The 9 best Instant Water Heater In India

The water heater is one of the necessary appliances that a household must have especially in the colder regions where the temperature drops drastically. The instant hot Water heaters have seen tremendous development in advancements in heating technology.

Their demand has also increased due to the availability of versatile selection range as per customer’s needs. But selecting one which facilitates your needs can sometimes be a difficult task.

When buying a water heater, you should make a list of facilities and features you want the product to fulfil. Numerous questions can be fabricated as per your needs, and shortlisting can be done by that. The top brands in Instant bathroom water heater are Chronomite, Bajaj, lifelong, etc.

If you are a newbie without any prior experience in water heaters, continue reading this guide. We have first explained the types of water heaters available in the market. How does Instant Water Heater work and what are the advantages of using Water heaters?

After that, We have shown Gas v/s Electric Instant Water Heaters? which is better and also tips on minimizing electric consumption. There’s a buyer’s guide which will illustrate the factors on which selection must be made. Then we move on to our top 9 recommendations when it comes to selecting an instant water heater and lastly, FAQ’s.

Our recommendations are solely based on our personal experience and customer reviews from the people who use them. Scroll down to explore more in detail

Top 9 Best Instant Water Heater

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Editors Choice
Trustworthy and budget friendly
The warranty king
Aesthetic appeal
Comes with timer
An elegant product
Amazon’s choice
Best Horizontal Design
A stylish tankless alternative

How does an Instant Water Heater work?

Instant water heaters have a microprocessor built into them which controls the functioning of the heater. Microprocessors have introduced automation into the heaters which require minimal input and handling from the user. Microprocessors have sensors which determine the temperature and control the flow of water. Instant water heaters operate on either electricity or gas.


  • Microprocessor – It controls the overall functioning of the heater.
  • Flow Sensor – Flow sensor is used to detect water flow in the heater which signals the microprocessor about the presence of water in the unit.
  • Burner – Burner is used for supplying heat to the heat exchanger.
  • Gas Inlet – Gas inlet is the point of entry of the gas into the burner.
  • Fan – Fan is used to keep the burner ignited until the operation is completed.
  • Heat Exchanger – The section in which the water is heated and then transported to tap.

Working of an instant water heater 

  • The output tap or faucet is opened, and the cold water enters the heater through the inlet valve.
  • This triggers the flow sensor present on the microprocessor, and the sensor starts administering the water flow.
  • The computer automatically starts up the heating unit which heats the water.
  • The water is circulated through the heat exchanger.
  • The heat exchanger heats the water to a predetermined temperature.
  • The hot water flows through the output valve.
  • The heater continues to operate until the output faucet is closed and shuts down after the flow sensor detects an inactive water flow.

Gas or Electric Instant Water Heaters?

FeatureElectric HeaterGas Heater
CostInitial cost is higher than gas models.Less expensive.
HeatingUses electricity to heat the water.Uses gas to heat the water.
Waiting TimeWaiting time is higher.Minimal waiting time due to direct contact with flame.
SpaceVery compact.Requires additional space for gas supply.
InstallationReasonably easy because only continuous electricity and water supply are needed.Cumbersome as it requires direct gas supply in addition to water and electricity.
PollutionNon-polluting product.Releases gases which may contribute to air pollution.
MaintenancewLess expensive because only the heater needs to be taken care of.More expensive because the gas supply device and ventilation need attention after regular usage.

So, the gas models are inexpensive and perform slightly better than electrical ones. But the maintenance and safety concerns make it a less preferred choice.

In addition to that gas supply is not readily available to most of the cities in our country. Moreover, LPG is a depleting source of energy, and its cost has continuously gone up in the last five years. So, we advise you to go over these facts before making a purchase.

Advantages of using Instant Water Heaters over Storage Tank

The waiting time in the instant water heater is minimal as compared to storage tank heaters where the water has to be stored for a time interval as specified by the manufacturer.

They are lighter than storage tank heaters because no space is needed to store water.

They are compact and can be easily mounted on walls.

They are 24%-35% more energy-efficient than storage tank heaters.

The durability is comparatively higher in instant water heater and can last up to 5-10years more than storage tank heaters.

It is correct that the instant water heating models are far more superior when it comes to delivering hot water to your faucet without wasting time. But the flow rate, especially in lower-end models, is very slow and displeasing. The higher-end models are very good at supplying hot water and have a decent flow rate.

So a new category of instant water heaters has emerged in the market which have a very small storage tank and can heat water in a very small time. The waiting time is a little longer in these heaters when compared to the tankless models. But the overall water dispensed in a minute a bit higher in tank models.

The lower-end models in the tankless category have a lesser flow rate and are not a good choice when your water needs are much higher. Tank models are an intelligent choice in such scenarios which can deliver as per your needs. These are a good alternative if you can manage to wait for some time before you can use it.

So if you can deal with waiting time and sedimentation accumulation at the bottom of the tank, they are your perfect alternative to tankless water heaters.

How to minimize electricity consumption?

Electricity costs could pile-up if you do not pay attention to your heaters operation time.Before buying any heater check for BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating on the product. BEE is an energy rating standard and is used for benchmarking the efficiency of a product.

BEE rating is given in the form of stars. Products rated 3 and above out of five stars are considered to be more energy efficient. Apart from BEE rating, selecting a heater by wattage and operating voltage should also be considered.

The heater selection should be made according to the family’s size. A small family of four may not require a heater of high wattage because of its overwhelming power and capacity which would not be put to good use under normal circumstances.

Maintaining a low flow while using hot water puts very low stress on the heater and consumes less electricity. Do not run the heater at full throttle at all times. The output faucet should be closer to the heater because heat is lost when water has to travel through long pipes. These are a few things to keep in mind to save more on your electricity bill.

Types of Water Heaters

Storage Tank (Conventional Model)

Storage tank water heaters are the ones commonly found in households. These are based on the most primitive type of water heating technique which is collecting it in a vessel and then subjecting it to a heating mechanism.

The heating mechanism is mostly electric these days, but gas models are also present. They have to be filled with water with an inlet pipe and take a longer time to heat the water present inside it. The heated water then can be drained through an outlet pipe which is connected to a tap.

Tank-less (Instant Heating Model)

Tank-less water heaters are the makeover that conventional models desperately needed to appeal to the diverse consumer market. The idea is to apply the heating mechanism to the incoming water as it passed through the heating channel. They operate on electricity as well as gas. The continuous flow of hot water is maintained and flows at a steady rate through the outlet pipe.

Solar (Rooftop Model)

Solar water heaters as the name suggest using solar energy to heat water. The mechanism consists of solar panels which house hollow tubes of copper in a coil structure. The water flows into the coil through one end, heats up and then becomes lighter. The heated water flows into the storage tank through the inlet pipe of the tank, and the tubes are filled with cold water again. This happens simultaneously and does not exhaust any non-renewable resources.

Heat Pump (Hybrid)

The heat pump is a hybrid model and absorbs heat from air or ground to heat water. They are mostly employed in industrial spaces and require precise environments to cater to hot water needs.

A heat pump requires 60% less electricity than traditional water heaters. It is cost-effective in the long run.

As the heat is used from the ground, it is not suitable for cold regions, and also it is expensive as compared to other types.

Water Heater Buyer’s Guide


Size is an important attribute when considering a water heater. Size in instant water heaters is directly proportional to flow rate. The flow rate is the rate at which hot water flows from the heater to the desired outlet.

The flow rate is higher in gas models as compared to electrical models due to direct exposure of heating channel to a high-intensity burner flame.

Sizing is also necessary to determine the workload that your water heater will be burdened with to give you an accurate idea of the flow rate. Moreover, as the number of outlet points increases water heater has to operate on full-blast to meet the requirements of the user.

Therefore there is a significant difference in the size of heaters required by a nuclear family as compared to a joint one.


Instant water heaters are predominantly based on two types of fuel-sources namely- electricity and gas. Natural gas as a fuel alternative is a tricky proposition in India, so electricity models entice a higher section of the population. Electricity models are convenient regarding power consumption and the overall installation of the heater.

Electricity models with higher voltage input are required when multiple faucet connections are present. Some electrical models require upgrading the electrical architecture of the house before installing it due to high voltage requirements.


Temperature plays a vital role in the performance of the water heater. Temperature is heavily reliant on the proximity of the outlet points. If the outlet points are too many and are located at a considerable distance from the water heater, a notable drop in temperature is observed.

The hot water traversing through the pipes get colder when the distance is increased.So, water heaters equipped with higher temperature handling ability have to be considered when buying for a large household with multiple exit points.

Faster flow rates can also be held accountable for temperature drops too. If the water flows through the heater at high speed a drop in temperature is observed at the distant tap.

Microprocessing Technology

Microprocessing technology manages the overall functioning of the water heater. It manages the flow, heating mechanism and regulates the water output.

It is the core of an instant water heater and is vital to the heaters functioning. They have made the heaters smarter which require minimal input from the user and delivers hot water as long as required. 

Anti-Scale Devices

Anti-scale devices are incorporated into the heaters to remove dissolved hardness minerals by converting them into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles.

These crystals stay suspended in the water and are passed to drain. The filters require very little maintenance and remove impurities which could have an adverse effect on the working of the heater.

Digital Displays

Digital displays are useful for checking the state of the heater at any point in time. Digital displays are capable of displaying data related to the water’s temperature, flow rate, time of use etc. Digital displays are constructed out of LED and convey information to the user.

Flow Control

Flow control is used to manage the rate at which water flows in and out of the heater. The microprocessor processes the data sent by the flow sensor to supply power(electricity) to the heating element as per current flow rate. It helps to monitor the amount of water dispensed in a particular session.

Brass vs plastic drain valves

Brass valves are stronger than plastic ones. They do not break when in use and do not crack. Brass valves are immune to leakage and last longer. The heaters valve should be of brass. If not present, it can be easily replaced.


Condensing refers to the process of extracting additional heat from the exhaust gases and supplying it to the heating unit. This passes out exhaust gases which are cooler and can easily pass through the vents without harming them. Condensing features minimises the cost of ventilation as PVC pipes can be used instead of the high-grade steel pipe which is costlier.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the rate of consumption of electricity by the instant water heater during its operation. Newer models have gravitated more towards the idea of energy efficiency. Electricity rates have shot up from what they used to be, so the idea to perform more at less energy cost is appealing to the buyer as well. Instant water heaters are 25%-35% more efficient than storage tank heaters.


Warranty is an important attribute to consider while buying a water heater. Warranty takes care of almost all inconveniences caused to the user when the product is not performing well. Warranty should include the heating element, coil, thermostat, tank etc. The warranty is mostly between 3-5 years depending on the product.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance contribute to the longevity of the water heater’s life. Periodically scheduled maintenance can seem costly, but they will benefit you in the long run.

Proper installation should be carried out by trained professionals to ensure there are no loopholes in the system. Voltage requirements, safety standards, checking the flow rate are some points to keep in mind while installing the product.

Water Usage

Water heaters come in varying size and capacity. At a time, if you need to heat more quantity of water, then a product with a bigger capacity should be bought.


During the time of installation, you should have a clear picture of the space to install it. Thus, buy a product according to the installation space only.


Most of the products come along with special features such as Auto-off so that the heater gets switched off automatically when the water becomes too hot. These small features which are concerned with the safety of the product and users must be considered.

1. Crompton 3-Litre Instant Water Heater – Editors Choice

Crompton 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
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Crompton is an Indian brand which works with water pumps, heaters, and other electrical appliances. Crompton Solarium is an instant water heater with a 3-litre capacity. Its inner tank is constructed out of steel and retains heat for longer durations. The heaters outer body is constructed out of ABS and is shock and rust proof.

It is built for residential use and can be installed in the households, hair salons etc. It comes with a warranty on two years the whole product. It has a multi-function safety valve which discharges water if the temperature inside the tank exceeds the limit.

Main Features
  • Multi-function safety valve– The safety valve reduces pressure inside the tank.
  • Leakproof – The ABS shell of the heater is leakproof and will not crack easily.
  • Rustproof – The shell is rustproof and does not corrode easily.
  • Heating element – The heating element is of copper which is reliable and does not break down easily.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with a copper heating element inside which is a dominant heating component.
  • It has auto cut-off feature inbuilt which stops the heater from consuming electricity when not in use.
  • The safety valve increases its reliability and makes safe for use in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Its shell is constructed out of ABS.
  • It comes with LED indicators which describe the state of the water heater.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price is very high.
  • No scalding water function is not present.
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2. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater – Trustworthy and budget friendly

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
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Bajaj Flora instant water heater is one of the best selling, widely used and trustworthy product. Bajaj is considered a pioneer when it comes to electrical appliances, and this water heater does manage to live up to its expectations. Bajaj Flora instant water heater comes with an inbuilt tank.

Bajaj Flora has a storage tank with a capacity of 1-litre or 3-liters both being different models. But it is unlike any of the storage tank water heaters which take a prolonged time to heat the water present in the tank. It houses a small tank which takes minimal time to heat water and supply it to your nearest faucet

Bajaj Flora is capable of heating the water present in the tank in less than a minute(1-litre model). This is quite impressive considering the fact that there is a tank present inside it. The heating element inside the tank is compelling and can heat water quickly.

Bajaj Flora has an elegant design. The heaters body is very ergonomic and has a pattern on it. Apart from looks, the shell is made up of ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which gives it the much-needed strength and durability.

Main Features
  • Ergonomic Design – Bajaj flora has an ergonomic design which is pleasing to the eyes of the consumer. The heater completely blends in with your decor and complements it.
  • ABS Body – Bajaj flora has an ABS body which is the optimum choice when it comes to a thermoplastic shell.
  • Quick Water Heating – Bajaj flora is a 230 V AC instant water geyser. Its 3000 W heating element makes it highly efficient and long-lasting.
  • Neon Lights – The heater is equipped with neon indicators to display power and heating functions.
  • Hassle free – The heater has only one inlet and one outlet pipe. Just connect it to a continuous water supply.
  • Safety – The heater is ISI certified which adds to its value and makes it safe for houses and workplaces
  • Leakproof – The ABS shell of the heater is leakproof and will not crack easily.
  • Rustproof – The shell is rustproof and does not corrode easily.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The heater is available in two storage capacity models thus providing you with multiple options while making a selection.
  • The heater is pleasing to look and adds a style factor to your interior.
  • The heater can heat 1-3 litres of water in a minute or less.
  • The heater is small and can be easily fitted on walls.
  • The heater can withstand a pressure of 8bars and is best suited for high rise buildings.
  • The power cable of the heater is made with fire retardant cable.
  • The heater needs to be mounted vertically for optimum performance.
  • The heaters body does not require any additional plumbing or mounting support.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The heater does not have an adjustable button to set and manage water temperature.
  • The preset temperature can feel a little less warm in colder climates.
  • It is not suitable for the shower.
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3. AO Smith 3-Litre Instant Water Heater – The warranty king

AO Smith 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
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A.O Smith is an American manufacturer which deals in water heating products and boilers. Its products have decades of R&D work associated with them. Their products have constantly seen upgrades and innovations from time to time. This heater is suitable for residential use and can withstand water pressure of up to 6.5 bars. The heater has a bulb like the design and seems bulky, but it’s not.

A.o Smith products boast of superior build quality and have a good warranty. This heater comes with a warranty of 3 years on the heating element and five years on the inner tank. Its one of a kind and has a glass coated heating

Main Features
  • Glass Coated Heating Element – The glass coated element helps prevent scale formation and extends the life of the heating element.
  • Rust Proof – The outer body of the heater is rust proof and prevents corrosion on its surface.
  • High Rated Pressure – The heater can bear water pressure up to 6.5 bars.
  • High Tech thermostat – The heater has a high tech thermostat and disconnects powers if the water temperature inside the tank exceeds predefined temperature.
  • Warranty – The heater has a warranty of 5 years on the inner tank and3-year warranty on heating elements.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The curved form factor makes it easier to install in kitchens and small workplaces.
  • Bright and horizontal LED indicators which denote power and cut-off.
  • The heater performs best in high rise buildings where the pressure in a little high as compared to single story households.
  • The heater can be mounted easily using normal screws and bits.
  • The heater has a good warranty.
  • It has an auto cut-off feature which helps when the user forgets to turn off the heater after use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No LED screen to display the temperature.
  • No scalding water functionality is not present.
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4. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Water Heater– Aesthetic appeal

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
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Havels has become a trendsetter in the field of electrical equipment(switches, boards, fans, wires etc). Havels Instanio lives up to its manufacturer’s nameIt is a 3-litre water heater with a curved body which is both light and compact. It has a colour changing ring-like LED indicator which changes colour as the temperature of water changes in the heater.

It has a power retardant cord which is shockproof and has a high working pressure range of 0.6 Mpa which makes it suitable for high rise buildings. It is fitted with a high precision pre-calibrated thermostat which is ideal for a water heater of this capacity and takes care of your hot water requirements.

Main Features
  • Curved Design – The heater is of curved design which is different from other models.
  • Leakproof – The ABS shell of the heater is leakproof and will not crack easily.
  • Thermostat – The heater is fitted with a high precision pre-calibrated thermostat.
  • High Working Pressure – The heater can withstand a pressure up to 0.6 Mpa.
  • Safety Valve – The heater has an inbuilt safety valve.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The curved form factor makes it easier to install in kitchens and small workplaces.
  • Bright and circular LED indicators which change colour according to water temperature.
  • The heater performs best in high rise buildings where the pressure in a little high as compared to single story households.
  • The outer body is made of ABS which makes it shockproof and rust proof.
  • The heater can be mounted easily using standard screws and bits.
  • The thermostat is capable of maintaining a steady temperature of 65.
  • It has an auto cut-off feature which helps when the user forgets to turn off the heater after use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No LED screen to display the temperature.
  • It does not have a knob to alter temperatures of the water.
  • No scalding water functionality is not present.
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5. Bajaj Majesty 6-Litre Water Heater – Comes with timer

Bajaj Majesty 6-Litre Water Heater
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Start your day with a splash of comfort using Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater (White) to instantly heat water for your daily use. With Bajaj’s motto ‘‘nothing but the finest quality’, this product’s water heater is tailored using the finest quality copper. It comes with so many safety features that make it a very user-friendly product.

Main Features
  • To ensure greater thermal efficiency and superior performance, the product is designed with Advanced Combustion Technology.
  • It does not compromise with the safety and security of the users because of the dry heat protection and burner settings. You also need not worry about the water getting overheated at any point of time due to the overheat protection.
  • Another safety feature is the Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which keeps your mind at rest.
  • The capacity of this geyser is 6 liters
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides ample convenience to users of all types with its storage capacity of 6-liters.
  • It does not take much time to heat the water. As the name says, this instant water heater has a swift auto-ignition feature.
  • To know when the water has been heated properly, the 20-minute timer helps you to inform it.
  • To prevent any damage to this product, it has an internal sensor which tells you whether the water level is low and warns you accordingly.
  • Flame-failure protection gives the device perfect safety all the time.
  • The reliability and performance of this product come along with a 2-year warranty as well.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Customers are not satisfied with the customer support and service provided by the responsible technicians.
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6. Morphy Richards Quente 3-Litre Instant Water Heater – An elegant product

Morphy Richards Quente 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
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Morphy Richards Quente heater is a very uniquely designed product. It features a prismatic design which gives it the ability to look sleek and in vogue. The prismatic design has its advantages. It provides the heater with a balance between height, width and depth ratio which increases its performance.

The heater is capable of withstanding water pressure up to 6.5 bars in high rise buildings. This is somewhat lower than the Bajaj Flora and Lifelong instant water heaters. The heaters tank is of 3-litre capacity. It requires a little over two minutes to heat the water present in the tank.

It has chrome inlet and outlet valves which do not wear out quickly. The heaters body is made out of ABS which makes it extremely light and durable at the same time. The heater has no other flaws except the lower water pressure resistance.

Main Features
  • Sleek Design – The heater is of prismatic design which is different from other designs.
  • Leakproof – The ABS shell of the heater is leakproof and will not crack easily.
  • Heating element – The heating element is of copper which is reliable and does not break down easily.
  • Rust Free – The tank is coated with a rust-free coating which makes is unsusceptible to abrasion.
  • Shock Free – The heaters body is shock free to prevent users from any potential electrocution while using the heater.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Neon indicators are bigger and brighter.
  • The heater performs seamlessly for hours without any hiccups.
  • The heater can be mounted easily using normal screws and bits.
  • It requires no additional plumbing accessories.
  • The heating element is superior and is very durable and less damage due to hard water.
  • It has an auto cut-off feature which helps when the user forgets to turn off the heater after use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not have a knob to alter temperatures of the water.
  • No scalding water functionality is not present.
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7. Lifelong 3L Instant Water Heater – Amazon’s choice

Lifelong 3L Instant Water Heater
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Lifelong heaters are Amazon exclusive products, and there is a reason for it. Lifelong has made many electrical appliances in the past and have good knowledge and experience when it comes to water heaters. Amazon exclusive products are not available on any e-commerce website and are best at what they do.

Lifelong heaters have the storage capacity of 3 litres and a stainless steel tank. The heaters body is rounded and flat. The heaters shell is ABS and retains heat for a longer time. The heat does not seep outside due to ABS, and the water remains hot inside. The thermostat is powerful, and the high-density PUF helps conserve electricity thereby increasing its efficiency.

The Lifelong heaters can be considered as an identical twin of the Bajaj flora but with the only difference in the heating time and storage tank variety. The heater could have been a more suitable choice if the heating was faster than the heater mentioned above.

The heater is ISI certified and conforms to international electrical standards. The heater has responsive neon indicators to depict the state of the water heater. The heater is built to withstand high pressure in high rise buildings.

Main Features
  • Pressure resistance – The heater can withstand up to 8 bar pressureand is a viable option in high rise buildings.
  • Compact – The product dimensions are small and is designed to fit in tight corners.
  • Economic – The product consumes minimal electricity and does not increase your electrical bills.
  • Safety – The product is fitted with a thermostat and has an auto cut-off feature which stops heating water if the heater is in an idle state.
  • Heating element – The heating element is of copper which is reliable and does not break down quickly.
  • Rust Free – The tank is coated with a rust-free coating which makes is unsusceptible to abrasion.
  • Shock Free – The heaters body is shock free to prevent users from any potential electrocution while using the heater.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The heater is completely safe to use and follows ISI regulations.
  • The heater can heat the water present in the tank in 5-6minutes.
  • The heater is of 3000watt.
  • CheckThe inner heating material is of copper which is efficient.
  • It comes with 2-years warranty on the product.
  • The heater is rustproof and does not corrode easily.
  • It has thermal indications and is great for small places.
  • The heaters tank is of stainless steel.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Indication light does not work sometimes
  • No scalding water functionality is not present.
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8. Chronomite Tankless Water Heater – Best Horizontal Design

Chronomite Tankless Water Heater
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Chronomite is the numero-uno in our quest for the top-performing instant water heater in the tankless category. Chronomite were the original inventors of this magnificent idea of instantaneous water heaters and were the first ones to patent it. They have consistently delivered impeccable products over the past two decades.

The Chronomite heaters deliver instant water in merely two seconds. It needs to be installed at the point of usage and requires an active electrical connection attached to it. It performed well under duress.

Main Features
  • Microprocessor Technology– The heater is built using advanced microprocessor technology which is new and useful in managing the temperature inside the heater.
  • Good Temperature Rise – It is capable of attaining a Temp Rise At 0.40 gallons per minute at a temperature up to 41 Degrees F.
  • It is designed for under sink wiring.
  • It is best suited to a horizontal installation.
  • It is equipped with advanced microprocessor technology.
  • It has a rear electrical knock out.
  • It comes with two mounted chrome fittings.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is compact and fits well in tight spaces.
  • It is lightweight and effortless to mount on the wall.
  • Robust build quality and is enclosed within a hard shell casing.
  • Delivers hot water in two seconds.
  • It is capable of delivering water at the rate of 2litre/per minute.
  • No scalding hot water function which saves you from hot water burns.
  • It is 98% energy efficient.
  • It has the name of a trusted manufacturer associated with it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is preset for heating water temperature. No manual settings can be performed.
  • It is the costlier as compared to other products.
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9. Sun water Heater Instant Water Heater – A stylish tankless alternative

Sun water Heater Instant Water Heater
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Sun geyser microfiber water is the latest geyser in their water heater category. Sun geyser is constructed out of polypropylene which is a trusted and commonly used in the manufacturing of thermoplastic products. Sun geysers are capable of delivering hot water to your faucet in a short time span of six seconds.

Its structure and functioning are quite similar to Eazy instant water heater, but the difference between is in the output time of the hot water. Sun geyser can supply hot water to your connected faucet two seconds later than Eazy instant water heater.

If its shell were constructed out of ABS, it would have been a more superior choice than the other instant water heaters in the market. Apart from that, the heater has an aesthetic appeal associated with it and looks elegant and stylish.

Main Features
  • Shock Proof – The heater is built of polypropylene thermoplastic material, and it enables the heater to maintain insulation to the outer body of the shell.
  • Rust Proof – The heater’s body, is constructed of the thermoplastic material and is immune to rust and corrosion.
  • Heat Proof – The Sun geyser can attain high temperature without suffering any damage to its interior shell due to its thermoplastic body.
  • Compact – The heater is tiny and is designed in such a way that it can easily fit in tight spaces and corners without any difficulty.
  • Elegant – The heater is available in multiple colours, and each variant is designed to blend in beautifully with your interiors.
  • Economical – The heater consumes minimal electricity when operational and does not draw heavy voltage.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a small size which makes it feasible for indoor installations in different corners of the household wherever a running water supply and tap is present.
  • It is an optimum solution for households, office, laboratories etc.
  • It is cheaper, economical and does not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Its electricity consumption is quite low due to its small size and copper heating element which heats up fast.
  • Its polypropylene body is very light and can be easily mounted on wallswithout adding any extra support to it.
  • It has auto cut-off feature inbuilt which stops the heater from consuming electricity when not in use.
  • It needs to be connected to a 16amp power socket to operate efficiently.
  • It needs to be vertically mounted for optimum performance.
  • It comes with LED indicators which describe the state of the water heater.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Heating time is longer as compared to other instant water heaters in this category.
  • No scalding water functionality is not present.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can instant water heater be connected to shower?

Instant water heaters connection can be given to your shower pipes as well. Without filling your buckets, you can enjoy hot water through showers as well.

2. Is instant water heater good for the bathroom?

Instant water heaters would not be a good option for those people who are thinking of installing it in your bathrooms, the reason being that, the flow rate of these water heaters are less and thus, it can be used in a place where you need less water at a time such as wash basins and kitchen.

3. How long do water heaters last?

Water heaters last for about 8-12 years on average depending upon the different manufacturing companies.


These were the best products in the instant water heater category. If you are still confused about what to choose let us clear your doubts. Bajaj Flora is a good storage tank alternative which has an ABS shell.


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