Acer C200 Projector Review

The Acer C200 projector comes with DLP technologies, LED light engines and small statures. These are small pico projectors that are light in weight and can be carried in a small purse or in large pockets; they can be easily carried when you are traveling.

The projectors have native resolutions 854 x 480 pixels –that’s 480p. The projectors come at very reasonable prices since it is not HD. They are ideal for presentation in a coffee shop, camping movie nights and also work well for portable cinemas in kids’ rooms.


Acer C200 projector comes with 2-year manufacturers’ warranty for product and one-year manufacturer warranty for the lamp. Users can be assured of after-sales-services in case the projectors become faulty after purchase.


Acer C200 comes with air vents placed under the focus controls. The other air vents are placed on the bottom of the projectors, along with screw-threads that are mounted on the tripods.

The speakers are placed on the backs of the projectors, below the inputs; the speakers are loud enough and users can comfortably view content in intimate spaces.

The projectors also come with audio jacks for external speakers or headphones that connect through AUX cables, USB ports, HDMI inputs, and connectors for DC power. They have power buttons and Kensington locks underneath.

Picture Quality

Acer C200 projector has three modes; ECO, Bright, and Standard.

The best mode to use is the Standard mode since it has a color tint. The bright mode is too green which doesn’t produce good quality pictures. The Eco mode is warmer and it’s also manageable.

They have superior lighting because of the LED technology, which creates vibrant visuals and delivers stable color saturation.


The Acer C200 projector has the following performance features:

Lumens Color

Bright Mode; 137 Lumens

Standard Mode; 105 Lumens

Eco Mode; 91 Lumens

Using these projectors in dark environments is highly recommended so as to achieve the brightest images.

Immediate Off/On Functionalities

Unlike the conservative lamp-based projectors, device warming-up or cooling isn’t needed for Acer C200 LED projector. The Led light sources offer immediate of/on functionalities, which saves you time, allowing you to be on the move.

Wireless Projection

Acer C200 projectors come with wireless projections through the Acer wireless dongles which are optional. Users need to download eDisplay apps management for PCS and eDisplay apps for smart devices.

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What Do We like

Travel Suitability

Acer C200 projectors are very suitable for travel; they have tiny footprints that don’t require much space in your bag.

On-Board Battery Lives and Light Engine Lives

Acer C200 projectors have battery lives of about 4.5 hours. Similar projectors have battery lives of only 90 minutes, making it very impressive. Their light engine lives last up to 30,000 hours translating to eight hours daily, for 365 days, for ten years.

What We Don’t Like

Focus Wheel

The Acer C200 projector has many unique features. However, the focus wheels can be hard to use, though not unmanageable. They use manual focusing through the focus wheels but they are kind of stiff.

Remote Control

The Acer C200 projector doesn’t come with a remote control which many users have found to be an inconvenience.


Acer C200 projectors are unmistakably good projectors that come at reasonable prices yet yield top quality images. Except for the focus wheels which can be hard to use, all other features are excellent and reasonable.

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