Best Televisions Between 32 inches – 39 inches

Buying a new TV is always an exciting procedure, but making the right selection has never been easier. Previously we did not have such a mammoth television market, but now as the market is growing and the options are rising, we are getting more perplexed when it comes to choosing the right television. 

Beyond everything, while setting for the TV selection procedure, you need to make sure about the size that you want. 

Well, no wonder while looking for a TV, your first lookout is, “How big is the screen size?”. Keeping the screen as the standard, selection can become a lot easier for you. Today we will talk about the televisions that are available within 32 to 39 inches of screen size. 

While you might be aware that a 32-inch screen is a standard size that can adjust in any room type and size, but once you go above, you require checking the room size and the viewing distance simultaneously. 

Having a television that has commendable display quality, sleek features, most exceptional resolution, and a theatre-like sound system requires thorough checking. You need to check the many features simultaneously with the screen size to stay assured you make the right investment. 

Sitting down with your family to watch a horror film needs an ideal screen size along with a magnificent display. This means you require making the right selection to suffice the film bug inside you. 

With the online shopping websites, shopping might become an easy endeavor, but then again, you need to have complete knowledge of the various terms associated with the TV. 

In case you are someone who only decides on the external beauty, you might regret later on. Checking for external and internal features counts when it comes to buying TV and investing thousands on television. 

So now when you have decided to buy a television of 32 to 39 inches, let us dive into the details of these televisions. 

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Features To Expect At This Screen Size Range:

HD Ready Display: 

Screen size is undeniably the first lookout of everyone, but just next to screen size, you must be eager to check the picture quality of the television. With this television range, you can expect to get HD ready television, which is 1366 x 760p. As we all know that the term HD ready denotes that the television can handle high definition pictures. 

For such screen size, HD ready quality is apt integration. As it depends on the density of pixel with the size of the screen, this becomes an ideal inclusion. 

Therefore, buying these televisions means you will be getting enhanced picture quality enlightening the crisp details and vivid colors. 

50 – 120Hz Refresh Rate: 

If you are new to buying a television, you must be knowing the term “Refresh Rate” by now. You will mostly hear people talking about “Hertz” like 60Hz and so on. 

Hertz is the unit used to denote the refresh rate of the television. Now, what is the refresh rate? It is the number of times an image is displayed within a second. 

So when you listen about 60Hz, it means that the image refreshed almost 60 times in a second. Always keep in mind that a faster refresh rate, the better will be the images. 

You generally will not be noticing any issue with the televisions that come with 50 or 60Hz refresh rate unless you are a gamer or sports bug. Since here the pictures are always in motion, you might find a ghosting effect and result in blurring the images. 

So if you are just a normal television bug and does not have much interest in games and sports, go for 50 or 6Hz, but in case you are a sports lover, 100 or 120Hz refresh rate will be an exact match for you. 

At this range of screen sizes, you can stay assured of getting a range of options from 50Hz to 120Hz. Choose accordingly. 

Up To 3 HDMI and 2 USB Ports:

No more we are limited to watching TV. We need more from our TV – starting from connecting a set-top box to the music system and too much more. Moreover, such a big screen helps us to see our pictures in a detailed way, which again requires having the USB port. If now you are thinking, oh! I haven’t thought about it before; then it’s okay. You still have the time to make a thorough check. 

At this screen size range, you will be getting a minimum of 2HDMI and 1USB port and a maximum of 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.  Always remember, experts, recommend opting for more as it becomes easier for you to connect more peripheral devices. 

24 Watt Output Sound:

Having a great sound combined with commendable picture quality is always a good combination for the users. Even when due to the sleek size of the televisions, integrating high-end speakers becomes restricted. 

But then again, with 20W sound output, it becomes enjoyable for the users. It is always said by the experts no to expect high-end sound quality, but a minimum of audible quality is taken care of by the manufacturers. 

Wide Viewing Angle:

When you are buying a television, you will not be looking for something that restricts the view from the sides, and only the middle person gets to enjoy to the fullest! Well, it’s common. 

Fortunately, this was a problem faced by the people during the previous days, now the manufacturers have taken complete care of this feature to help all your family members enjoy simultaneously. 

In this television range also you can expect to acquire a wide viewing angle, and hence it becomes an ideal inclusion for your home. 

1 to 3 years of Warranty:

This is a common feature that is available in all the televisions irrespective of the brands. When you are investing such a handsome amount, you will look for something that would make you feel that it is worth relying on and nothing like an extended warranty becomes a valuable inclusion. 

This actually provides a sense of reliability that even when the parts get damaged, the manufacturer has backed by the warranty to get the perfect solution without charging a penny. 

1 Year of warranty is very common, but some manufacturers extend to 3 years, which actually becomes a great choice for the users.  

LED Technology:

By now, you must be aware that LED TVs are the leader of the market because of its reasonable price and commendable picture quality. LCD, which is similar to the LED has a multitude of drawbacks, but the new LED TVs are much more amazing than any other technologies. Besides the picture quality, this technology also aids in improving the looks at a low cost.

However, there are various other television technologies available in the market, namely QLED and OLED, but these are mostly available in high screen range. LEDs are undeniably an excellent choice that has ruled the market with its quality, affordability, and great picture. 

HDR Display:

HDR means High Dynamic Range, which is definitely the latest launch in the television market. This is a huge improvement for the high-end televisions. The term originated from photography, which improves the dynamic range of the picture. This means having this integrated into the TV means better contrast between the darkest of blacks and the brightest of whites. 

When television has been integrated with the HDR range, it means with a more dynamic range; people can attain more life-like pictures. Hence, buying such a television will always become a great idea for the movie bug and TV lovers. 

Smart Features:

These days when we opt for buying a television, we generally look for Smart TVs. When we say Smart TVs, that means it differs a lot from the traditional Idiot box whose functioning was limited to watching daily serials, news, and movies. But now, with the integration of the latest technology, TVs are more than just a TV. 

They are internet-enabled and provide access to using apps, thereby helping people to enjoy movies, social media browsing, and much more through their TVs. 

Plug & Play:

This is the new feature available on the televisions at this range. As these days we are most intrigued to Smartphones, and it has become our virtual life, a television that can easily help you enjoy the smartphone details in just a tap is always a great choice, With the new Plug and Play feature, now you can easily share pictures, music, and videos to the television from the multiple devices.  

Wall Mounted:

Most of us are looking for ways to save our space, and nothing like a wall-mounted design becomes helpful for people to enjoy television without eating much space. The new-age televisions are available in a range of designs, and one of the best designs is being an extreme sleek and wall-mounted features. 

Now you don’t have the space for placing your television; wall-mounted feature becomes an ideal way addition for your living both for saving space and making the room look great. 

A Brief Comparison:

TV from 32” -39.”TV above 40.”
Display ResolutionHD ReadyFHD and UHD
Refresh Rate60Hz to 120Hz60Hz to 240Hz
Viewing Angle178 Degree178 Degree
HDRYes in some Yes, most of the TVs
Smart TVMostly No. Might be available in someYes
HDMIUp to 3HDMI3HDMI and more
USBUp to 2USB2USB and more
Sound OutputUp to 20W20W and more
Wall MountedYes, in someYes, most of the TVs have a wall-mounted feature
Display TechnologyLEDLED, OLED, and QLED

Buying Guide: 

Check the size of the screen: 

Opting for the right screen size offer more theatre-like and immersive experience. Now when you have already decided that the size should range between 32 – 39 inches, you need to understand in detail about it. 

When the screen size is big compared to the room, and you sit close to the screen, there will be a lag in its clarity along with the chances are much higher that you require moving your neck during a game or motion video. Opting for the smaller screen in such a scenario can help you in viewing even the smallest of details. 

While deciding on the size, you need to focus on two things:

  1. The resolution of your TV
  2. Distance between the sofa and TV

Here is a small tip, for a 32” – 39” screen HD ready television, you require maintaining a viewing distance of 4-8feet. 

Check the Display of the TV:

Now when you have understood the screen size, you need to focus on the display of the TV. You always need to keep in mind that display is a vital part of purchasing a television. The major deciding parameters of display include:

  • Type of display:

You first need to check and decide on the display type. This means your TV’s picture quality. Some of the most eminent display types that are ruling the current market are LED, OLED, and QLED. Irrespective of the name, all of these display types make use of LED technology. Older technologies like Plasma and LCD TVs are no more in demand. Most of these LED TVs provide you with a joyful viewing experience. The following table will provide you with detailed knowledge about these top three display types. 

ThicknessThinThin Thinnest
Source of lightBack-lit/Edge-lit LEDsQuantum Dot LED PanelIndividually lit pixels
BrightnessCommendableCommendable in all lighting conditionsCommendable in all lighting conditions
ColorsGoodGood with great whitesGood with darkest blacks
Blur ReductionGreatToo goodCommendable
Viewing angleGreatGreatGreat
PriceStarts from 10k and have no ending to the upper limitAbove 50kAbove 50k
  • Resolution:

Always remember that high resolution means more clarity and sharper images

Resolution is actual is the total number of pixels present on a display which is generally denoted as (Width x Height). When the display has more pixels, it is evident that the picture will have more sharpness and clarity to it. Generally, you will find three types of resolutions in the market, which included Ready, Full HD, and 4K. 

Check this table to find the difference between these three. It will aid in making the right choice. Always remember the display is all about resolution, higher resolution is always a better investment. 

HD ReadyFull HD4K or UHD
Number of pixels1 million2 million8 million
ClarityClear picturesGreat clarity and able to observe in detailsAmazing clarity and able to observe in details
Content suitedSet-Top BoxSet-Top box and other streaming appsGaming consoles, streaming apps and set-top box
PriceStarts from 12k for the 32 inch Starts from 20k for the 32 inchStarts from 30k for the 43 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 

Refresh is a vital factor when it comes to deciding the display resolution. It has a lot to do with the pictures in motion. With more refresh rate, you can stay assured of no blurred images during fast-motion along with smoother images. 

What is the refresh rate? This is the number of times the image in the display gets changed every second. This is generally measured in frames per second or Hertz. 

Most of the movies or any other television content is shot the number at 24Hz, which means 50-60Hz is great for the human eye. People who are into gaming or sports definitely require looking for a higher refresh rate as it ensures to blur in the fast contents. 

  • Contrast Ratio:

It is always advisable to opt for more contrast ratio as it ensures more on-screen details. With more contrast ratio, you can ensure getting even clearer pictures with darker scenes and visible details. 

When you see a display with a lower contrast ratio, you will find blacks as gray and details will not be visible. 

  • HDR or High Dynamic Range:

Check for the HDR label as it ensures producing life-like images with more vivid and rich colors. This is the latest way of producing more brightness, more colors, and even darker images on the screen. When you buy a television with this label, you can stay assured of better picture quality and more colors. 

Check of the Smart Quotient:

Smart TVs are always in demand and nowadays when it comes to buying a television, we all loom for Smart TVs. When TV can connect to the internet connection through LAN cable or Wi-Fi, you can stay assured that you have a Smart Tv in your living room. These are more in demand as not only you get to find the many streaming apps, but also you can surf the internet from your television. 

However, when you opt for buying a Smart TV, make sure you check the interface and Operating System, RAM, Casting and Phone mirroring and Navigation and remote. Check every point to ensure opting for the right television and making the right investment. 

Check for Connectivity: 

When it comes to connectivity, the first thing for checking is the number of ports the television has. Ports will let you connect with the external devices. So you need first to know the number of ports you need at the same time. 

You will generally find HDMI, USB, and VGA port. Also, if it is Bluetooth enabled, then it is an added benefit for you. 

HDMI ports mean it helps in transferring video and audio along with top quality pictures. The more HDMI port is always better as it enables connecting more devices. 

Usability of HDMI Port

USB Port means transferring video and audio from your peripheral devices to the TV with ease. The number of ports is better as you can connect many devices simultaneously. 

Usability of USB Ports

Other than this having Bluetooth ensure a wireless connection with the devices. LAN port is used for internet connection. However, if you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you don’t need it. 

Check the Sound:

Sound output is denoted with Watt, and therefore more watt is equivalent to better sound quality. Generally, the sound output is measured in watts and more the number, better the sound. Also, don’t forget to check the sound technology if the speakers are Dolby Digital. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Which are the top brands available at this screen size?

Well, there are several other brands available in the market, but the top sellers are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and Micromax. All these are known brands, but still, if you have some preference for brands, you can go for it. Make sure you check the warranty and customer service associated with it. 

2. Will I get a smart TV at this range?

The chances are much lesser that you can obtain a smart TV in this range. But still, you can make in-depth research on the TV brands to understand whether there are Smart features integrated or not. 

3. Is there 4K resolution in these screen sizes?

The chances are mostly NO. The reason is that 4k resolution means a higher number of pixels, which requires a larger screen size to get the pixels accustomed. Always remember it is not about the number of pixels, but it is about density. Too less and too much pixel can result in hampering the clarity of images. 

4. Should I buy online?

Definitely yes. You can always opt for buying online from They have some of the best quality televisions along with offering maximum offer for the customers. Have a detailed look in their description box and place your order from your house. 

5. What is the maximum warranty I would get?

Well, this does not have a definite answer as it depends fully on the brand. While one year is mostly found in most brands, some brands are still there that offers three years of warranty with the televisions. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to buying a television, there are several things that you require considering. Hopefully, with the guideline mentioned above, you will be able to make your own choice. Always keep your preferences on top and then keeping it as a guide, you can check the other features.  

So go ahead and make your choice — best of luck for your new television. 

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