Powermax Fitness TDM-100S Motorized Treadmill Review

In the world of growing industrialization and fast food, lives have become somewhat cozy when it comes to regular exercise and maintaining proper health. While some people spend enormous amounts on gyms and others on walking and jogging, the all-new “Powermax Fitness TDM-100S (2.0 HP) Motorized Treadmill ” replaces the above problems and thus, now you can work out with your own level of comfort and at the place that soothes you the most.

Apart from enhancing your physical health, working out on treadmills enhances your mental health too. In fact, you can also perform various exercises besides walking and running. It can also reduce the harmful impact of lower back pain in addition to burning calories.

Colour and display type

The all-new treadmill is black in color with a Liquid crystal Display embedded in it and also has an entire steel frame.

Maximum weight

It can carry a maximum weight of about 110 Kg running at a speed of around 0.8 to 12.8 km/hr with the fast key on the handrail.

Other specifications

It has a 2.0 HP DC Motor functioning with the divide and also provides for a 3-Level manual incline for intense workout sessions one wants to carry out apart from walking and running.

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What Do We like

Devices embedded onto the treadmill

It contains a heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate during the workout sessions, which is fitted on the handrail of the treadmill. It also contains the mobile or tablet holder, which can safeguard your mobile phones during the workout.

Music System

You can connect the USB/AUX cables to play music on the console speakers, thus ensuring your workout sessions interesting.

Physical attractions

The running surface is about  1120 x 400mm in the area, which is just enough to carry out healthy practices. It even has wheels for an easy transportation purpose, hence, there is no more compulsion to workout at a particular place; you can actually choose your workout place.

What We Don’t Like


The Treadmill requires a professional for smooth maintenance.


It is not possible to buy the device for everyone; only those with proper savings have a reach to this.


The company does not provide for assembling, and thus one has to look for himself to perform the task.


In the modern days of increasing new ventures or buildings coming up, it has become nearly impossible for a person to jog around a straight path due to various curvatures encountered, thus this treadmill is definitely a boon for those suffering from the afore-mentioned issues. This treadmill can also encounter various workout postures other than walking and running, and thus, this is definitely the advisory device for all the health freaks.

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Hari Priya

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