Sony VPLEW575 WXGA Projector Review

This projector presents bright and clear images, with low maintenance costs and flexible connectivity. The projector is perfect for mid-sized meeting rooms and classrooms. It’s a powerful, compact, and quiet projector, which delivers detailed images.

Image Quality

The projector comes with high contrast ratios of 20,000:1 and 4,300 lumens, making it possible to use it in bright rooms. The quality of the images is more improved with large screens, with the 3LCD technologies providing vivid and natural colors. The image quality is made even better via white balance/ new color balance settings for the clear projection of on-screen texts.


The projector comes with a USB connection and two HDMI ports. It also comes with convenient label functions that make using it simpler to confirm the name of the devices on the screen. Add the projector to a network and view presentations from a maximum of 4 Mac/PCs at the same time. Using optional Wi-Fi dongles and connect directly from laptops.

Lamp Life

This projector comes with a lamp life of at least 10,000 hours; users don’t need to replace the lamp, which significantly minimizes maintenance costs. Maintenance is easy and quick since it comes with rear lamp access features.

Powerful 16W Mono Speaker

The projector comes with a powerful 16W mono speaker that allows users to listen to video soundtracks without the need for adding sound amplification.

Advanced Features For Energy Saving

The projector comes with advanced features for energy saving. It comes with automatic Light Dimming Modes whenever the projector isn’t being used. The Automatic Picture Mode adjusts the light output to suit the projected scenes. By using the remote control, the projector mutes the images temporarily, reducing the power consumption dramatically.

WXGA Resolutions

The projector comes with WXGA display resolutions of 1280 x 800, offering crisp details, making it ideal for direct presentations from a DVD player, mobile devices, or a laptop.

Quiet operation

The projector comes with a near-silent fan that ensures unobtrusive, discreet operation in the meeting rooms and classrooms.

Auto power on

This projector comes with auto power mode that helps users to make their presentations easily and quickly, saving time. It switches on automatically when it detects signals from connected PCs.

Quick Go Features

The quick go features help the projector to cool down immediately after turning it on, saving time for users.

Remote Control App

The projector comes with the remote control App that can be downloaded, enabling users to control it from any location in the room using the handheld device.

IP control Synchronization Features

The projector comes with IP control synchronization features from the master projector, distributing it over an IP network to other sub-projectors.

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What Do We like

Customized Input Labels


The projector comes with customized input labels that allow users to define their labels, such as Document Camera, PC, and BD player, making it easy to view on the screen the devices in use.

What We Don’t Like


The projector weighs 5.44kg making it a bit bulky; carrying it from around can make you tired.


This projector doesn’t come with manufacturers’ warranty; users have to replace it or incur repair costs if it gets faulty after purchase.


The projector comes from one of the most trusted dealers in India; Sony is a well-known brand, and users can rest assured of quality and durability.

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