Afton Elliptical Cross Trainers

The Afton brand is a leading brand in India and it was founded in 1988. The brand is well known for the manufacture and supply of quality products that allow users to achieve their general well-being in the comfort of their homes. 

It has its retail outlets across India. The brand also represents a huge number of foreign brands such as Bruteforce, Kbox, Stex Fitness, Spirit Fitness, Sole Fitness, Xebex, among others. 

Before you purchase the cross trainer, understand the different types as well as the important points that will help you ensure you have chosen the right one.

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Why Choose Afton?

Afton brand has physical stores across India as well as an online store, making their fitness equipment easily accessible to their clients.

The brand offers a wide variety of quality, durable and efficient fitness equipment. The brands’ equipment comes in different price ranges that are pocket-friendly.

Afton brand has a qualified and experienced team of more than 1000 employees who ensure that all fitness equipment undergo thorough quality checks before being dispatched to the clients.

What are Elliptical Cross Trainers?

Elliptical cross trainers are stationary exercise machines used to simulate running, walking, or stair climbing without exerting unwanted pressure on the joints. They are safe to use and offer decreased risks of injuries. 

People recovering from injuries can use these cross trainers to remain fit since the low impact workouts don’t affect them. The exercise can vary from low to high intensity based on the speed and resistance chosen by the users.

Most elliptical cross trainers by Afton work the users’ lower and upper body parts.

Key Features/Technologies of Afton Elliptical Cross Trainers.3

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Resistance

Afton elliptical cross trainers come with magnetic resistance which creates resistance on the lower body parts using magnetic brakes. Users can still use their upper body parts as they workout though there isn’t any direct resistance provided for their arms. 

Standard magnetic resistance can be created by moving powerful magnets away or towards the flywheels. Afton cross-trainers that have standard magnetic resistances generate increasing currents as the magnets move towards the flywheels. 

Some of the high-end elliptical cross trainers by Afton come with electro-magnetic resistance. These systems have the electromagnets positioned near the flywheels; Currents are passed through them create resistance.

These machines must be plugged in with power packs, meaning that users must be having access to the power supply.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

Elliptical cross trainers from Afton come with varying warranties, but most from three months, covering different parts of the equipment. Users are guaranteed of after-sale-services in instances where their fitness equipment becomes faulty after purchase. 

LCD Features

Afton elliptical cross trainers come with LCD features that display the users’ pulse, recovery, speed, scan, time, distance, calories burnt, calendar, and body fat. These are safer options since there isn’t any chance of the users’ over-exercising.

Ergonomic Designs and Adjustable Seats

Elliptical cross trainers from Afton come with ergonomic designs with soft grips that are comfortable to the users’ hands. These grips are designed to keep the wrists straight, reducing stress on the joints and wrists.

They also have adjustable seats that can be adjusted to the users’ comfort levels, ensuring they don’t get worn-out while exercising.

Workout Programs

Afton elliptical cross trainers come with a wide array of pre-set programs that offer varying resistance that simulates different uphill gradients. These programs allow users to choose their preferred intensity levels for their workouts.


Afton elliptical cross trainers come with transport wheels that make them easy to use and move around. Users can move them easily from one room to another, making their exercises interesting and comfortable.


Using Afton elliptical cross trainers is the easiest way to achieve general well-being and fitness. The fitness equipment comes in different shapes and sizes that can accommodate users with various body weights. Additionally, they are easily accessible through the many outlets across India.


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