Acer X1123H Projector Review

Acer X1123H projector is an affordable presentation projector suitable for medium or small-sized meeting rooms or classrooms. Acer X1123H projector help in keeping meetings focused on precision and clarity, bringing all presentations to life.

They boast of outstanding performances entailing superb quality, super 3D entertainment, vibrant colors as well as 24p frame rates for cinema-like experiences. Their high brightness, coupled with LumiSense features, enables users to present data with sharper and more precise edges.

Outstanding Performance

Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with EcoProjection technologies that minimize power consumption in the standby mode up to 1W from 5W, saving power. They also come with ColorSafe technologies that preserve the color integrity of images even after using the projectors for prolonged periods.


Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with two years of manufacturers’ guarantee on the projectors and a year warranty on the lamps. Users are assured of having their projectors replaced or repaired if they become faulty after purchase.


Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with connectivity features that can cater to standard meeting rooms or classrooms. They have VGA out, VGA and HDMI, making it possible for users to connect them to desktop computers and modern laptops. VGA out allows for the connection to second monitors at the front of the meeting rooms or classes as well as the main images.

Low Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors is very low; they have excellent Eco features and DLP technologies that make them very easy to maintain. These projectors are also easy to maintain due to their lamp lives of up to 15000 hours.


Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors are designed for ceiling installation. However, they weigh 2.4KGs, making it possible to use them as portable projectors. Users can carry them as they move around without the inconveniences that come with bulky equipment.

Clear Bright Images

Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with 3,700 lumens that offer absolute brightness; these ensure that they project vibrant and crystal clear images from a distance even in the daytime.

Protection of  Your Eyes

Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with Bluelight shield that enables users to reduce the blue light levels, lessening any negative effects from exposure to blue light, protecting the users’ eyes.

Additional Features

These projectors also come with the following extra features:

  • AC power cords
  • Remoter controls
  • Quick start guides
  • Carrying cases
  • VGA cables
  • Security cards
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What Do We like

Throw Ratios

Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors come with throw ratios that have good ranges; they offer flexibility on how far users can go, though they generally go a bit far back when compared to older models of projectors.

Acer Dust Shields

Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors have Acer Dust Shields that are simply amazing at defending the projectors from harmful effects of dust, enabling them to function better, and preventing them from damage.

What We Don’t Like

HDMI Connectivity

Although users find it easier to connect these projectors via HDMI, you have to incur extra costs since HDMI isn’t provided with the projector, which can be an additional cost.


Acer X1123H HDMI SAGA projectors can analyze projected contents and adjust images visibility to maximum levels, increasing image quality. Having reasonable prices, these are projectors that you can’t go wrong on.


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