Sony Bravia 40 Inches Full HD LED TV KLV-40R252F Review

We have provided a detailed review of the Sony Bravia 40 Inches Full HD KLV-40R252F LED TV for those looking for the best 40 inch LED TV models.

Sony Bravia is one of the most trusted TV brands that ensure stunning visual and audio along with a long lasting life. It has brought us a wide range of TV sets of different screen sizes, displays, and specifications. One of the great LED TV introduced to us in 2018 by this popular brand is the Sony Bravia KLV-40R252F.

This is a LED TV that comes with a screen size of 40 inches along with a Full HD display, ensuring clarity of image with enhanced details. The high-resolution picture quality of 1920 x 1080 Pixels, along with the large screen size and powerful audio, provides you with the best cinematic visual experience.

It also allows you to display contents stored on your USB device on the big screen of the TV. This model is a suitable choice for anyone in search of a LED TV with impactful image quality. We also explain the features, pros, and cons of this model in detail to help you understand more about it.

Features for Sony Bravia 40 Inches Full HD LED TV KLV-40R252F

40 Inch Full HD 1080 p Display

The model comes with a LED screen of 40 Inches that is enhanced with a Full HD display having a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels. This ensures that you get the maximum impact of the image with the least noise. Thus, you get to view your favorite contents, be it a movie, video or TV show with detailed and clear picture quality.

Textured and Detailed Image With Clear Resolution Enhancer Technology

The display is powered with a picture enhancement technology referred to as the Clear Resolution Enhancer. This technology provides brightness to the image, along with enhancing its color and details. Thus, you get to enjoy a more enhanced and textured visual experience.

2 HDMI and 1 USB Port

The connectivity ports of this TV enables you to connect it with various multi-media devices so that you can enjoy watching stored content easily on the big screen. It has 2 HDMI ports that help you connect your set-top box, gaming console or Blu Ray player to the TV. The model also comes with 1 USB port which allows you to easily plug in your USB device or portable hard drive.

Photo Frame Mode

The Photo Frame Mode is a feature of the TV that enables you to re-live old memories along with your loved ones. You can easily display your photos from your digital camera or USB device on the big screen of the TV using this mode.

Multi-Regional Indian Language

The model supports multi-regional Indian Languages. Thus, you can easily select the language of your choice and navigate through the operations of the TV using the remote. This is a convenient feature for those who lack the knowledge of English.

Let us look into the specifications of the model:

Screen size40 Inches
DisplayFull HD, A+ Grade LED Panel, Clear Resolution Enhancer
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Refresh Rate50 Hertz
Audio20 Watt Output
Operating SystemNot Smart
FeaturesSupports Multi-Regional Indian Languages, FM Radio, Photo Frame Mode, X-Protection Pro
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 1 USB
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Long Life of TV- The model features the X-Protection Pro that shields it against the surge, lightning, and humidity. It comes with a primary capacitor to keep it stable during electrical surges. The wiring of the TV comes with an anti-humidity coating to prevent short-circuits in case they come in contact with moisture. It also has a lightning protector so that the TV is safe during lightening up to 9000 V.
  • Clear Reception Of FM Radio Stations- The TV ensures that you receive a clear, strong and crisp reception of the stored 30+ FM Radio Stations. You can easily switch between the stations using your remote and enjoy listening to tracks on the powerful speakers of your TV. Thus, you get an immersive sound from your radio as well.
  • Supports Multi-Format USB Play- The model supports USB play of different formats. Hence, you can enjoy viewing all your stored content of your USB device including movies, videos, images and more on the big screen of your TV. It is simple to connect the USB device to your TV as you just have to plug it into the USB port provided.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a Smart TV- The model does not come with smart features that are available in other TV models in a similar price range. Thus, you don’t get options such as screen mirroring or accessing entertainment-based applications. Hence, for this price, you would expect a smart LED TV for smarter entertainment.
  • Does not Support Bluetooth- It does not support Bluetooth Technology like other models. Thus, you can not connect the TV to wireless soundbars and Bluetooth speakers to enhance the overall sound. This may be a drawback for its users who wish to experience the best audio.


This Sony Bravia 40 Inch LED TV comes with a blend of positives and negatives. However, overall it is a good option to consider if you are not looking for smart features. The display and additional features of this LED TV make it an option worth considering. Moreover, its long life and multi-format USB play make it an ideal choice.

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