Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672F (Black) (2018 model) Review

Sony Bravia is a well-known TV brand introduced by the Sony company. It deals with the manufacture of smart TVs that not only provide you and your family with uninterrupted entertainment but also ensures a remarkable viewing experience.

The Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672F comes with a Full HD display with a 1080 p resolution that provides you with a lifelike experience. You can watch your favorite stored content by merely connecting your portable hard devices and smartphones to the TV. It also allows you to stream unlimited shows on Netflix or YouTube.

This model has a black body design with silver chevron stands that will stand out in any living room. So, if you are looking for a durable TV with dynamic sound and picture quality with smart features, this is a suitable choice. You can now read more about the features of this model in detail.

Features for Sony Bravia 80 cm Smart TV

These are the detailed features of this Sony Bravia Smart TV:

32” Full HD Display

It comes with a 32” screen with a Full HD display having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p ensuring that you observe details and clarity in the content you watch. The content is refined to produce minimum noise and maximum impact providing texture and the best picture quality.

Clarity Enhancement- X-Reality Pro

The display undergoes an X-Reality Pro picture processing that analyzes every scene with the image database. This decreases noise and ensures a refined picture quality for clarity and a more detailed view of the content.

Front Open Baffle Speaker With In-Built Subwoofer

The model comes with a 30-watt audio output with a front open baffle speaker and an in-built subwoofer. This ensures a surround sound that gives you the lifelike feel of sitting in the front row of a live concert. It ensures that you get to listen to powerful vocals, deep bass riffs, and a dynamic sound range.

Smart Plug and Play

The TV comes with 2 HDMI side ports that enable you to connect your TV to a set-top box, smartphone, Blu Ray player to view the movie, video, images and more of your choice. The 2 USB ports also allow you to connect it to the portable hard drive and USB devices simultaneously. You can enjoy your favorite stored content by merely plugging it to your TV.

Direct YouTube and NetFlix Access

The TV comes with a remote control that has two dedicated launch buttons for NetFlix and YouTube. You can use the in-built wifi of the TV to stream your desired NetFlix or YouTube shows, videos or movies by just pressing the buttons of your remote.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty+ 1 Year Warranty on Panel

The Sony Bravia is one of the most durable TVs as it comes with protection against the four harshest conditions- lightening, surge, dust, and moisture. Apart from this you also get a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty from Sony along with a 1-year warranty on the panel.

We look into the specifications:

Screen Size32” or 80 cm
Refresh rate50 Hertz
DisplayFull HD 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Clarity EnhancerX-Reality Pro
Audio30-watt output, front: open baffle speaker with in-built sub-woofer
Smart featuresYouTube, NetFlix launch buttons on Remote, Seamless internet connectivity
Operating SystemLinux based
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty1 Year Standard manufacturing warranty from Sony and 1-year panel warranty

What Do We Like

We now  look into the pros of this Sony Bravia 32” Smart TV:

  • Lifelike Viewing Experience- The TV model comes with a high-resolution Full HD display ensuring a dynamic and detailed viewing experience. It promises a clear and refined picture quality with ClearAudio+. This provides you with a lifelike viewing experience that comes with clarity and separation of audio including dialogues, music and more.
  • Seamless Internet Connectivity- It ensures easy connection of your Smartphone so that you can access its internet network to browse through the internet on the big screen of the TV. The smartphone can be connected using a USB cable. This allows you to watch your favorite content while charging your phone.
  • Multi-Indian Language Navigation- This is a suitable feature for those who don’t know how to read or communicate in English. You can easily select the Indian Regional Language of your preference by navigating. This ensures convenience in controlling your TV in the language that is known to you.
  • High Durability- The TV is durable and long-lasting. It lacks ventilation holes, preventing dust. The TV also comes with an advanced protection shield that protects it from lightning. Not only this the circuit board has an anti-humidity coating to prevent short circuits during the presence of moisture. On the other hand, the primary capacitor protects it from unstable electricity or surge.
  • Cable Management- It comes with a cable holder in the back that holds the cables in place. This hides the cables keeping them away from the view of people ensuring a neat and tidy look for your living room.

What We Don’t Like

We look into the cons of this smart TV:

  • Does not support Bluetooth Technology- Like other Smart TV, this TV does not support Bluetooth. This means that you cannot connect the TV to Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth speakers which might be a con for some users.
  • Refresh Rate is only 50 Hertz- The refresh rate is less than the standard rate of 60 Hertz. Thus, it can only change 50 frames per second when most smart TVs in this price range can change 120 Hertz per second.


The Sony Bravia 32 Inch Full HD LED KLV-32W672F is a smart choice to buy despite its cons. It provides the best lifelike experience in an intelligent way that will benefit its users. The TV also provides access to unlimited entertainment because of its seamless internet connectivity and USB Tethering. Thus, if you are looking for a Smart TV with Full HD display in a good price range, this would be an ideal choice.

Anaida Sutherland

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