ViewSonic PA503S Projector Review

The ViewSonic PA503S Projector provides impressive visual performances in medium-sized classrooms and meeting rooms. It is a durable projector, with high brightness levels that guarantee users of fine-detailed images in all kinds of environments.

The select SuperColor technology of ViewSonic provides a wider array of displayable color, assuring color accuracy in dark and bright environments, without compromising on quality. Additionally, this is an efficient, yet very reasonably priced projector.

Image Quality

This projector comes with resolutions of SVGA 800 x 600, the brightness of 3,600 lumens, contrast ratios of 22,000:1, yielding crisp clear and detailed images in any environment.

Different Modes

The projector features different modes of operation, including:

SuperEco Mode

This mode works by dimming projected images to 70% if the projector fails to receive any input signals for twenty minutes; this extends the lifespan of the lamp to an average of 15,000 hours.

Eco Mode

This mode switches the projector from Normal Mode to Eco Mode if it’s idle for five minutes.

3D Viewing

The projector comes with the HDMI port that facilitates the projection of 3D contents from HDMI-enabled devices such as media players, tablets and laptops, and 3D Blu-Ray players directly.

Energy Efficiency

Users can use different lamp modes that aid the extension of the durability of the lamp. When it’s set on the Power Saving Mode, and there isn’t any signal input, the projector switches to the SuperEco and Eco Modes, conserving energy.

Automatic Sleep Timers

If users forget to switch off the projector, the automatic sleep timer feature allows them to select an inactivity period that dictates when it will automatically go into the Sleep Mode.

Astounding Color Accuracy

The projector comes with the SuperColor Technology which showcases a wide array of visible colors, seeing to it that users get to see more accurate and realistic colors in dark and bright and environments upholding image quality.

Instant Activation

The projector can be activated instantly by using the following settings:

Signal Power On

The projector powers on automatically when it detects any VGA cable connections.

Direct Power On

The projector switches on instantly when the power cord is connected.

Image Correction

This projector comes with vertical keystone correction that enables users to adjust and correct distorted images easily, enabling easy installation.


The projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty; users can have the projector replaced or repaired if it becomes faulty within one year after purchase.

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What Do We like

Fine-Tuned Viewing

The projector comes with preset distinct viewing modes that offer ideal settings for usage. These modes include:

Movie Mode

This mode offer saturates color for better watching of movies in dark environments.

Photo Mode

This mode offers natural color which aids general viewing

Standard Mode

This mode offers enhanced color that is similar to that from a Notebook or PC.

Presentation Mode

This mode offers high contrast ratios and high brightness for better presentations in bright environments.

Brightest Mode

This mode is ideal when maximum brightness is needed.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Levels

This projector produces noise levels of  27d; the noise is a bit audible, which can cause some disturbance for users.


This projector is ideal for users who make presentations from time to time. Some users also choose to use it for home entertainment. Its versatile and comes with a years warranty. You wont regret buying this projector

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