Crompton IWH01PC1 1-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater Review

The Crompton Greaves Instant Geyser product is a high-quality product that is built upon ABS body material, which ensures that the product is highly durable over a period of time. The Geyser is provided along with its user manual so that a new customer can use easily and also be aware of the handling, tear, and wear of the product. It also provides a warranty card in the sales box

The geyser is the perfect blend of style and weight. The inverted U shaped curve makes product design unique and also makes it sturdy for the customers. The lightweight of a product makes it more convenient and portable during shifting of house.

Capacity and power consumption

The Crompton Instant Geyser has a capacity of 1 Litre, which provides sufficient water to your family. The product only has a power consumption of 3000 watts, which makes it compelling as it reduces the Bill price of a customer of electricity.

Product weight and dimensions

The Crompton product only weight around 1.9 kg, which makes it convenient to transport. It has dimensions of 34.8 x 19 x 19 cm (H x W x D) such that it does not occupy much space and also not look very big and heavy, which helps to maintain its style.

6.5 bar

6.5 Bar means the pressure of water incoming in the geyser is equal to 6.5 times; the pressure received under normal circumstances. It depends upon the no. of floors from which water is coming in the tank of the geysers. Increase in no. Of floor implies the increase in the pressure exerted.

Stylish & cost-effective

Crompton has also given it a stylish design so that it is able to adapt to the beautiful look in your home. The design is created in such a way that it adds to the ravishing art of the house. The product provides the services as accordance with the price

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What Do We like

Instant geyser

The new Crompton provided instant heat charge to the water, which will ultimately help to save time and also reduces the effort of the customer in a safe and secure way.

Brand trust

Crompton is one of the most recognized brands in the electric application, which has various certificates. This help customer to build trust upon the product because of its previous service deliveries like after-sale services, warranty, repairing, and sustenance.

What We Don’t Like

Digital Display

The sturdy geyser does not have a digital display as it would not be suited to its stylish design whereas the company said that it provides indicators to help the user with its functionality and also with the performance



The Crompton IWH01PC1 provides a stylish and branded geyser. The geyser is a cost-effective product which accommodates various features like an instant water heater, 6.5 bar, and capacity, which make it an attractive choice for the customer such that it accommodates the need of families. Product may have some drawbacks like digital display, but the company provides some features to overcome this problem.

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Yash Jain

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