but it also means that you require checking the interface and make sure it is easy along with the storage and RAM. If the parameters satisfy you, go for the television and enjoy having a Smart TV. 

Audio Quality: 

Just like you pay attention to the picture quality, you need to pay equal attention to the sound system. When both are great, you can say you have made the right investment. So how will you understand that the sound system is good enough to buy it?

  • Check the output: You will mainly find this as mentioned in watts. Always check for televisions that have the speakers integrated of more than 15W when buying television above 40 inches. However, for larger sizes, go for larger sound output like 20W. This will ensure the right sound output from your television. 
  • Speaker position: Position of the speakers is another very important aspect to check, as it will give you an idea of where to place the television. Mostly the televisions available these days have speakers either at the bottom or on the front, but due to slim sized television, manufacturers mostly prefer bottom. This means you can easily keep above a base or keep it wall mounted. 
  • Customization: If someone advised you to buy a television with a specific sound range, don’t believe them. Trust me, no two rooms are the same, and therefore, the output will differ a lot. Hence you need to look for televisions that ensure sound customization, and hence you have the freedom to tune it as per the requirements. 

Display Technology: 

When it comes to choosing a good display technology, you will mostly find two common types which are OLED and LED. This is very confusing for the first time buyers and hence let us find little more details. LEDs are the kinds of LCD TV that make use of the LEDs for display illumination. Most of the LCD Tv use LED backlights, which is why they are popular as LED TVs. 

However, the OLED which stands for the Organic Light Emitting Diode has completely different technology. They do not need the LED backlighting as each pixel can produce backlight on its own. 

This is the result why OLED display type offers deeper blacks and richer colors as individual pixels are lighted here. When you buy these TVs, you can stay assured of getting pictures with great color accuracy, wide viewing angle, and great contrast ratio. However, if you have a restricted budget, LED TVs are a great inclusion. 

Refresh Rate: 

When you are a new one to buy a television, you probably will not be knowing about the refresh rates. The refresh rate is actually the number of times the pictures refreshes per second. Most of the televisions you will find in the market comes with 60Hz, which is great if you love to watch contents from the set-top box. However, if you are someone who likes games, sports, and action movies, 60Hz might know to be enough for you. Look for televisions that offer more than this almost above 100Hz as it ensures better picture quality. Manufacturers are making hard moves to offer more refresh rates to observe bur free images. 


These days the televisions are designed with a huge number of outputs and inputs. This actually is located on the rear side or on the side panels. Side panel becomes much more accessible than the rear panels. However, when it comes to connectivity, you need to make sure that the television has ample connectivity options for HDMI ports, USB port, Ethernet or a LAN port and much more. 

The number of connectivity options you get in television, the better will be your chances of connecting it to the multiple numbers of devices. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1. I have a small room, is it okay to such a 55-inch screen TV?

When you say it is small, you need to know how small it is. To be on the realistic side, you need to know that sitting too close to the TV will discomfort your eyes, offer bad picture quality as the pixels will be visible and it will give you a wholly bad experience. 

Since this is from the giant screen category, you need to maintain a distance. We have already provided a chart above but then again for your convenience; for a 55-inch screen television, it is always great to maintain at least 8 feet distance from the television. If your room has this much space to provide, go for it, otherwise, you need to compromise on the screen size. 

2. Which brand should I buy? 

There are many brands available in the market offering this screen size, and therefore, it is completely on you which brand to buy. From the range of brands offering this screen size, you can choose any one of them. 

Some of the known brands comprise of Samsung, LG, Sanyo, TCL, Panasonic, and much more. These are the known brand available in the marketing offering great features at an amazing price. 

3. What is the minimum amount to pay if I want to purchase a TV of 55-inch screen size?

Well, you need to know that this is from the high-end models and which means you have to pay much more in comparison to others. Generally its start from 30k onwards, but the more you pay, the better quality and more features you can get

4. Should I buy from online stores?

Definitely yes. You can blindly trust on Amazon to buy these televisions as they work with genuine dealers. 

5. I am not a Netflix person, but I love watching contents from Set-top box, can I use my set-top box?

Definitely yes. You have the choice to swap between the set-top box or other streaming app contents you can always do that. You always have the freedom to choose between the many choices but stay assured that you have various options available with you. 

6. What refresh rate should I opt for, as I love gaming?

As mentioned above, the refresh rate needs to be higher in the case of gamers, and therefore, it is great if you choose a television that has a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. 

7. Can I see the personal photos and videos on the big screen which are present on my mobile? 

Definitely yes. These televisions are more than just a TV. It can be easily transformed into your PC due to the smart attributes. With the USB connection present on the television, you can easily plug in the pictures or videos and transfer them to television to watch the pictures and videos. 


So hopefully, by now, you have already got an in-depth idea on the televisions above 55 inches. Always make sure to check the features precisely irrespective of the brand and what the salesperson says. Judging on your own will keep yourself satisfied and ensure making the right investment. So go ahead and check the best TVs at this screen size and enjoy a theatre-like experience right at your home. 


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