Elliptical Cross Trainers Under INR 30000

We live fast-paced lives in modern-day and it’s not uncommon to hear people complaining about stress and their inability to handle many physical problems related to stress. 

Fitness gurus and medical experts unanimously agree that the best ways to do away with physical problems that cause stress are to reduce stress, remain fit, improve stamina and get healthy bodies by engaging in regular workouts. 

Mostly, many people don’t get time to visit gyms, but Elliptical Cross Trainers is an easier alternative to bring the gyms to your homes. 

Many brands offer elliptical cross trainers under this range like Cockatoo, Welcare, etc. Before you purchase the cross trainer, understand the different types as well as the important points that will help you ensure you have chosen the right one.

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What are Elliptical Cross Trainers?

Elliptical cross trainers are also known as stationary exercise machines that simulate various workout routines such as running, hill climbing and stair climbing, walking, and jogging.

 They don’t exert excess pressure on the joints, decreasing the risk of injuries. Users recovering from injuries can use elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 to remain fit since the low impacts affect them little. 

These machines provide non-impact cardiovascular workouts that are of different intensities, depending on the exercise speed and the resistance levels chosen by users.

Key Features/ Technologies of Elliptical Cross Trainers under INR 30000


Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with heavy flywheels that make them stable; they prevent the machines from moving across the floors as users are working out. They come with at least 5 kilograms of flywheels, ensuring that users are protected from injuries as they workout.


Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with sturdy frames made from steel and iron. These frames are corrosion resistant, ensuring that the machines serve the users for a long time. They can be used in areas with high humidity levels without getting corroded.

Display Features

Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with large LCD or LED features that display the users’ pulse rates, speed, distance, calories burned, program profile, and rotation per minute.

Users can choose the specific programs they wish to monitor, ensuring that they make the most of their exercises.


Different models of elliptical cross trainers from different brands come with varying warranties. The minimum warranty for elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 is six months. 

Most of the reputable brands that manufacture and distribute elliptical cross trainers have outlets with qualified technicians where users can get after-sales-services in case their machines become faulty after purchase.

Cushioned and Adjustable Seats

Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with cushioned and adjustable seats; the seats can be adjusted to the users’ requirements using knobs. They are cushioned to offer extra comfort to users while working out.

Foot Pedals

Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with large foot pedals that can accommodate all feet sizes. These pedals are non-slip and have adjustable straps to prevent users from falling off, reducing the risk of injuries.

Mechanical Resistance

Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 come with magnetic resistance. Users can easily adjust the resistance levels by using buttons, adjusting their workout intensities through speed, resistance, and recline. This type of resistance is smooth, frictionless and quiet, allowing users to watch television or listen to music without disturbance. 

Additional Comfort Features

Additional cross-trainers under INR 30000 come with bottles/magazine holders; this allows users to enjoy their drinks or read magazines while working out. Some of them come with iPad /smartphone holders where users can place their ipads / phones while exercising. 

These fitness equipment come with transportation wheels that allow them to be moved easily from one room to another, allowing users to exercise in their desired rooms/spaces.

Comparison Between Elliptical Cross Trainers Under 30000 INR and Under 20000 INR

Elliptical Cross Trainers Under INR 30000Elliptical Cross Trainers Under INR 20000
  • They are  more expensive
  • They come with more advanced features
  • All of them come with padded seats and for extra comfort
  • They have LCD and music synchronization features
  • They are less expensive
  • They come with less advanced features
  • Some don’t come with padded seats for extra comfort
  • All come with LCD features while some lack music synchronization features


There are many elliptical cross trainers available online and in outlets across India that you can buy and get the necessary workouts at the comfort of your homes.

 Elliptical cross trainers under INR 30000 are highly recommended because they provide extensive workouts to the whole body and assist users to do away with body fat and improve muscle strength in a short time.