Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater Review

Crompton has been in the market for over 20 years and is a leader in various electronics like fans, household pipes, street lights, etc. Crompton has established its name in the world of geysers and provides its customers utmost satisfaction through its products and services. This geyser from Crompton aims at providing its customers’ hot water instantly, keeping in mind the safety of the consumers.

This heater is made up of non-corrosive materials that ensure a long life of it. Also, there are LED indicators, so one knows when the geyser starts to work. It’s copper heating elements ensure instant heating and the 3-liter quantity allow a customer always to keep hot water ready at their disposal

ABS material body

This material is especially used in steel items to make it rustproof. This heater has this in it, thereby ensuring a longer serving life.

Copper heating element

This heating element made up of copper is extremely powerful as it’s built with the best quality material to ensure faster heating of water.

6.5 bar pressure

This feature is suitable for high rise buildings, and the heater can easily take the pressure up to 6.5 kg/cm2.

Stainless steel weldless tank

The heater is made up of stainless steel that captures the heat within, which ultimately helps in increasing its efficiency to a great extent.

Anti-Siphon protection

This feature ensures that no water flows-back from the heater’s tank, which helps in protecting it from dry heating damage.

3-liter capacity

This geyser comes with a capacity of 3 liters, which helps you in getting hot water anytime you need.

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What Do We like

Easy to use

Given its indicators, it is extremely easy to be used by anyone and doesn’t need much practice to know.

Sleek design

While purchasing an appliance, its look and appeal play an important role.  This heater has a sleek and compact design, which makes it suitable for every household and doesn’t even take up a lot of space.


This heater is designed keeping in mind the safety of the user as well as it’s own. High precision thermostat, rest knob, and pre-set thermal cut-out ensure that extra safety is provided. It also ensures no power cut of fluctuation in voltage can cause any legible damage.


It is made up of certain substances that ensure no rust can destroy the heater early and enhances not only its life span but also its efficiency.

What We Don’t Like

No Accessories

There are no major cons to this product. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with inlet and outlet pipes and you have to buy it from outside.


Crompton has always topped the list of coming up with the most stylish and best in market home appliances. This heater is among the best ones available in this price range, which not only does its work of providing hot water but also ensures safety as well as is easy to use for the customer.
So, one should purchase this product in case they are purchasing for the very first time.

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