Crompton Solarium Neo Storage Water Heater Review

Crompton is one of the best companies in India which provides smart solutions for a home by using the latest designs and technologies. What differentiates the company from the other competitors is its dedication to manufacture the best in class appliances. Crompton Solarium Neo Water heater is unique because of its design, ease of installation, durability, and long-term efficiency.


Capable of purifying water uniquely.

Crompton’s water heater has a 4-layer water purification mechanism, which helps to reduce chlorine up to 90% and to remove sediments from water as well. It also eradicates any impurities, bad odor, or any bacterial growth for water. It enables it to operate efficiently in the regions of hard underground water.

It can be utilized in high buildings.

What makes this product the best for high buildings, i.e. commercial shopping centers, residential or commercial plazas, and towers, is its 10-bar pressure. Crompton water heater is capable of operating under considerable pressure, which enables it to operate on remarkable heights as well.

Unique warranty setup.

This product has three different sorts of warranties that outperform it from the rest. Crompton offers two years complete warranty on the product and seven years warranty on the tank of the heater and three years’ warranty on the heating element. Now it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of products in the market which offer only original warranty and that explains the uniqueness of Crompton company and its products.

Enhanced Durability.

This product has an enhanced ability to fight corrosion by water. The heater is coated by a glass line, which prevents corrosion. And not only that, the anode used in this heater is made up of Magnesium to resist corrosion. The body of the product is ABS rustproof as well. This design of the product is indeed an art in itself.

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What Do We like

Makes no noise while heating.

A lot of heaters make noises. But Crompton’s water heater is unique in this regard. It is soundproof, and its technology is remarkable. There is no water heating or boiling sound in this heater, which distinguishes it from the rest.

5-star ratings.

Crompton’s water heater is a 5-star rated energy efficient geyser. It is equipped with pre-set thermal cut-out for waterproof protection. This quality outranks it from the others.

Adjustable temperature knob.

There is an extra tool introduced in Crompton’s water heater. It is the temperature adjustable manual knob. This knob enables the user to adjust temperatures according to their desire. It is a unique feature of Crompton’s water heater only.

Prolonged water heater life.

Crompton’s water heater utilizes an Incoloy heating element for enhancing the durability and life of the heater. It also helps to maximize the speed of the heating process in the heater.

Safer to use and operate.

There are multi-function valves used in Crompton’s water heater, which are user-friendly as well. These valves ensure the safety of the user.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were observed so far.


Crompton’s Solarium Neo Water Heater is a state-of-the-art product that has a lot of unique features that differentiate it from the rest. The product outperforms the others in the market because of its versatile design and technology. The price of the product is economical enough. It is indeed one of the best products of the company which satisfies its customers to perfection. It surely is.

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