Acer P1250B Projector Review

ACER P1250B 3600 Lumens XGA projector is considered to be among the projectors with the best value in the Indian market. They make users get excited about entertainment and presentations, with DLP, 3D Ready, high contrast, and brightness, while adhering to the users’ expectations.

With bright and crisp projections, even the hardest concepts can be easily grasped by students, clients, and associates. They are made using high-tech technologies that enable users to be in complete control.


EcoProjection Features

ACER P1250B 3600 LUMENS XGA projectors are environmentally friendly in the sense that the EcoProjection features reduce energy consumption by 70%. This makes it possible to enhance their lamp lives up to 15,000 hours. The exact energy consumption reduction varies depending on the usage patterns and operating conditions.

Dynamic Black Contrasts

The projector comes with dynamic black contrasts; they have contrast ratios of 20,000:1, which improve the image contrasts by analyzing the contents on the screens frame-by-frame and adjusting the lamp powers, which optimizes black levels. The white is extremely white while the black is black.


This projector comes with LumiSense features that enable users to present data with sharper and clearer edges. The projected images are crisp, clear, and bright even when used in very bright rooms. LumiSense incorporates clever content-aware processes; all the dark scenes are displayed clearly without losing any details.

3D Acer Color Boost

The projectors come with 3D Color Boost that offers true-to-life colors through 6-segment optimized color-wheel designs, lamp illumination technologies, as well as authoritative TI image processing.

They can reduce the color shift and brightness decay while displaying 3D and 2D contents through the enhancement of color brightness while compensating color temperature and brightness.

ColorSafe Technology

This projector comes with ColorSafe technologies that combine projector lamps and RGB techniques to expand the projector lifespans, making them durable. These technologies prevent color decay and yellow hues; even after using the projectors for many hours, they still deliver natural and consistent colors.

Bluelight Shield

These projectors come with Bluelight shields that allow users to decrease the blue light levels to reduce negative effects associated with exposure to blue light. They have three levels of filters that are suitable for various scenarios; each level contains dynamic mechanisms that optimize the blue light levels depending on the content color.

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What Do We like

Mobile and USB Displays

The mobile display features in these projectors are merely fascinating; they can be displayed over the USB cables from your android phones. Users can project their content from plugged-in USB drives; users can show their ideas easily without requiring new devices for the connections.

HDMI Connectivity

This projector by Acer comes with HDMI connectivity and additional projection features over LAN networks. They also come with HDMI mirroring options that users much appreciate.

What We Don’t Like

Carrying Cases

Generally, these projectors are durable and of high quality. However, the carrying cases provided are highly susceptible to scratches, needing extra care while handling them.


These projectors are quite popular among users in India due to the many and unique features that they come with. Purchasing these projectors is a sure way of getting your ideas across easily and clearly.

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