Powermax Elliptical Cross Trainers

The PowerMax brand is an Indian company that is passionate and committed to wellness and exercise. The brand believes that being well and fit is very important in everyday living, which is why it’s committed to manufacturing effective, affordable, and quality elliptical cross-trainers.

Most people lead stationary and office-based lives, since computers are dominant in most professions, making it hard for people to exercise. Working out at the comfort of your homes is the best solution as compared to going to gyms due to the hectic and busy schedules of the modern-day routines. 

Many people want to keep healthy and fit and are very conscious about their well- being. Elliptical cross trainers are an excellent way to train that you can use in your homes without worrying about the space requirement or expensiveness.

Before you purchase the cross trainer, understand the different types as well as the important points that will help you ensure you have chosen the right one.

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Why Chose Powermax Elliptical Cross Trainers?

The PowerMax brand believes in making its clients mentally fit by spreading wellness and fitness awareness, motivating users to lead healthier lives through exercise.

PowerMax brand believes in reducing costs by making all their fitness equipment affordable. PowerMax Brand prides itself in manufacturing exercise equipment at reasonable prices, to make it accessible to users across all walks of life.

The Powermax brand has awesome customer-care services that ensure that customers are well taken care of, even after the purchase of the equipment.

PowerMax is a leading brand in manufacturing fitness equipment in the Indian market, with retail networks in Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and many other towns.

Elliptical Cross Trainers Explained

Elliptical cross trainers are machines that allow users to do cardio workouts. These machines are the best alternatives for improving overall performance and stamina. They allow users to lose weight, firm their muscles, as well as building their muscles perfectly. 

Key Features/ Technologies of PowerMax Elliptical Cross Trainers

Long Handles and Foot Pedals

PowerMax elliptical cross trainers come with long handles and foot pedals that make users comfortable while exercising since they provide smooth motions. The good thing about these machines is that they let users build their cardio fitness without stressing their joints. These handles are easy to grip and allow users to incorporate more movement in their upper body parts.

LCD Features

PowerMax elliptical cross trainers come with high-tech LCD features that display the calories burnt, scan, distance, time, speed, and tracks the users’ heart rates.


PowerMax elliptical cross trainers come with v-belt drives and flywheels that offer quiet and smooth operations for users who need all the benefits of running but are a safer option on the knees. 

Magnetic Resistance

PowerMax elliptical cross trainers come with eight magnetic resistance levels that can be adjusted by users to offer more challenging workouts. The wheels are placed at the front which allows users to move them easily from one room to another.

Adjustable and Comfortable Seats

PowerMax elliptical cross trainers come with adjustable seats that enable users to adjust them to their comfort. Users with huge body frames can adjust these seats to their desired sizes, ensuring that they don’t get worn out while exercising.


If you are looking for top-notch elliptical cross trainers that are durable and efficient, going for PowerMax cross trainers is an excellent choice. These machines have self-balancing and non-slip pedals that ensure that users are safe while exercising.