Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR 5 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater Review

Gone are the days when you had to buy electric heating coils or keep water on the stove to get the hot water. With the new innovations gearing up, the water heaters are now the new generation’s aid for winters or any mind refreshment bath that you take to be out of the busy world and the parallel stressful life. Well, carrying on the legacy, Crompton is here with it’s all-new “Crompton Solarium Qube 15Ltr, 2KW, 5 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater “.

The Water Heater, along with its excellent water heating capability, has a classic outlook that adds to an advanced and beautiful interior of your place.


It has a wonderful water storage capacity, up to 15 Ltrs, which is actually sufficient for the entire family to take a bath.

Physical Outlook

It has a unique square body along with its outstanding color combinations and with a superior polymer coating besides the rust-proof body that enhances the quality of your wall.


The water heater can withstand a maximum power up to 6 bar that makes it unique from other devices.

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What Do We like

Energy Efficient

It is a 5-star water heater that is built, keeping in mind the energy-saving applications as it ensures high retention, reducing the high electricity bills.

Temperature Adjustment

It consists of an adjustable knob that can to used to vary the temperature 25-75 degrees celsius for energy saving applications.


It involves an advanced 3 level safety that regulates water temperature avoiding the overheating by switching off the heating element when the desired temperature is finally reached.

What We Don’t Like


It fails to give the inlet and outlet pipes

Source Dependent

Not Suitable for places where there is no overhead water tank and thus is not suitable for houses or places depending on municipal or any other public sources of water.


The company has maintained it’s placed regarding the quality and the trust of its customers. Thus with a 7-year warranty and a 24*7 helpline number for the customers, it maintains the consumer free environment, making it easier for them to communicate with their issues. Besides, it is easy to use and maintain, thereby making it best suitable for everyone to reach out, well if not for everyone, at least for those are looking for water heaters.

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Hari Priya

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