How to use a elliptical cross trainer

An elliptical cross trainer is a useful machine when it comes to cardio to a full-body workout. People with arthritis or joint pain can exercise on this machine. They’re high-speed calorie-burning machines and are very user-friendly. It offers benefits to both your upper body and lower body.

Always remember to warm-up before you go for the machine workout. A little stretching, walking, freehand exercising will also do.

Every workout is effective for our body if executed properly. This is no exception, either. In this article, we will be discussing how to use an elliptical cross-trainer.

How to use an elliptical cross trainer

Get on the machine

The first step towards working out on an elliptical cross trainer would be getting on board. The pedals of the machine start moving as soon as you put your feet in it. Make sure to be careful and try to grab the handlebars while getting on board.

Adjust your feet

An elliptical cross trainer comes with a considerable pedal size, which is more than enough for anyone. You can put your feet on the pedals comfortably with the extra space. Also, make sure not to tilt your feet because it may cause you some minor injury. Always keep your feet parallel with the pedals.

Straight back

Always keep your back straight while working out on this machine. Keep your head up and look forward. It will help your posture, as well. This may seem unimportant, but it is the correct way of using an elliptical machine.

Arms position

A standard elliptical machine is equipped with two handlebars or armbars. First of all, you grab them firmly while you are getting on board. Second of all, make sure you are not holding them too tightly so that you do not get unbalanced. Relax your shoulders, bend your elbows, and workout smoothly.

Moving the pedals

When you are all set on the cross trainer and ready to workout, begin pedaling. To do that, you may want to bend your knees a little bit throughout the whole exercise. The pedals will go upwards and downwards in a rotation type process, so if you lock your knees during this, you will be uncomfortable after a while. Also, doing this exercise while bending your knee will strengthen your muscles, allowing you to go faster.

Proper settings

Adjust the machine settings according to what you like or how intense you want your workout to be. Some cross trainers have an incline feature which you may adjust as well. In that case, keep in mind that changing the incline will affect different muscles of your leg. Hold the armbars firmly, keep your upper body stable, and move smoothly.

Don’t rely on the handlebars while working out; make sure your legs are doing all the work to get proper results. Choosing a difficulty setting does not always mean you will get more results.

Exercise duration

If you are a beginner and just starting to work out on this cross trainer or allover, then do not do it all at once. Try and do this exercise for 10-15 minutes if you are a beginner. When you have got the hang of it, then aim for 20-25 minutes at one go without stopping.

Track your heart rate

Most of the elliptical cross trainers have a heart rate monitor installed on the handlebars. Keep track of your heart rate while you exercise. The machines also come with chest straps for accurate results. You will have an idea regarding how intense of a workout your body can take by monitoring your heart rate continuously.

Preset programs

Nowadays, these machines are equipped with the latest technology. The preset programs that are built into it provide you with various workouts. Choose any of them and challenge your body to mix things up every once in a while. Do not keep within the same routine for a long time; keep rotating and mixing things up.

Going backward

You should do this only when you want to go with a different workout, which will make your body work in an entirely different way. Pedal the machine backward. It is harder than it seems but has its benefits as well.


Exercising with or without any machine has always been good and beneficial to our health. An elliptical cross trainer has many benefits to offer and keeps you healthy and fit. Make sure to go through our article from top to bottom to know how to use an elliptical cross-trainer properly.

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