Fitkit Elliptical Cross Trainers

The FitKit brand was founded by two sisters Amie Hoff and Beth Wieczorek in 2017. They believe that being in good physical health reflects happy lives and healthy minds. 

The FitKit brand believes that for human beings to be healthy, they have to be well, physically. Being fit and healthy is easy while using FitKit support systems and support, from their dedicated employees and quality products.  

The brand prides itself on distributing effective and durable elliptical cross trainers as well as other fitness equipment. Before you purchase the cross trainer, understand the different types as well as the important points that will help you ensure you have chosen the right one.

Fitkit FK400 Elliptical Trainer Review

Fitkit FK400 Elliptical Trainer Review

Equipping yourself with the Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer means performing a low-impact workout to your upper and lower body ...

Why Choose FitKit?

All fitness equipment from FitKit is designed, approved, and designed by qualified and experienced dieticians and professionals.

All the fitness equipment from FitKit allows users to be well and fit anywhere, whether in their homes, offices or even while traveling.

Fitness brand believes in making wellness simple and affordable; it offers pocket-friendly fitness equipment that enables users to achieve their health needs and targets. 

The brand customizes the users’ logos on their fitness equipment, making their fitness experiences to be wellness-minded and satisfying.

The brand manufactures quality, effective, and durable fitness equipment. Additionally, it offers excellent customer care services to all its clients.

Key Features/ Technologies of FitKit Elliptical Cross Trainers


FitKit Elliptical cross trainers come with durable and sturdy steel frames. They are heavy, making them more stable and safer since they can’t trip as the users are exercising.

The frames are made of iron and steel, and their flywheels and chain covers are covered with steel, protecting them from corrosion. 

Powerful LCD Features

Elliptical cross trainers from FitKit come with LCD features that display the calories burned, speed, users’ pulse rates, time, and distance. Users can keep track of their workouts, ensuring that they don’t over-exercise or overstrain while exercising. 

Bluetooth Features

Elliptical cross trainers come with Bluetooth features that allow users to create their own playlists and listen to their favorite music while exercising. 


FitKit elliptical cross trainers come with the manufacturers’ warranty of at least six months; this means that users can always go back for after-sales-services from their personnel in case their fitness equipment becomes faulty after purchase and installation.

Sleek Designs and Transportation Wheels

Elliptical trainers from FitKit come in sleek designs and transportation wheels at the front of the units that allow users to move them easily from one room to another or store them away when not in use. 

Magnetic Resistance and Adjustable Resistance Levels

FitKit elliptical cross trainers use magnetic brakes to create resistance. Standard magnetic resistance occurs when powerful magnets are moved away or towards the moving flywheels.

On the other hand, electro-magnetic resistance occurs when in higher-end models of FitKit elliptical cross-trainers. 

The electromagnets are placed very close to the flywheels and currents are passed through them to offer resistance. 

Programs that users can follow to enhance their workouts are easy to use. Elliptical cross trainers from FitKit come with resistance levels that can be adjusted by turning the available knobs. These allow users to enjoy complete workouts in the comfort of their homes.

Adjustable Seats

Elliptical cross trainers from the FitKit brand come with adjustable seats that allow users to be comfortable while exercising. They can be easily adjusted to accommodate users with huge body frames comfortably. 

Comfort Features

FitKit elliptical cross trainers come with additional comfort features such as bottle or magazine holder; users can enjoy drinking their energy drinks or reading magazines while working out.


Many varieties of FitKit elliptical cross trainers are available online and in their outlets across India. By choosing FitKit fitness equipment, you get yourself on the right track to achieve both physical and mental wellness.