Sony VPL-DX221 LED Projector Review

The Sony VPL-DX221 LED Projector is an easy-t0-use and efficient projector for meeting rooms and classrooms, providing high-quality pictures, and it comes at low maintenance costs.

It’s fully featured yet cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for bright and clear images while making presentations in classrooms, meeting rooms, and offices.

It comes from one of the most superior and well-known brands in India.


This projector is light and compact, weighing less than 3kilograms, making it easily portable; users can carry it from one meeting room to another without feeling tired.

Image Quality

The projector comes with 2,800 lumens light output that provides generous light outputs that facilitate clear presentations in meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices.

Picture Modes

This projector from Sony comes with picture modes that users can use in fine-tuning the images with any type of content. It also comes with the Vivid mode that provides bright and crisp images that are distinct from high-impact colors.

XGA Resolutions

This projector comes with 1024 x 768 XGA resolutions that provide fine details; it’s ideal for making presentations using tablets or laptops directly.

Gamma Adjustment Features

The Sony VPL-DX221 Projector comes with Gamma adjustment features that provide three different settings for precise tonal reproductions with easily readable and clear texts during the presentation.

Auto Start Features

The projector comes with Auto Start features that detect signals from the connected VGA or HDMI sources, turning on the projector automatically; this ensures that users save time and start their presentations immediately.

Audio Out Features

The projector comes with Audio Out features that allow users to connect external speakers directly to make it more audible for larger audiences.

Simple Maintenance and Easy Access

This projector has the lamp access placed on top of the projectors’ panel, simplifying the process of lamp replacement, whether it’s mounted on a table or in the ceiling. It also comes with detachable dust covers and sliding air filters that facilitate easy maintenance without having to dismount it from the ceiling.

3LCD BrightEra™ Technologies

The projector comes with 3LCD BrightEra™ Technologies; this gives high-resolution images that are very consistent and highly reliable.

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What Do We like

Presentation Timers

This projector is unique in that it comes with presentation timers that remind users when their time us while doing their presentations.

Long-lasting Lamp Life

The projector comes with 10,000 lamp life; the lamp is very efficient and facilitates low operational costs since users don’t have to keep making replacements, which saves them money.

Reduced Costs in Ownership

This projector comes with a wide range of features that help in energy saving; these features help in reducing ownership costs drastically. The Auto Mode helps in adjusting the lamp brightness contingent on the picture contents. Lamp Dimming features reduce the brightness after preset periods or when no inputs are detected. Touching the remote controls’ Blank button mutes the images instantly when they aren’t needed.

What We Don’t Like

Screen Mirroring

If a user intends to ad Miracast-compatible dongles, they have to purchase them separately since they don’t come with this projector. These features allow users to make their presentations wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Users can be assured of excellent after-care-services since this projector comes with a two years manufacturers’ warranty. If you are a person who makes your presentations regularly, purchasing this projector is an excellent choice.

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