Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainers

The Cockatoo brand was founded by Anand brothers in 1981, and it has been on the national territory of sports goods and fitness equipment since. The brand imports high-quality fitness equipment and sports products and distributes them across India. 

The Company acknowledges that different clients have different expectations and needs, so it spends significant resources and time finding out what they need and expect from their fitness equipment. 

Before you purchase the cross trainer, understand the different types as well as the important points that will help you ensure you have chosen the right one.

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Why Choose Cockatoo Brand?

  • The Cockatoo brand’s main aim is customer satisfaction. The brand believes that all its customers must be satisfied after purchasing any products from them. 
  • The Cockatoo brand has a team of highly qualified and dedicated technicians who provide excellent after-sales-service to its clients across India.
  • All their products ordered by the clients are delivered in top-notch conditions and in a timely manner.
  • The brand offers many varieties of affordable, effective, and durable fitness equipment at all times.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainers


This is the most important factor. Buy elliptical cross trainers that you will be comfortable purchasing. There are less costly devices that offer efficient fitness benefits.

Space requirements

Some equipment will take up more space. Be sure that they can fit in the rooms that you intend to place them.  Also, consider the height of your ceiling since some of them are six feet long.


Look at the available basic features in the elliptical machines.

Who will use the elliptical trainers? Consider the weight and height of the users since these machines have maximum weight loads.

Your workout goals

You will need better quality equipment if you love engaging in extensive exercise programs and vice versa. 

Key Features/ Technologies of Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainers

Computer Console Features

Cockatoo elliptical cross trainers come with LCD features that display the calories burnt, speed, time, distance, and the users’ pulse rates. Users can monitor the specific programs they wish to monitor, ensuring they enjoy maximum benefits from their training sessions.

 These features also ensure that users don’t over-exercise as they workout since they can keep track of their exercise workouts.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Features

Elliptical cross trainers from Cockatoo come with magnetic resistance features that can be adjusted to fit the users’ preferences. Magnetic resistance is smooth, quiet, and isn’t as prone to mechanical problems in comparison with equipment with mechanical resistance. 

They are more durable and allow users to exercise comfortably since they can enjoy listening to music or watching television while exercising.

These types of trainers work the use of magnets that are positioned close to the flywheels, providing resistance. The magnets are moved further or closer from the flywheels using knobs, creating different resistance levels.

Stride Length

Elliptical cross trainers from Cockatoo come with stride lengths of at least 18 inches; this is suitable for most users of average height. Some models come with 21 inches, which offer more comfort to taller users.

Non-Slip Footpads

Cockatoo elliptical cross trainers come with non-slip footpads with raised edges that accommodate the whole feet sizes comfortably. These footpads come with adjustable straps that ensure that users don’t fall off as they exercise.

Adjustable Seats

Elliptical trainers from Cockatoo come with large seats that can be adjusted easily using knobs. These features allow users with large body frames to fit comfortably, preventing them from getting tired as they exercise.


Cockatoo elliptical cross trainers come with the manufacturers’ warranty that is different for the many varieties available. Users are guaranteed after-sales-services in case their devices become faulty after purchase.

Comfort Features

Cockatoo elliptical cross trainers come with movable handles that are comfortable to the users’ hands. These handles allow upper body exercises. They also come with water/ magazine holders that allow users to enjoy their drinks or read their magazines while exercising.


The Cockatoo brand is a trusted fitness brand in India with over forty years’ experience, supplying fitness products and equipment. Additionally, its elliptical cross trainers are easy to install; this means that in a majority of the cases, you don’t need to incur extra installation costs. With their excellent customer care services, you will never be disappointed.

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